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  1. What about a cheap set of ski goggles?
  2. "Replace my Polar Pak hydration pack with a USWE Action Pack because I don't ride with Dancing Monkeys!" Hard to see, but the left shoulder strap is just about the fall off. I've been looking at the USWE pack b/c I'll have to buy something before too long. Need one for my son as well.
  3. Mudd94

    I like dean BUT

    I'd imagine these are things you've been doing your entire life. Whereas these guys don't go to school. My biggest issue with mx / sx racers is they're dumb. And listening to any of them speak is painful. I know what you mean, it sounds whiny for sure, but you have to put it in context. All that stuff has been done for him his entire life until recently.
  4. Mudd94

    Regrets Buying a New Motorcycle?

    I'll almost guarantee you you are going to regret financing a dirt bike. At one point or another.
  5. Like others have said, we need more description about your intended use. The main reason I suggested the 125 is because it's the closest thing to an 85 in a full size bike. Also, a 125 will make you a better rider. If you can ride a 125 efficiently, you'll be killing it if you move on to a 250f at some point. So, let us know more about what the kind of riding are wanting to do, and you will get better suggestions.
  6. If I went any slower I'd tip over.
  7. First off, dirt bikes need maintenance and break. You don't just buy it, ride it, and it costs you nothing, unless you want a clapped out POS. 5' 10" 170 lbs is way to big for an 85. If you are really wanting to get serious, a full size bike is in order. A 125 would be a good choice.
  8. Yes, you bought the wrong bike for the riding you are doing. But all is not lost. Like others said, clean it up, sell it, and buy a purpose built off-road / trail bike.
  9. Mudd94

    Pot & Riding

    LOL at all you people telling others what to do. So many bad opinions in this thread being delivered as facts.
  10. Mudd94

    Future Team Puerto Rico

    Understood. But if they are doing mxdn or mec, it changes nothing. Seems it would give guys a chance to get healthy in the middle of sx and before mx as well. I'm sure it will never happen, but it seems like a simple solution (which is how I KNOW it won't happen) to the long layoff before mxdn.
  11. Mudd94

    Is MMI and good?

    I 10000000% disagree with this post. Money is NOT everything. Being miserable for 40+ hours a week just so you can buy stuff? No thanks.
  12. Mudd94

    Future Team Puerto Rico

    Lots of talk about how much time the US riders have off. There's exactly zero chance they are going to move the mxdn, so why not change our schedule around a bit? Put another week off in sx, then a couple weekends off in between sx and mx. That puts us at least three weeks closer to mxdn. It just doesn't seem that hard.
  13. Mudd94

    So what's your take on it all

    Is anyone still arguing who is better outdoors? I think that's about put to bed. It isn't really an opinion anymore. The USA riders should be ashamed of themselves. Hell, the Dutch beat them with TWO RIDERS. What a joke. No kidding, the US shouldn't even send a team next year. They're going to get humiliated. Top 10 might be a stretch.
  14. Mudd94

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    A GREAT day yesterday with my favorite riding buddy (my 13 y/o son). A bunch of rain last week. Almost no dust.
  15. Mudd94

    So what's your take on it all

    Herlings crashed on the first lap in race 1 and still won. When Herlings was on the ground was the closest Tomac ever got to him
  16. Mudd94

    So what's your take on it all

    Seems to me this is typical Tomac, chokes under pressure more often than not.
  17. Mudd94

    pussification of mxon

  18. Mudd94

    pussification of mxon

    Boise area. You?
  19. Mudd94

    pussification of mxon

    Anyone know where to watch mxdn?
  20. Yes. Paid a couple dollars to d/l it. Uploaded it my cloud so it's available wherever I have internet access.
  21. Mudd94

    Hand guards and tapered bars

    This. I had to check why I didn't have an issue with my hand gaurd mounts. Realized I just didn't use the insert.
  22. Mudd94

    Murphy Silver City scooter riding

  23. I'm glad others have made the comment about over greasing. This is a common mistake in my line of work. A little grease often is a lot better than a lot of grease once in a while. People think more grease the better, but to much can create heat, which is bad. In very simple terms, grease is just oil with wax added. Everyone knows what happens to wax when it gets hot......
  24. This'll get some hate. Keep in mind, this is a moto / dirt bike community. About half of the moto community are dolts who can hardly form a sentence. Also, big balls guy VERY prevalent. Logic doesn't matter, choices are based solely on how bad ass they think something makes them look. With all that said. You ask a decent question, you get a decent answer. I can attest to this on both sides. I've asked questions and gotten answers. And, I've tried to pass knowledge on that I've learned over the years. Frankly, the only questions worth asking are "which bike I should buy". Everything else has been asked and answered many times.