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  1. Stuwy123

    Can’t even moonwalk

    So many original factory doodads! I still have all of mine, in the bottom drawer of my toolbox.
  2. Stuwy123

    Advice on dual sport boots

    I'm running the Garne Balance Pro-tech. Decent boots. Water-proof. Very comfortable. I've worn these boots all day for many days, in all temps and conditions. Flexible enough to walk in without the ski boot/robocop walk. The ankle is still very flexible and doesn't have any armor which is a concern when potentially dropping a bike on my ankles. I've dropped my drz a few times on my leg with these boots and have come out unscathed but that may be due to the circumstances on my fall. Really nit picking now. The buckles can be a bit finicky if you're latching them out of order or pulling too much in.
  3. Stuwy123

    DRZ and heated grips

    I run a set of oxford heated grips and have for a number of years. I want to try a coolant heated bar from Raze Motorsports. I do a lot of sub-freezing riding with ice tires and my snowbike setup.
  4. I currently a 2" riser. You won't be sneaking much more than that. The throttle cable(s) are your biggest hindrance to going higher.
  5. Stuwy123

    Buying Used. Tips and Watch-outs.

    My DRZ doesn't have a kicker. Snowbikes are basically impossible to push start. Been caught with a dead battery just once but that's too dang often to have to walk out/home. I want/need a kicker. So no other recommendations for bikes other than the latest and greatest?
  6. Stuwy123

    Buying Used. Tips and Watch-outs.

    Yes, the age of the bikes was my main concern. Older the bike the more problems, I have a '74 CB750...
  7. Stuwy123

    Buying Used. Tips and Watch-outs.

    There's a last model year 2017 KTM 500 EXC at my local dealer for $11,700 CAD (out the door). Locally, 2015's are listed used at $7,500 (expecting $6,750 to $7k sell) I have a hard to bringing myself to buy brand new again. Older late 2000's model 525's and 530's are listed at $4,500. Are the older bikes worth considering?
  8. Stuwy123

    post ur bikes from canada

    Dirt-bike, converted to street, converted to snow:
  9. Hello All, I'm currently saddled up on a '13 DRZ-400SM that I bought new. It's been a fun ride and fun to mod. Now I need something with a bit more power and bit lighter. I converted my DRZ to a snowbike (AD Boivin Explorer Kit), but picking up a 320lb bike with an additional +75lbs of track got old. I'm looking to pickup a KTM 450/500/520/525. Preferably something street legal so I can supermoto it. I'm eyeing the used KTM market. I've seen some warnings on here about certain years of bikes and issues (starter gears on 05 525's). What knowledge can you give me regarding the KTM 450-530's?
  10. Stuwy123

    Std and alternate sprocket sizes for DRZ 400?

    I've run just about every combination of 13T,14T, 15T, 16T and 41, 47, 51. You can have a custom 60T to 100T rear sprocket cut. I just found a 12T that I'm itching to try.
  11. Stuwy123

    Off season to do list: Can we share notes on this?

    Need to re-jet for winter temps and hopefully do a couple test runs in the sub-freezing temps. Then I'm swapping on the snow bike kit for the season and gonna start praying for snow. I have to install a couple fog lights and a lanyard deadman switch.
  12. Stuwy123

    rekluse clutch drz for E?

    Is your idle set properly? With the FCR, your idle should be set to 1700 RPM, which may seem quite fast/high to listen to. You can sneak as low as 1500 but any lower, it can flame out once you crack the throttle from a stand still. A properly set idle is crucial for riding tight and technical stuff requiring a lot of clutch work. With your steep highway gearing, everything slower than 10 MPH would be "technical".
  13. Stuwy123

    My Short Lived DRZ

    Go for a little "had to lay 'er down" ride and call the insurance company in the morning.
  14. Stuwy123

    What is my bike worth......pics

    I'd leave out the sand tire. Parting out goodies always nets your more money than lumping everything together.
  15. Stuwy123

    Homemade axle sliders DIY

    My latest printed set capture the nut as well. Should definitely help.