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  1. I oredered the speedo drive for the xr400. The cable and tripmeter are the same part numbers for the 250 and 400. I feel like there is 2mm I'm missing because of the difference in the width of the bearings. Thinking i might need a 1mm spacer on each side of the wheel.
  2. XR400 forks are from 1996. From what I looked at, all the part numbers for 95 and earlier and 96+ are the same for the front wheel assembly. Here is what I'm ordering: 44301-KAE-870 - Axle 91065-KA3-832 x 2 - Bearings 44311-KAE-870 - Spacer 91259-KS6-831 - Dust Seal 91258-410-013 - Dust Seal 44620-KAE-870 - Collar I'm not sure what spacer I need for the speedo. I just checked, and the cable and speedo (trip meter) are the same part number for the 250 and 400. So I think I will just order the box assembly, part # 44800-MY6-771 and that will save some confusion. The guy who I bought the forks from said the seals are good. I'll be sure and check them out. Definitely replacing the oil right away. But I will hunt you down when I do them to talk about the shim stack.
  3. Just bought an XR400 front end (forks and triple clamps) for my '95 XR250R. I need to convert the front wheel of my 250 to mount on the 400 forks. Looks like I need the axle, both bearings, and a spacer? Can anyone tell me exactly what else I might need?
  4. This is not true. Camelback has been purchased by Vista Outdoors. ETA: I see someone else brought this up. Glad to see this keeps coming up. Vista Outdoors is a GREAT company that I work with daily. I can assure you they are NOT anti-dirtbike.
  5. I tried to tell you.
  6. 100% riding technique.
  7. I have a suggestion. Find some worth while to watch. Cuz that was terrible.
  8. This. I don't really see anything different.
  9. Actually didn't matter. Everyone else was lapped. Made for "exciting" TV and a GREAT reason for the Reed swingers to gargle his balls for a few days.
  10. supercross

    GTFO of here with that bs!! Not that hard....pfffffffft. And last I checked they still have 22 dudes on the line for every race.
  11. Crazy thing is he's such a good starter, and builds a good lead early, that it takes 20+ minutes for faster guys to catch him. Then they have to hope for a mistake to get by him. He's incredible. At least for mx, Cairolli is the true GOAT. Too bad about his teeth though.
  12. I believe Works Connection makes one that gets really good reviews.
  13. Rather than starting another thread, I'm going to put my question in here. I'm looking at buying new boots too. I'm sure the best answer to my question is to go try some on, but here goes: I have VERY flat feet. Literally no arches. Is there a boot that is better / worse for this?
  14. supercross

    Now that this has been declared, can we just fast forward to the outdoors please?