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  1. CR2CRF

    2006 CRF250F Valve specs Help

    Thanks, thats exactly what i wanted. It's been quite a while since I have been to this board and am glad helpful people are still here willing to give a simple and exact response. One of the best boards out there.
  2. Hey, I am doing my daughter's valves and need to know the stock gap for the intake and exhaust. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. My son in law is looking to swap out his CR500 forks for a CRF450 set of forks. Anyone know what is needed? I already have an idea that the stem and triples will have to be done. Will the front wheel need to be done as well? Will the stem actually fit? Thanks
  4. For those that run race gas, what do you do with your old cans? I need one for a project I'm doing. Anyone help a brother out?
  5. Someone has to have the new 2015 450 by now, right? If so, post up some photos and a ride report. Thanks.
  6. Yes, absolutely. I have an 06 and an 09. The 06 has 348 hours on it. Rebuilt the top and bottom end (new crank and all bearings) at about 300 hours cause the crank went. The rebuild was easiest bike I have ever done except the 09 which I rebuilt minus the crank at the same time just because. The 09 has 252 hours on it with one top end done. In both, I replace the intake valves with OEM's each time I do a top end. Valves have never been out of spec but it's good preventative maintenance and at $60 a piece it's cheap insurance for a one to two kick start every time. I have ridden all the 2015's except the Husky. I still go back to my 09 as the best bike I have ever ridden. Once you get the chassis set up, it if flawless for an amateur like most of us. Get the Honda. Find a good 08. Best carb'd honda ever.
  7. Just wondering if anyone on here has actually ridden one or seen one in person? Thoughts??? Have any of the mag's done a first ride review?
  8. CR2CRF

    Help! Crf450r died and locked up

    Something is def wrong with something if it's a true failure ater 20 hours. I have changed intake valves several times but have never cut new seats. Bike runs great. Cutting new valve seats is not a must. I'd just drop in new intake valves, make sure my filter is on securely, and ride it.
  9. Thanks for the review.
  10. So where are you riding? I'd like to check out your new ride.
  11. What are your thoughts on comparison to your CRF450? And, MXA says add a tooth to the rear sprocket to get it in the power sooner. Do you think that would help?
  12. CR2CRF

    2014 CRF450R First Impression

    I tend to agree; it's not necessarily a maintenance issue as much as people believe, but rather, a manufacturing issue. My 06 seemed to needed reshimming about 60 hours. But rather than reshim I dropped two new intake valves in and it was fine until a top end rebuild at 120 hours. I then changed the valves out as part of the maintenance schedule. My 09 was even better, no new valves until 120 hour top end and when I replaced all the bearings in the motor at 225 hours (just because). Both times the clearance went back to perfect factory spec and the bike is flawless in starting. Yet, I know guys who are anal about maintenance and have had problems. But they are rev limiter lovers, too. I tend to believe the load theory and the random quality control issues to be the key not maintenance.
  13. Quite a few of us will be interested in your opinion of the bike and how it compares to your previous bikes. I'm a Honda guy and have been eyeing the 15 450SXF as well, just need to hear more feedback on it. BTW, I ride a pretty tricked out 09 CRF450. Tricked out suspension wise. Best bike I have ever ridden. Rode the 14 YZ450 and liked the motor better but not the handling and the way the bike felt between my legs. So write up a good review. We're waiting.
  14. I don't remember. 6'1" light hair slim build maybe 180 lbs. Connected with Honda I believe.
  15. I saw a guy at the track today on his 2015 350SX-F. He wa flyin. Looked like he had been on it all his life. I asked him about it and he said he has always ridden Hondas and this was his first non honda. Yes, it did come with MX52s. And, I have them on my bike. Hate them!!