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  1. cadarst

    Loamy Lovers Video

    Well, spend $30,000 on a Dozer, buy $20,000 worth of land, and put $5,000 worth of fuel to build a track in your back yard, and then critizize my track, as for my riding, well, i'm just old, lol. Thanks and God Bless.
  2. cadarst

    does being fat slow your bike down ?

    I weighed 240lbs when I started riding seriously last year, I was'nt in shape and It didnt feel like the bike was all that impressive, so in 6 months and a NO-CARB diet and exercise, I am 6 foot 158lbs and now, of course being in shape, the bike lost 82lbs, so is obviously much faster, and I can wear 32" WRANGLERS now so my wife puts out more too!
  3. cadarst

    Brake bleeding woes

    I bet you anything your piston seals on your front master cylinder are torn or messed up. You can bleed all day long, but if they are torn, you'll never get pressure! I see you ordered the rebuild kit. CRF450's have a small resevoir, which causes the brake fluid to boil, and after a while your seals will fail. Especially if they have gradually become spongy, and then just failed. Replace the seals bro, and I know you will get brakes back, especially knowing a new brake line didn't work! Been There Done THAT!!!!!!!!!
  4. I've lost my rear brake and have a new brake line on the way, some have said this will do the trick, although others have said its probably the Piston Kit for the Rear Master Cylinder. I have an 02 CRF450R and I completely lost the petal, but after hours of bleeding, I've built up some pressure. The bike being on the stand, the wheel once spun will stop quickly if the rear brake lever is pressed quickly, However if you press it slowly it will go all the way to the bottom and wheel won't stop. Also, the brake doesnt work well when I'm riding, heck it doesnt work much at all. My new one should be in tommorow, but please offer some advise and if you've dealt with this problem before! Thanks and God Bless
  5. one more, sorry. did you completely lose your rear brake, or just spongy? Mine went from spongy , to completly gone, even with pressure bleeding, no brake!
  6. did you replace the brake line too?
  7. Anyone ever change the Piston Cups or Piston gaskets, whatever they are called, in the rear master cylinder? I have totally lost my rear brake on my 02 CRF450R, and have a new brake line coming. Read an article that said 02-03 crf450's have problems with brake fluid boiling and pretty much roasting the seals on the piston in the rear master cylinder, and also brake line expansion, causing complete loss of rear brake. Any suggestions, or anyone have this happen to them?
  8. Hey guys, just wanted to know if these two tracks were any good, or if you have any suggestions of a good track anywhere East or in the Dallas area that are open for practice on Fridays and saturdays! Thanks, my bro is coming up this weekend and we wanta take the family ridin! Please Help, THanks Clayton Darst
  9. THank you sooo much, my email address is: cadarst@yahoo.com
  10. Hey guys, quick question. I took my sons 2000 XR50 completely apart(not engine) and had frame and swing arm and wheels powder coated! I didnt really pay attention to the wiring of the (KEY),(KILL SWITCH), and the (SPARK PLUG) wires. I have the spark plug wires hooked up cause I am getting spark. I wanted to know if this alone will start the bike without the key and kill/run switch hooked up, and if so or if not, how can or do I hook them up correctly. There is a BLACK/WHITE wire coming from both the kill switch and the key, and a GREEN wire coming from each. There is are two BLACK/WHITE wires coming from the engine, and ONE GREEN WIRE with two plug in's! Can someone PLEASE help me and forgive my ignorance, I do not have a manual! God Bless and Thanks
  11. cadarst


    thaks guys, that's what I figured, I just wanted some moral support, I appreciate it very much
  12. cadarst


    Hey guys, another dang oil question, but I have been using MOBIL 1 15w50 REDCAP in both sides for quite some time now. I was wondering if anyone has used the ROTELLA T SYNTHETIC IN THIER 02-04 CRF450R? IT'S about 6 bucks cheaper for 1 gallon of the ROTELLA T SYNTHETIC vs the MOBIL1 15w50. Some feedback would be much appreciated!
  13. cadarst

    Texas Riders McAfee MX

    kewl, we live near Tyler and are always lookin for a sweet place to ride. We will give it a try, after the Vesectomy of course, lol.
  14. cadarst

    Glenn Helen update

    No zookeeper, Alessi did'nt race, he hurt his arm riding in the desert last week. He won't appear again till October!