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  1. Change the fork oil.
  2. I started my kids in 2nd gear on the CRF50. Not so herky jerky. I don't think there is a rev limiter. Never had an issue. Those bikes are pretty bullet proof.
  3. My first thought when reading this was a 300 2-stroke. But then got to the part where you are in love with the big 4 strokes. So I might not be much help. IMO, a 450cc dirt bike is useless.
  4. You need to the "Before you post" thread.
  5. I really thought Johnny Walker was going start dominating these things. But since his injury in Super Enduro, he's kinda been meh. I've been seeing some videos of Jarvis practicing for the Romaniacs. One of them was with his teammates, Gomez and Haker. Jarvis makes those guys, a couple of the best riders in the world, look like beginners. It's amazing. And he's twice their age. He's a freak.
  6. I buy boots that are best for riding a dirt bike. I agree 100% that boots with aggressive lugs like pictured would hang up on the pegs, making them not the best for riding a dirt bike. I do a fair amount walking around when I ride (100% offroad / enduro style riding), and never really felt like I need a bunch more traction. Last thing I'll say about this. If I'm buying boots for my child, I would want the most protection, not something that could possibly get them hurt (aka, soles getting stuck in pegs).
  7. I have nothing against the bike except that it's 12 years old. The later years were / are MUCH improved. It's a good bike for sure, just priced a little high is all.
  8. KTM200
  9. Yeah, asking someone else what bar bend to use is pretty pointless. It's all about feel, and everyone is different.
  10. I've lived in the Boise area for over 20 years, 110-115 is NOT common in this area. We typically get a week or two of 100+ weather in July (like right now). But most of the summer is mid 90's. I spend a fair amount time in Spokane. I like it down here much better. That said, I would visit both areas and make a decision for yourself.
  11. My pfd for the river has a knife on it like the one posted above. Might check out that world as there are lots of options.
  12. I ride in the mountains late spring - summer - early fall. Desert riding fall - winter (when possible, which is a fair amount) - spring. Mostly a weather thing. It's just too hot and dusty in the desert right now. I don't even ride in the mountains that much in middle of the summer, unless it rains.
  13. This is no brainer imo. 250x all the way. Be careful if your looking at years 2004-2006. If the owner said they have adjusted the valves, run away!! They have known valve issues for those years. Once you need to adjust, they will never stay in spec. If the owner has replaced the valves with stainless, you should be good.
  14. Amart and Mathes are friends.