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  1. RIPPER_65

    Best year for cr125?

    Hey jer500 wnet to send you a PM and your all full..............can't send you a PM. Let me know...............the 1990 CR250. Thanks!!
  2. RIPPER_65

    E-Track Wheel Chocks

    I did my 8'x20' enclosed trailer with the e-track system and some wheel chocks. I fit 9 bikes in there and drove(many times)hrs. and not 1 bike fell over or anything. Great set-up(e-track and chocks)because I would snap out chocks and move my mustang in there without the worry of the floor having something bolted on or whatever. I got all my stuff from a guy on ebay(e-track, chocks and so on). Here he is: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/5-5-Repositionable-Motorcycle-Wheel-Chock-Black-Chocks_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ34284QQihZ019QQitemZ290171108297QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW Hope it helps!
  3. RIPPER_65

    Another Bike stolen from Melbourne

    Man that $ucks Brian!! I'll keep my eyes open!!!!!!
  4. RIPPER_65

    Technical Info on 400 wr

    Got you PM and it is not on Computer format. Just paper copies. Let me look to see what I have. I believe it's a Parts and Owners Manual for all the Husky's 84'-88'. But I have to check and see. I'll get back to you.
  5. RIPPER_65

    Technical Info on 400 wr

    I believe I have a complete Parts Manual(copy) of the 125,250 and the 400(wr,cr and such)84-87. Let me know if I should start looking for it or not.
  6. RIPPER_65

    rear wheel rebuilding

    I have never used Pro-Wheel Spoke Kits, I have a done over 200 complete Wheels sets using Buchanan's Spoke Kits. The most important thing is to make sure you get a Stainless Steel Spoke with a Stainless Steel Nipple(the best) or Chrome plated steel. Don't get a Aluminum Nipple(stock set-up). Plus, when putting together use Water Proof Grease (NOT anti-seize) in the Nipple. Good Luck!!
  7. RIPPER_65

    Fork Oil Volume '01 CR 80

    This might help you out: http://www.racetech.com/evalving/english/Srchpr.asp?bikeid=109&manufacture=Honda&model=CR80R&year=2001&TABLEINFO=dirt&langname=english
  8. RIPPER_65

    Radiator leaking?

    It has to be going smewhere that's for sure. Have you checked your oil........maybe be leaking into that area and that's not a good thing.
  9. RIPPER_65

    Why doesnt it start? :(

    Replacing the spark plug is a must: 2002 cr80r: Use any of the following NGK spark plugs... *NGK BR10EG *NGK BR10EV *NGK BR10EIX *NGK R7376-10 But you have to find out WHY it did that to the plug in the 1st place. I would start by taking the carb. off and taking apart(very easy)and cleaning with some carb. cleaner(maybe even soak all the parts with it too).Then get a air compressor and blow all the jets out with it. Let us know what happens! Good Luck! NOTE: Normal range of jets for a Mikuni 28mm flatslide carburetor... 160 - 195 main 30 - 40 pilot 5DP39 needle Start with the needle set in the 3rd clip position from the top... Try the 2nd clip position from the top, for higher altitudes or bad weather conditions. And, try the 4th clip from the top, for low altitudes and exceptionally good weather conditions
  10. RIPPER_65

    Florida here I come!!

    Hey......Welcome!!! I was grown up in I.H.B.(next to Indialantic)and lived there for over 20 yrs. Also have 2 rental homes there too.Great area and the beach is right there........take up Surfing....about any age can do it and it sure don't cost that much(just a board). Even fishing right off the beach is great too. Just BEWARE of the Hurricane thing.
  11. RIPPER_65

    CR85 parts on a CR80

    A quick note everybody: My 13 yr. old is looking to sell: 2002 cr80 wheel set(front/back): brand new never used(not an expert) with new rubber,bearings and axle. Also an extra front wheel set-up too. Used Very little with rubber/axle/bearing and all. Also, a New swingam with axle/bearings and all. Also, a Excel black rim/bulldog over-sized spokes set ups.(front and back, but no rubber).Has bearings and all. This set up look okay...in other words.. ..could look better. My son is just looking to get some extra $$$$, so if someone would like them, Please PM me. Thanks!!
  12. RIPPER_65

    Faulty filter ? Or Cleaner?

    Okay, okay I did some research. Gas, Food, Walking, Sleeping, Oil, Dirt(when riding and breathing it in), going to a movie, sitting in traffic with the window down, taking to long on the toilet and so on and so on. So I'm making a VERY BIG MISTAKE and I'll lose some sleep over it.yea right! Preaching does nothing here........but good luck! Thanks and Have A Nice Day!
  13. RIPPER_65

    Faulty filter ? Or Cleaner?

    Just as I said people will say..........GAS.......unreal!! Over 13 yrs. and still doing it. Never, Yes "Never" any issues's...Period. Such as GAS on your hands...........my God......this be real here. Cleanest Air Filter you can get with less the time and Very Safe at that... ...as long get ALL the gas out and Air Dry it.
  14. RIPPER_65

    It won't run for more than 10 seconds...

    Is it easier to kick over? Or even take spark plug out and put finger over hole and see if you can kick it over with your other hand. Could be piston ring, carb., kill switch and so on. Just do 1 thing at a time and cut down the possiblities.Good Luck!!
  15. RIPPER_65

    just the sprocket?

    10-15 hours on it..........should be next to zero wear. Go for it!!