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  1. I'd ride from the southern border of Idaho to the Northern border. No paved roads. And since we're dreaming.......a 300ish cc air cooled four stroke with electric start, steel frame, and modern suspension.
  2. One problem I had with the new format. By the time the third main came around, I had NO CLUE who was in what position. It was pretty clear Savatgy was winning, but that's it. They need another column on the timing and scoring that shows the overall. I really like having ALL the stars on the track all the time. I also like the parody. It was nice not having any clue what was going to happen. The track was kinda lame though.
  3. What do you think bloke means?
  4. Anderson is not a good starter, not sure how this format benefits him at all. His biggest strength is his fitness and this format makes that much less of an advantage. I could definitely see Barcia and / or Seely winning one of the mains.
  5. I like to ask seller if I can see the air filter. If they fumble around trying to figure out where it is, and how to remove it, walk.
  6. I would never buy a bike w/out a title. Title is only real proof of ownership.
  7. This is unfortunately true.
  8. Others have mentioned it, or asked the question, but the first thing you have to do to establish a budget is figure out how much $$ you need. So, figure out how much maintenance costs, fuel, transporting your bike, new gear, ect. Add at least 10% to that, more like 20%, and you have your expenses. I suggest have an envelope that you actually put cash in each paycheck. You get used to doing that, you will eventually have all the money need when you need it. It's tough to get to that point for sure. But again, like others have said, sounds like your head is in the right place, you'll get it figured out.
  9. You're seeing them already changing their tune from "He stands no chance of even lining up at A1", to "No way that arms lasts through the season".
  10. One thing the Baker's Factory does for sure is burn out riders.
  11. Shouldn't it actually be two asterisks? All Dungey's championships were asterisk season b/c RV was gone. Now with Dungey gone I think we need more asterisks.
  12. Bobble happened lap 7. Lap 9 was his fastest of the race. Yeah, musta really been in his head.
  13. Bowers is probably a better option at this point.
  14. ET3 undid he pants and shook 'em all off Saturday.
  15. Usually happens when the racing starts. That's how I ended up here a few years ago. You a-holes haven't been able to get rid of me in the offseason though.