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    Help me decide a price on my bike

    Ok - you've convinced me. Acerbis doesn't make a plastic kit for the '06. It looks like they skip that year...weird...at least it looks like the parts are available individually. I'll still be in it about $200 but it sounds like it's worth it.
  2. e_dogg

    Help me decide a price on my bike

    Thanks for the suggestion. The white areas of the tank graphics have turned a little brown over time and the plastic is definitely scratched up, particularly on the front fender and shock guards from riding in the forest. There are no broken parts (the bike was ridden, never abused). How much more could I expect to get with new plastics and graphics? Is it worth spending $300 on plastic and stickers, plus my time in installing it all just to sell? In other words, will I see my $300+ back? I did just spend some time this weekend taking the side plates off and cleaning more thoroughly than I normally do. I cleaned everything I could without taking off the skid plates (it's a bitch to reinstall), gas tank, and airbox. While I was at it, I noticed that the battery died so I bought a new battery for it already.
  3. e_dogg

    Help me decide a price on my bike

    Thanks guys! I didn't realize that Kelly and NADA did dirt bikes. This gives me an idea of what to ask for if/when I list it.
  4. I'm thinking about putting my 2006 Yamaha WR250F up for sale but I can't find any comparable ads here or on Cycletrader to get an idea of pricing. While the bike has been sitting for about a year, I've always run fuel stabilizer and drained the carb when storing it. And it's always been garaged. So it's in pretty good shape. The only ding on it is a slightly bent subframe, which only affects the rear fender. Everything else is straight. I've done a few mods to it too: YZ throttle stop, JD jetting, Zip Ty fuel screw, Pro Moto Billet exhaust tip, Cycra pro bend handguards, radiator guards, Utah sport cycle skid plate, and tall seat (have the original seat + cover still). And the Michelin S-12 tires are still good too. Can anyone give me an idea of price? Thanks!
  5. Sorry for the late reply - got real hectic last week! I wound up heading to Bass Pro Shops and spent almost an hour in their "Fine Gun Room" drooling over their crazy collectable long guns. Some real pieces of firearm history in there. Then I spent another hour or so wandering through the rest of the store. I also went over to Toby Keith's I Love This Bar for lunch - damn fine restaurant/bar there. My wife's work stuff wound up finishing a lot earlier than she had planned so I didn't have much time to do anything else. The rest of the long weekend was spent on a tour of Colorado. My wife went to school in south Colorado and she wanted to show me the state since I had never been there. We stayed in Denver the first night, then went to Alamosa (stopping at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs on the way), South Fork/Creede, and back to Colorado Springs. With all the stops, we didn't get a chance to do much but I got a pretty good taste of the cities we went to. I have to say that the South Fork area is absolutely gorgeous! One of these days, I want to go back and do some fly fishing, rafting, and maybe rent a dirt bike/quad and romp around in the hills. There's a great little lodge/hotel/bed & breakfast called Spruce Lodge that we stayed in there. If you ever head that way and need a place to stay, I'd recommend it! And the Creede summerstock show we saw at the Creede Repertoire Theater was a lot of fun - great production, especially for a small town theater. When we stayed in Colorado Springs, we did the drive up Pike's Peak. Glad they warned us about needing a 1/2 tank of gas 'cause by the time we were done, we were almost on fumes! But what a beautiful place with a breathtaking view (literally since there's no damn oxygen that high up)! I'd like to do that drive again but not be in the rush that we were in. You Coloradans have a fine state. I can't wait to make my way back there!
  6. I'm a relatively outdoorsy guy - I like dirt bikes (of course!), hunting, fishing, camping, etc. I also like shooting and cars (anything cool - street rods, exotics, 4x4s, etc). I'm not much of a hiker but it sounds like some good adventures out in the woods. The Mt. Evans trip sounds like it would be easy and fun. I'm also leaning toward making a trip to Bass Pro Shops and found a couple of gun shops to visit (Green Mountain Guns and The Gun Room). The drag races sound pretty sweet too...so maybe I'll take the whole afternoon and check out the qualifier runs. Thanks for the help. Looks like the tours are 10am - 4pm so that's an option as well. So many choices! Thanks guys!
  7. Thanks everyone! Didn't know there's a Bass Pro Shop there. I've been to the one in Vegas before and loved it! Thanks! Hmm, that might be fun - thanks! Yeah, no "adult" entertainment. That place looks pretty cool - especially the alpine slide! I just tried finding info about this on their site but didn't come up with anything. Do you know how often they run tours?
  8. Hey Coloradans - I'm making my first trip to Colorado this weekend and have about a half a day to kill on Friday. My flight arrives around noon on Friday and then I need to pick the wife up around 8 or 9pm that night. I'm planning on picking up our rental car and checking into the hotel but then I'll have the whole afternoon/evening by myself. I figure I can maybe check out a couple of bike shops or gun shops or something that my wife would have no interest in doing. Any of you have any places that are "must see" for an out of towner? Thanks!
  9. Yup the Rubbermaid tote is where it's at. My Tacoma has a bed cover which rolls into a box in the front of the bed. This means I can't shut the tailgate when hauling my bike. When tossing things into the bed, I just have to be mindful of if it might slide out. If there's a chance, it gets tied down or blocked in by something else that's tied down. Haven't lost a single thing yet... Or you could get this Moto-Gate tailgate net that was mentioned in a recent Dirt Rider magazine (http://www.moto-gate.com/). It's just a tailgate net with tie down hooks on the end for easy installation and removal. Might pick one of these up for myself if I continue to have a rig that requires hauling with the tailgate down.
  10. Any idea what these hitch haulers weigh? I'm looking at getting one for a vehicle that has a 400lb tongue weight rating (I assume that's the spec to look at for something like this since it's not supported by wheels like a trailer).
  11. I've considered that but have a hard time talking myself into getting the base engine. I know that 300hp in the V6 is as much as the Chevy and Dodge V8s are pumping out, though...but the gearhead in me might scream.
  12. That's kinda where I'm at too. I'll just be hauling my dirt bike and the occasional random load of stuff that needs to go from point A to point B. And down the road, I'd like to get a boat or utility trailer. The new 5.0L looks like a good one too. Would be interesting to drive them back to back and compare actual fuel mileage. Interesting. All the articles I've read said the engine accelerated very well not just for a 6 but for an 8. And one of the articles mentioned that because it's a 6 speed tranny, it didn't have as many downshifts as a 4 or 5 speed. And it reaches peak torque/HP at something like 2200 RPM which is still pretty low. How long did you get to drive it? What did you tow with it?
  13. Ford claims that they have an 11,000 lb tow rating so it should pull that just fine. Seems that they're still too new to have any real world experience with it, though. Over on F150Forum.com, someone posted a window sticker which said something like 17-21 mpg for the EPA rating. And some folks saw closer to 25 mpg or so during testing.
  14. Thanks for the pointer...I hadn't thought of looking for F150 specific forums so I checked a couple of them out. Looks like the trucks are just going into production now...
  15. I'm looking at getting a new truck in the near future and have read about the new 3.5L Ecoboost engine option in the 2011 F150. It sounds like an awesome engine (more HP and torque than the 5.0L in a V6!) but I don't actually see it listed as an option on the Ford website. Anyone know when this is coming out? The article I read in Truck Trend said it's for the 2011 models. Also, anyone have any experience with the Ecoboost engines? I hear that they're from a Volvo partnership and that they're a great, reliable design.