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  1. john r b

    What to expect when taking delivery?

    As title states, What,if anything comes with the bike.? Or anything worth mentioning? Thanks
  2. john r b

    I need your help - About to buy a EC300

    How's the rest of the bike? Trust your instinct
  3. john r b

    2007 FSE450 advice and parts assistance

    Try Hall's or Mattos
  4. john r b

    Gasgas VIN help needed

    Elect. start??
  5. john r b

    Gasgas VIN help needed

    guessing a 2013 300xc.
  6. john r b

    2019 CRF 250 RX BIG BORE KITS?

    Since no one mentioned Checkpoints DNF at Sumter. I'm curious what happened?
  7. john r b

    ME720302510 - Can anyone help me find this part?

    Fathergoose has one or had .. On the GG riders forum.
  8. I've got some parts i'd like to sell, engine,forks,airbox, a bunch more stuff. Any interest?? John
  9. john r b

    GasGas - Yamaha kickstart lever compatibility

    Yes , Yamaha will work. I can't say which, you might try GasGas Riders forum for more info. Use the search feature.
  10. john r b

    GG 200 top an bottom end?

    How many hours are on the bike now, I recently sold my GG 200, Fantastic bike. Unless you prefer not to maintain the bike I'd say 150 hrs on top and maybe 200 on the bottom.If your a revver. The 2014 200 xc is a great bike and will give you many years of enjoyment.
  11. john r b

    2008 GG450i what to look 4

    Unless you have a lot of time and money, I'd stay away from the GG 4t. Unless it is the Yamaha powered GASGAS. Try GasGas riders forum a few guy are on there with the 4t's
  12. john r b

    86 kx 125 cylinder compatability

    I think he referring to years 1985 and 1986 125 cylinder compatibility
  13. john r b

    2019 CRF 250 RX BIG BORE KITS?

    I am the OP. So lets break this down 2019 RX $7600 BB kit $1000 (guessing) Hyd clutch $300 Exhaust $1400 Headlight $500 Puts it at $10,800 Plus protection/guards (Short list) Sherco $11,300 Plus protection/guards
  14. john r b

    2019 CRF 250 RX BIG BORE KITS?

    Way ahead of you on that front.. By the time you add everything up for the honda. You could have a Brand new Sherco Factory Edition uncrate and drool.
  15. john r b

    2019 CRF 250 RX BIG BORE KITS?

    My quote was 11,300 for the factory edition,, ouch