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  1. Looks like KR never stood a chance vs the goat https://www.instagram.com/p/BJYGQn4gLPq/
  2. You guys are both wrong it's Arms, Arms, Arms, and Arms. I'm talking 8hr Arm workouts. Gotta do whatever it takes "Right Babe"
  3. Holy Crap, anyone else catch a glimpse of that kid? He is freaking HUGE... Looks like a damn power lifter. Someone should tell him Dbol adds a lot of water weight.
  4. JS7 will finish both motos in points positions. Stamp it
  5. Could you imagine how ungodly loud the the non turbo winkles would be in a dirtybike.
  6. My very reliable source says there is a strong possibility JS7 will be on the gate at GH this weekend. Just saying....
  7. Here's my old leg injury getting a follow-up XRay...
  8. It's no where near that complicated, what message is sent the the consumers when the top riders are not using the equipment they are pushing. If KR came out with the truth it would destroy sales.
  9. I'm fine with that, I will go along with any excuse he wants to use to retire. It's just time to stop the bleeding and if make believe injuries are the means to that end so be it.
  10. Well I would say it passed testing with flying colors.
  11. Didn't he ditch the air forks? I was under the impression he started doing better after the suspension change.
  12. He is riding that and just turned 2??
  13. The mopey act was not due to his brother being injured it was because his brother just got fired. Official announcement will be later this week. As far as conditioning MS is in great shape he just doesn't have the speed of JM.
  14. I really was thinking right now JG#33 is interviewing, you don't come off the couch and ride that hard just because. I really hope Suzuki was paying attention.
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