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  1. Ike99

    19" front ?

    I'm interested in doing a quasi supermoto set-up on my 2018 KTM 500 EXC...19"front and 17" rear. Tires similar to Avon Trailrider or Continental TKC70. Keep original wheels with knobbies and use the 19/17 for street and maybe some dirt fire roads. Has anyone done this or have any idea about the particulars about how and where (vendor) to make it happen?
  2. What's it like? How crowded on weeknight practices? Groomed or rough, big or small jumps, comparison to Byron, Aztalan, Sunset Ridge.
  3. The EXC line is KTM's answer to a dual sport/ trail bike. They have the XC and SX lines that are more hard core/ race oriented. The 500 EXC-f is a nicely balanced bike for it's stated purpose. Be happy that it's got some sizable performance gains that are fairly easily accessed. But be advised that once you get it to 50+ HP you'll be in territory where the suspension isn't that comfortable. I like the fact that it's street legal, quiet and more than passable in the dirt. If I want 50+ HP, I'll ride my 450 SX-f which has suspension to match it's power. It's a 250 lb., nearly 40 HP dirt bike with a plate. Depending on your primary use, you can dial it in many different directions...enduro, supermoto or just leave it as is. I wouldn't hesitate to take it to some MX tracks stock, but on a regular basis it would take some serious heavy breathing on the motor and suspension. Then it wouldn't have what I like about it...that I can ride it anywhere.
  4. Are these the same bike but with different size wheels?
  5. The forks felt like they were binding, mog's suggestion made me think I was looking in the wrong place for a solution. Loosened the pinch bolts on the throttle side fork leg by the axle, pumped the forks a few times, tightened 'em back up and the forks were now as good as the moto mags said they were. This was on a new bike that may have had the front wheel installed in a hurry.
  6. Thanks to mog for the "fork bind" suggestion. Was really struggling with the forks, lots of clicker and air pressure changes. Didn't really get all the praise about the forks. Fixed the "fork bind", works great now
  7. I just bought a 2017 350 sx-f. Came with the gray and black throttle reels. I believe the gray is around 35 mm and the black around 40 mm (which I've been using). On my older KTM I had been running the Motion Pro Rev 2 throttle that comes with several reels 35-50mm and prefer the 50mm. Does anyone make a larger reel for the KTM ODI throttle set-up?
  8. How did Wambaw fare after Hurricane Matthew?
  9. Is Battery Park still open?
  10. Couldn't find the torque value for the shock preload ring on 2012 450 sx-f. I think it's light but wondered if anyone knows.
  11. I'm going to be making a 2 day trip with an overnite stay at a motel. I'll have my MX bike, tools, and gear in my 5 X 8 enclosed trailer. I'm a little concerned about theft overnite on the road while at the motel. Don't know where I'll be staying and was wondering if anyone has any tips for doing this the smart way. Probably be staying in Kentucky or Tennessee. Thanks in advance.
  12. RG3 in Rockford,IL. Nice update on an '05 450RMZ.
  13. ncc, Was the '08-12 rear fender an easy bolt on to the '05-'07 bike? Looks good.
  14. Anyone know of a dealer that carries SIDI MX boots in the Chicago area.
  15. Ike99

    05 won't get gas

    Bike has been sitting up for awhile, so I assume something is stuck. Cranked right up, but died after gas in the float bowl was used up.Checked a few things---gas is leaving the tank freely,but the float bowl is dry. Nothing seems kinked or blocking, so my question is this---any ideas for a quick solution, as I'm busy today and supposed to ride tommorrow. Search revealed a problem with sticking floats, but I won't have time to pull the carb before tommorrow.Any directions for some well placed cleaning spray would be appreciated.
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