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  1. As a dirt bike rider in New York, I will support the ATVs , we basically have very few places to ride . The ATV groups are having better results in opening up more trails around the state
  2. 53Willys

    Searching for a Hare Scramble

  3. 53Willys

    Thinking of adding a wr250f or yz250fx to the stable

    3 things that will help eliminate the just off idle response, 1 just about any other tune but stock, 2 throttle tamer, 3 Time riding the bike, you will learn to control it without any issues. we have done 1 & 3 successfully
  4. 53Willys

    How old is too old to ride dirt bikes

    66 still ride hs because it's a place to ride, usually close to last but don't care, hardest part is admitting you can't ride like you used to ,then you just go enjoy what you can
  5. 53Willys

    250fx electric start problems

    Check for power at the starter
  6. The purer the water ,that is the less minerals in it, the better chance it will absorb the plastic taste
  7. look into the Leatt helmets also
  8. If it's like the 15fx, before you plug it in bump the start button but do not start, then plug in the tuner
  9. 53Willys

    Cooper Webb -

    Cross jumping to take someone out is not good, but is sometimes nessesary to change lines between corners when the tracks are nothing but jumps between the corners
  10. 53Willys

    The JGR Suzuki 450's

    GNCC, quads on Saturday, bikes on Sunday , they share some but not all of the same course, even the 2 bike races don't use the same course and there is a quite a bit of woods single track for both
  11. I have used the EVS ballistic Jersey and liked it , it offers good protection, but it gets hot, I'm now using a Fox Airframe ,not quite as protective but I can ride longer and faster not getting overheated
  12. 53Willys

    yz250fx starter

    I had one from a gasket set from my 08 that matched, it is a normal sized seal , there are two numbers on it that will give the size and it can be matched up with a Yamaha part number
  13. 53Willys

    2015 250Fx starter motor died/

    Have you taken it apart ? Brushes are replacable and there is a seal that can let it fill with oil
  14. 53Willys

    rekluse clutch

    What does it fit ? What bike is it made for ?
  15. I've been using otb for years never a problem with the foot peg but a couple snags kick-starting, the klim Mojave fasten tighten enough that it's no longer a problem plus with elec start that won't happen again