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  1. TTRacer112

    TT-R125L suspension adjusting

    ok...I'm probably going to try the 15w oil in first to see if that works and if it doesn't I'll try the stiffer fork springs. Thanks
  2. TTRacer112

    TT-R125L suspension adjusting

    I have a 2004 TTR-125L and I was wondering if there is any way to adjust the stock front forks to make them stiffer.
  3. TTRacer112

    Broken Spokes????

    the ones i have twist out
  4. TTRacer112

    Broken Spokes????

    no the piece that you screw it into was gone
  5. TTRacer112

    Broken Spokes????

    I have a spoke that broke and the end came out the part that you screw it into. so i just pulled out the spoke and it seems fine, but is this bad or what?
  6. TTRacer112

    2001 TTR 225 what is it worth?

  7. TTRacer112

    White plastic washer in carb

    id get one
  8. TTRacer112

    Deal's Gap, NC

    nice bike
  9. TTRacer112

    Short Video of Me

    nice vid
  10. TTRacer112

    MX 573

    becuase i think im going there this weekend
  11. TTRacer112

    MX 573

    anyone ride at mx573 in montrose pennsylvania?
  12. TTRacer112

    Used Performance Parts for TTR 125L

    yea how is the pipe
  13. TTRacer112

    what do you use to clean your air filter

    the bel ray works good. pj1 air filter cleaner works well too