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  1. Mudd94

    Starter bike for kids

    My biggest pet peeve about trying to help on these threads.
  2. Mudd94

    Starter bike for kids

    My kids started on a JR50. I think I paid $500. They were quickly on to a CRF50, paid $650. Then on to a KLX110, paid $750 (which was only $100 out of pocket b/c I sold the JR50 for $600). No reason to thousands of dollars on a kids first bike. Find a good deal on used and you will likely make money on the sale.
  3. I agree that because of the budget, a 2 stroke is going to be the best option. I wouldn't pin myself down on the color. Just find the newest option in your budget. The TC250 sounds like a good one. I would see if you can get him down a few hundred dollars, and put that money into suspension.
  4. Mudd94

    Rain and cold gear

    A.R.C. Foul Weather gear, pants and jacket.
  5. I don't see muffler in your pictures. If you are talking about the header pipe, looks stock to me.
  6. What about a cheap set of ski goggles?
  7. "Replace my Polar Pak hydration pack with a USWE Action Pack because I don't ride with Dancing Monkeys!" Hard to see, but the left shoulder strap is just about the fall off. I've been looking at the USWE pack b/c I'll have to buy something before too long. Need one for my son as well.
  8. Mudd94

    I like dean BUT

    I'd imagine these are things you've been doing your entire life. Whereas these guys don't go to school. My biggest issue with mx / sx racers is they're dumb. And listening to any of them speak is painful. I know what you mean, it sounds whiny for sure, but you have to put it in context. All that stuff has been done for him his entire life until recently.
  9. Mudd94

    Regrets Buying a New Motorcycle?

    I'll almost guarantee you you are going to regret financing a dirt bike. At one point or another.
  10. Like others have said, we need more description about your intended use. The main reason I suggested the 125 is because it's the closest thing to an 85 in a full size bike. Also, a 125 will make you a better rider. If you can ride a 125 efficiently, you'll be killing it if you move on to a 250f at some point. So, let us know more about what the kind of riding are wanting to do, and you will get better suggestions.
  11. If I went any slower I'd tip over.
  12. First off, dirt bikes need maintenance and break. You don't just buy it, ride it, and it costs you nothing, unless you want a clapped out POS. 5' 10" 170 lbs is way to big for an 85. If you are really wanting to get serious, a full size bike is in order. A 125 would be a good choice.