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  1. Firebird 400

    Shifting problems

    Hey guys I have an 07 400SM. Went out the other day and tried to down shift from 2nd to 1st and bike got stuck between gears. Shifter had full travel but just had no feel to it. I tried messing with the shift lever on the side of the road and was able to get it to shift perfectly fine. A few km later it got stuck in gear again, 5th this time. Messed with it again and it worked fine all the way home. At first I thought maybe the shift shaft had worn c clips giving it some side to side throw causing it to miss the tab on the shift cam but that's not the case. Engine is out of bike and torn all the way down ready to split the cases. With the gear shift cam removed I can rotate the shift drum with a socket and ratchet and manually switch gears while I spin the clutch shaft. The stopper plate that mounts to the drum has 5 or 6 cam-like lobes around its circumference with a roller that will catch the low points to give you your gear selection. Well it seems when I try to change gears it's catching when the roller reaches the top of a lobe. This is in every gear on almost every shift. The only way to get it to follow through with a shift is by reversing the rotation of the clutch shaft maybe a quarter turn then it will click into gear. I don't know much about transmissions and am hoping you guys can help me find some answers to what's causing this. I don't know if it's the shift forks but I heard they're pretty strong Thanks everyone
  2. Firebird 400

    New to TT, need help on my sons TTR125.

    Take the tank off the bike, take the petcock out and clean it as best you can. Clean the tank by sloshing around some fresh gas and drain ALL the gas out. You cleaned the carb but if you're feeding it 'gummy' gas then you're just back at square one. You need to clean the entire fuel system. I just had a very similar problem on a 99 arctic cat 300; would run great until hot then would bog and run like garbage. Cleaning tank, petcock and pickup lines/filters, and carb again solved the problem.
  3. Firebird 400

    Weird Rattle

    Sounds like it could be piston slap. How long since you've done a top end?
  4. Firebird 400

    18"/21" wheels on DRZ125

    Dude that thing is sweet!
  5. I'm gonna say no because they have different frames. And I THINK the 14 will have a fuel pump in it for the FI
  6. Firebird 400

    Rear brakes acting like vid grips?!?!

    I really hope that's sarcasm...
  7. Firebird 400

    Rear brakes acting like vid grips?!?!

    Are you saying the brake won't close while it's dangling off the bike? Because it won't...If I think I know what you're saying then all you're doing is extending the piston in the caliper. It will never return by itself Put the caliper back on the swing arm with the wheel installed so you have a rotor inside the pads. Then check if you have brakes. And instead of taking the caliper off the hose just crack open the bleeder valve... Let me know if you have more questions
  8. Firebird 400

    1989 rm125 clutch/oil/crank seal

    Fouled plug from running too rich. Put a new plug in and it will fire right up. When you install the new seal check the collar that rides inside the seal for grooves worn in it. If it's worn you need to replace it or it will chew up the new seal in no time and you'll be back where you started.
  9. Firebird 400

    Rover Blitzes Whoops

    Not at all what I was expecting!
  10. Firebird 400

    2004 cr125r not starting up!

    I have the exact same bike and ended up getting a jd kit before I knew anything about jetting. It's literally plug and play, I didn't need to mess with clip position at all. I'm running a 400 main, 32.5 pilot, red needle 3rd clip position and get zero spooge. (Btw running fmf fatty/shorty combo, 05+ intake boot). I was having the same problem of fouling plugs if I didn't ride the bike hard. Haven't fouled a plug since I installed the kit 2 years ago. My brother has an 01 cr125 that likes the same size jets as the 04 but with the stock needle 2nd clip from bottom. Once you know what you're looking/listening for when jetting it's really easy. If it bogs like you just fouled a plug then it's running lean in that portion if the throttle and you should richen it. If it sounds "stuttery" or blubbery then it's running rich. 3/4 to wide open throttle is the main jet and 1/4 to 3/4 is needle clip position. There's more to it than that but that's the basics and you can start there
  11. Firebird 400

    2004 cr125r not starting up!

    If you know a bit about jetting it isn't all that hard to dial a bike in
  12. Firebird 400

    Rear axle nut size for a 99 Cr125?

    Measure it?
  13. Firebird 400

    2004 cr125r not starting up!

    Try a new spark plug
  14. Firebird 400

    Trouble with grips!

    How can something be too thin to cut?
  15. Firebird 400

    2t Oil pipe leak at cylinder

    If you seal it at the cylinder you're just gonna have the same problem at the pipe/silencer connection or the end of the silencer. You are running rich and will continue to get spooge unless you work on your jetting