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  1. drjdvm

    br saturday

    I'll be there from around 11 or 12 til close. I'm guessing mud early and minimal dust later.
  2. drjdvm

    BR on Friday?

    Anyone able to get free on Friday to head to BR? I gotta work on Saturday and Sunday promises rain. John
  3. drjdvm

    Buffalo on Saturday

    Are you talking about Jeff Shuck? He is the one I have seen quadding the sets of doubles up front at BR. He is very fast and a good kid. He is usually at the track with his Dad, Steve, who rides a CRF250R. John
  4. drjdvm

    Chicagoland Riding 5/4 ???

    Looks like I'll be at BR too but not until around 12:30 or 1:00. Hope to see you if you are still there. Black Jeep Wrangler.
  5. I'm going to be in Madison the first weekend in April and was looking to see if there are any tracks nearby. I know Aztalan is but I believe they are race-only and the first event is the following weekend. Any ideas? Thanks ahead of time. John '06 CRF450R
  6. Guess I will be there too.
  7. drjdvm

    Video of Buffalo Range new tabletop

    Its in Ottawa. Here are the directions from the web site: From the East: I-80 West to I-23 South 1-1/2 miles to I-6 West approximately 4 miles to Buffalo Rock Road South to dead-end and go West 1/2 mile. We will be on the left. Web Site is: http://www.buffalorangeridingpark.com/ Some people love this place and others hate. Personally I enjoy riding there. There is a lot of variety of terrain, its a great place to meet people, no scheduled practice times, and it is big enough to accommodate a lot of riders and still be safe. The down side is that it is not always groomed and it can tear up tires. It is worth a try if you've never been there.
  8. drjdvm

    BR or anything else sunday or monday??

    I just called the BR track line and I guess the sand track is washed out on the downhills and the clay track is pretty snotty. Monday sounds like a better day.
  9. drjdvm

    Rentals at Walnut

    Mick wanted me to let everyone know that he has rented the track at Walnut (Sunset Ridge) on Saturday May 26th and Saturday June 16th. No need to contact him, everyone is welcome and just show up at the track. If you have any questions, just post them here and Mick should be able to respond. He was not certain how to post a thread since he is a TT newbie. John
  10. drjdvm

    Mt. Carrol?

    Walnut has open riding on Saturday as well (includes quads though).
  11. It looks like Saturday is going to be spectacular! 70's and Sunny. Sunset Ridge is calling us all out of hibernation. Who's up for blowing the cob webs out of our exhausts?
  12. drjdvm

    Who's Playing Hookey at BR Friday?

    I wanted to be sure everyone saw the date on my original post. It was Friday THE 30TH. NOT THIS WEEK. The weather this weekend is going from bad to worse. Tain all weekend and maybe into next week. The 30th is just an open day, not a special ride. It is just the first official day of the season at BR. I assume trails and both tracks will be open, depending on the weather of course. john
  13. Opening Day at BR on Friday the 30th. Track is open from 11-5. http://www.buffalorangeridingpark.com/ For you slackers like me, why don't we make it a TT outing? John
  14. drjdvm

    WIR / Feb 24 rental

    Great time Al. thanks for setting it up. It was definatley worth the extra drive time home. Lots of track time, great bunch of guys, laid back. Looking forward to the spring. Anybody go out to Walnut today for the open ride? John
  15. drjdvm

    WIR / Feb 24 rental

    Hey Junior. No riding this weekend. Single digit temps are not healthy for this old body. Besides, there is bit of a skirmish in Miami taking place Sunday afternoon that I need to watch. See you on the 24th. Did anyone see the local guy Bryan White is riding at the Houston Supercross? John