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  1. 2 spoke

    2006 DR 200 SE wont idle

    I’ve struggled with many of the same issues . Some of it is that it’s a cold blooded pain . Mine was found to be lean . And yes they are a pain to keep tuned . Spark plug would help with starting and running . The big issue with high mileage bikes is scoring in the vacuum cylinder and piston in the carb . No mater what I do it stalls , hesitates and hard starting because of this
  2. 2 spoke

    Thumper store

    Impossible to find the store ?
  3. 2 spoke

    Nitrogen charging rear shock

    Thanks for your input . I truly appreciate it . I'm going to and pressure the shock with air and see how goes . If it stiffens up while ridding .Then I'll just bringing to a shop and have it charged . This bike is not going to be ridden anywhere near it capabilities . Just my daughter trail riding .
  4. I have currently rebuilt the rear shock on my little RM 85 . My question is , Is it absolutely necessary to put nitrogen back into air bladder ? Or I.m thinking of just air from a shock pump ? Since its separated from the oil by the bladder it just needs pressure to keep it from cavitating .
  5. Suzuki DRZ 400 and 650 are great choices along with the Honda XR . Depends on your taste . Light and quick 400 or power and comfort 650 . I own the DRZ and love it but I certainly dont like long highway work on it