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  1. It's not a true thumper, but it is antique. Started out as a 1921 Harley-Davidson 1000cc V twin. It has a period racing modification converting it to a single cylinder 500cc engine, by removing one cylinder, rod, and piston, and rebalancing the crankshaft. A Harley-Davidson Keystone racing frame. Direct drive, no clutch, no brakes, no suspension.
  2. DLM32


    Forgive them, they are from the throw away generation! Catch the wave and ride the web! Yes it costs a little to keep an old bike going, but half the fun is chasing parts and making deals. Ebay is a good starting place. Depends on what you need. Good Luck,
  3. DLM32

    Wanted-YZ 125C gas tank.

    Try the classifieds on vintage yz as well as ebay: www.vintageyz.com Good Luck,
  4. DLM32

    Ocala supermoto

    I was up in Ocala a few months back. Went by the track to check it out. Right next to the flea market along I-75 in Ocala. Nice People! They were having cart races that day, but one of the staff took us out and showed up the super moto setup. Looks good to me, but it's the first super moto track I've seen in person. The shifter karts were ripping around it! Can't put my hands on their web address right know. Do a search for Ocala Gran Prix. It's got photos/track diagram of the asphalt section. I'll be headin up there when my 150 is finished!
  5. DLM32

    sticky forks?

    Just pulled your bike out of a lake or what? (No water in fork seal?)Just kidding! Two things to try. First loosen the front axle bolt just a little, then then do the same to the pinch bolt holding the other end of the axle at the bottom of the opposite fork leg. Finger tighten both and pump the forks a few times. Tighten the axle bolt to the proper torque and then the pinch bolt. Old style conventional forks don't like being pulled together by an improperly tightened front axle. Makes them work even mo crappy! Next time you have the forks apart, use a small amount of fork seal grease(White Bros/Race-Tech, etc.) on the inside lip of each fork seal before you insert each fork slider. Makes them work a lot mo better! If you think there's even a chance of water in there, tear them down now, before they rust up on you. Use good quality fork oil, and new seals, and set the fork oil to the proper level! Later,
  6. DLM32

    HL500 replicas.....

    Geoff was the man! Got my replica frame from him. Great to work with! A fully tricked out HL with a hopped up TT motor is an E ticket vintage ride!!!! Later,
  7. DLM32

    HL500 replicas.....

    Chris, Built an HL500 replica a few years back. Got a trick chrome-moly replica frame from an outfit in Australia. Already has the oil tank built in. Used a front end and wheels off a 76 YZ. Tank and seat are from a 76 YZ125. Tank is aluminum and good ones are getting harder to find. Get yourself a TT500 motor, long travel shocks, etc. Plenty of photos and articles on the web. Also VMX mag from down under has many articles on original and replica HLs. You can get back issues from their website. They also have ads for the HL replica frame builders down under. It's not a cheap project! Lots of fun to ride though. Mine always attracted attention, even from the modern MX guys. I rode it in the woods and on the local flat track. Had to sell it off during my divorce. Good Luck!
  8. DLM32

    Lost & Living Legends of Our Sport

    Moto Mac, Good choices! I came across something on Torten Hallman the other day and was going to ad him to the list, but you beat me to it. Good job!!! The Brit you are talking about is Jeff Smith. Jeff Smith 500CC MX World Champion 1964/65 - Former AHRMA Executive Director. later,
  9. DLM32

    Pipes on 150 supermoto

    Big D, Thanks for the info! Finishing up my CRF150 SM. As soon as I have the cash,the suspension goes to to Davey Durelle for an upgrade. Later,
  10. DLM32

    Pipes on 150 supermoto

    Big D, You must be right about the pipe change. Danny Walker said in his e mail they were switching pipes for 05, but he didn't say to what. What size tires are you running on the stock 150 rims. I want to get out as much info on the series bikes in my Red Rider post as I can. Please feel free to add anything that is missing. Later,
  11. Heard back from Davey Durelle of Durelle Racing Products. He revalves the CRF150 front forks and rear shock for Super Moto. He also replaces the front fork springs with stiffer units. Cost is $280.00. Later,
  12. DLM32

    Pipes on 150 supermoto

    According to Danny Walker of American Super Camp, who prepares the CRF150s for the AMA series, they used White Bros pipes last year. Check my Red Rider Series post for more info. Later,
  13. DLM32

    bike shop, I drive Orlando

    Welcome to O Town Mate! Well, not yet. Anything for a knee dragger. Check out Cycle Sports Center on 4001 John Young Parkway and Orlando Yamaha 9334 East Colonial Drive (SR50) for blue rocket stuff. Also check out the Cycle Riders shops(Honda, Ducati, Suzuki). The owner raced AMA Pro with me in the olden days. He keeps a lot of sporty/dirt bike accessories in stock. Bring lots of euros, it keeps us from having a state income tax!
  14. DLM32

    bike shop, I drive Orlando

    Not a lot close to I Drive unless you're into Harleys. If you go north on Orange Blossom Trail from 1-92 there are small shops that carry the big 4 Jap dirt bikes plus KTM I think. The big Orlando dealers are all close to SR50 to the east and west of downtown Orlando. Later!
  15. DLM32

    czlou, need your help on C&J frames

    Don't know what you need, but you could go to the source: C&J Racing Frames Fulbrook, CA. They have a link on flattrack.com, but it's not working right now. No number listed on the ad. Might have to go to directory assistance. Good luck!