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  1. thanks sir. I guess I could have done that myself... thanks for your time.
  2. I have a 2001 WR250F that I am planning on converting to street legal in MI. Currently it is all stock except for some acerbis hand guards and FMF Q4 muffler. The plastics are the originals and are showing their age. Will 2001 YZ250F plastics fit on the bike, the rear fender in particular? I ask because I plan on going with the Tusk enduro lighting kit and I think the LED tail light + license plate bracket would look much better on the YZ fender. Also, is it possible to run the Tusk lighting kit off the stock stator since the WR comes with lights stock? Any help would be great. Thanks!
  3. And that's what I want. He said he'll put a new chain on it before sale so that's a good thing
  4. Ahead of its time why? The aluminum frame? A lot of people have mixed opinions on the 03's. I'm looking for a better bike for the woods. There is an 06 yz250f with some trail friendly mods and he'd trade my bike and $200 on my end. Does that sound like a better deal?
  5. Right now I have a 2003 Honda CR125 and I've found someone who would like to trade for their 2001 WR250, which is just the type of bike I was hoping for. The seller says the only thing it could use are fork seals but I don't really have a problem with that as I've done the job before. It could use some new graphics and maybe plastics, but they both seem to be impossible to find for this specific bike. Does anyone know if the plastic from a later model year would work on this bike? Also, is the plate bracket able to come off without taking off the brake light? I'll post some pictures below.
  6. Yeah, chain, sprockets, and brakes are top on the list.
  7. Indeed. I'm going to take it apart to the frame and give everything a good cleaning.
  8. Also, my bike has that CR125 top end tick that seems to be a very common thing with these bikes. Everyone comments on it and I've done my research and it seems to be completely normal for these bikes. Is it really normal? I'll post a video later today.
  9. I know the top end only has about 20 hours on it but I'll still run a compression test. New rings could never hurt.
  10. Thanks everyone. Yeah I'm going to be here with nothing to do for 2 weeks. Our neighbor was an auto shop teacher at a highschool for 30+ years and he can definitely help out.
  11. Yeah I'll be honest I've never replaced the chain or any of those things in the time I've owned it. I've been pretty religious about changing the gear oil and cleaning the air filter however. Here's a recent picture. The bike is at our vacation home so I really don't ride it too much. But when I am here, pretty much all I do is ride. I'll get some better close ups tomorrow of the chain, sprockets, brakes etc. I'm definitely going to check out the top end, and clean out the carb and powervalve.
  12. Hey everyone. I've been trying to decide whether I should sell my bike and buy a 250 or put a bit of money into my current bike, a 2003 CR125. I've decided I'll go with the latter. The only mods my bike currently are excel takasago wheels. My bike needs the following: New rear rotor and pads, chain (sprockets seem fine, but do I need to change them with the chain?), and tires. I'm gonna want to put some money into the engine. I can't decide which pipe would be better, PC platinum or fmf fatty? I love the sound of the R304 from PC. I'm going to be riding mostly woods. Should I get new reeds as well? Also, my fork seals leak. Is there any "easy" way to fix this without shelling out $100+ and sending the fork to a professional? I'm in a very remote area and I'd still like to save some cash. I'd appreciate any suggestions on which parts to get (tires, chain, sprockets, reeds, etc.) Thank you all so much.
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