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  1. Yellowstuff


    I recently purchased my 2015 yz250fx. I'm looking for graphics and ran into a small issue. Does anyone know from experience if the 2015 yz250 f and fx share the same plastic? There are numerous graphics that fit the 250f but barely any that fit a 250fx. Wasn't sure if its legit or just because the fx is new to the market still. Thanks
  2. Yellowstuff

    New rm-z

    Can't decide whether to get SS or the OEM titanium valves. They come to around the same price because you need new springs when you switch to SS valves. Correct?
  3. Yellowstuff

    New rm-z

    I run woods so im going with 13/52. I ran it on my yz250f and liked it. Not "too" worried about top end through the woods
  4. Yellowstuff

    rmz250 fuel in the frame mod

    Wheres the pictures?!
  5. Yellowstuff

    New rm-z

    Privately. The PO blew it up (crank) and had a shop rebuild the bottom but never touched the valves. The valves are shimmed within spec but one intake valve is on the tight side with the smallest shim (120). So I'm going to replace the valves in it. I know it sounds sketchy, but for the price I could buy a new engine and still sell it with a profit. Just couldn't pass on it. Plus I love the look of these things.
  6. Yellowstuff

    New rm-z

    Just picked up a 2012 RM-Z 250. Was running an 07 yz250f and I'm loving the FI over the carb. When I bought it, it would not kick start and would only bump start. 30 minutes after getting er home and the head cap was popped of and we were shimming the valves. Got it back together and she started on one kick. Got one hell of a deal on it! The intake valves need swapped and I'm wondering which brand is best? And i think i have to get new valve spings for SS valves correct? Anything else I should know about for the rm-z? Not real happy with the engine or bike yet but I've only rode it once. I love the feel and agility of it in the woods, but in the fields and straights it seems to lack the a$$ i was expecting. Any mods to help with that? Also, the clutch wont engage until almost completely out...adjustment on the cable is all the way out and the quick adjust does nothing to help...do i need a new cable or new fibers? maybe something else? Thanks all!
  7. Yellowstuff

    Aftermarket Exhaust Worth It?

    I know I have a yzf and not the wr, but I'm glad I put a pipe on mine. The difference wont be crazy noticeable, but you can deff tell a difference. It needs re-jetted but It runs just fine the way it is now.
  8. 2007 yz250f. Stock forks. I put motion pro air bleeders on them a month ago and they worked great. Just had the forks rebuilt last week and after two rides, fork fluid bubbles out of them every time I bleed the forks. I dont think this is normal but I thought I'd ask. If it matters, I bleed them about 2 times per ride which last 3-4 hours. I bleed them under pressure with tires on ground and under bikes own weight. Maybe they guy put too much fluid in? Idk...
  9. Yellowstuff

    09 Wr Mega bomb vs power bomb

    I just bought the megabomb with a Factory 4.1 silencer. Great combo. It is quiet and deep but still lets the bike breathe better than stock. I cannot say for sure if it helped in the performance department but I feel as though it has more ass behind it. Could be the added teeth on the rear sprocket too...hard to say
  10. Yellowstuff

    What did you do to your 250F today?

    Ordered some pillow tops today. I bought the TORC1 *enduro* pillow top grips a while back and they are freakin hard! Gave me arm pump after a couple laps. Hoping these ProTapers are softer
  11. Yellowstuff

    Seat foams and covers?

    For those of you with the Motoseat's, is there enough extra material on the side to fit a bump seat? It's hard to find covers for bump seats without paying an extra $20 for the bump that comes with the cover.
  12. Yellowstuff

    EK Chain 520 SRO5 Series Chain

    Thought it would be more 'golden' but wears good and didn't stretch too quickly
  13. Yellowstuff

    Renthal Ultralight Rear Sprocket

    Wears great
  14. Yellowstuff

    FMF Racing PowerCore 4 Full System

    Awesome fit and sounds MEAN! Not too loud but has a nice low rumble. Feels like it let the bike breathe more
  15. Yellowstuff

    SDG Seat

    Very stiff and hard, but I love the feel of the bump and the gripper cover works well in the wet.