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  1. sorry for the delay i think the swooping bends allow for the lever to bend and return to its original position (like a leaf spring) i don't see any advantage in trying to make the angles closer to 90*
  2. i thought you wanted the 15kg for your intended weight? edit OH nevermind i see what you're saying they could have also gotten a 15 kg spring also i was reading it as they could get you a stiffer than 15 i think i will call them
  3. Cigar Mike does not make them anymore but he did get Dirtbike Africa to make them to his spec 190.00 IIRC the template is online but i would rather drop the coin
  4. i was asked how she could help I told her I would like to order a duplicate coil as a pending order she told me no one was available and i needed to do it online via the form I explained again that they had an order for 1 15kg spring for a Showa shock on an xr650l and she said she had no way to find that order and i needed to go online (we know they don't list a 15kg spring ) by that time I had enough of her not helping and told her thanks anyway
  5. they are the ones in UTV's blasting down the trails and blind corners you just pray you don't meet them going the opposite direction they usually don't speak enough English to even take advice so you have to use sign language
  6. Cannon was a useless to deal with i won't be buying from them
  7. i am sure you will be sorry if you sell it mine is a 93 with a lot of miles and it is still worth 2k plus but i won't sell it you can't find a more versatile bike that will have parts availability for a long time to come
  8. in AZ you could sell that for what you paid even ten years later
  9. thanks, I am going to call them Monday and have them double your order i was thinking of buying a second rear xrl shock to send to them also but I think i will save the 200.00 and just get the spring for now then if i want to revalve /rebuild i will send it off during a spell where i won't be riding often
  10. that's a good point I had the same concern did u order the spring yet? i need to call them and get a rear spring for my xrl at 300 lbs rider and gear i thought they just bought them I didn't know they"made them"
  11. who is making your spring? Cannon ? see if they will do it all for you
  12. my last seat had the same issue i never even noticed it being loose or rocking with just one bolt holding it on
  13. also when i welded on my peg extension kits i went to the backside only i did not center the kit as intended
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