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  1. Not too bad if you are in the US, but $60 minimum shipping if you are in Australia so once you buy it, it's yours, whether returns are accepted or not. Actually I think I got the Scorpion pants on closeout, the Shift jacket secondhand on ebay (since Shift street division shit itself).
  2. Depends what size you are and where you live.. Last time I went looking for women's gear at the best local dealerships they had a couple of items and they were children's.
  3. I tried wearing body armour with a jersey over it once but it was hot, uncomfortable and looked horrible. I went back to Scorpion street pants and Shift street jacket. I don't know what I'm going to do when they wear out. I guess I could wear a revolting MX fashion statement that would get shredded in no time. Or BMW / Klim adventure stuff that's not really better than what I've got, but costs more than my bike. Women are not a huge market so there's not a whole lot out there. Especially stuff you can walk into a shop and try on.
  4. I had a similar intermittent problem like that on my WR250F a long time ago. I thought it was the usual hot start or choke, etc. But it seemed to happen more after riding over rough stuff, and I also noticed my rear guard was making a bit of a knocking noise. In the end I discovered two little bolts had gone missing from under the guard. When the rear was able to move just that little I think it was interfering with the airbox, pushing or pulling on it creating a slight air leak at the carb. Once I replaced those two little bolts my guard stopped moving and the problem never resurfaced. Not saying your problem is the same, but the intermittent nature could be something like a loose clamp, or a small crack, or something moving that shouldn't be.
  5. I'd like to do that, if my skills and body were up to it. I really need to practice in deep sand. The guy that leads this tour, Daryl Beattie, is an ex-Moto GP champion who was raised with dirt bikes. So this is his dream job, leading tours through the Simpson Desert to the coast of Cape York. They take a max of 8 at a time, and I like the idea of being in a small group and camping out. They divide people into groups and tailor things to suit people from those who hardly leave the road, right up to very fit expert single trail riders, where the support trucks take a completely different course and only turn up at the end of the day. I'd like to be able to be fit and capable enough do one of the more interesting courses. They use CRF450X and Africa Twins depending on the terrain (Honda is a partner). I don't know how I feel about that, I've never tried either bike. What attracts you to the outback? This one also looks great. Especially for anyone who is not interested in sand and desert, or has no experience. https://hotgetaways.com.au/tour/3-days/3-day-outback-adventure/
  6. Also make sure there is no crap like old thread locker on the inside of the flywheel, that got me once. Apparently someone thought that was required, it didn't seem to do any harm but it was just a pain to get it all off and I missed a thin, translucent bit of it.
  7. Van de Graaff generator?
  8. Thanks for pointing that out. I skimmed that sentence and read it as "I ran some motocross bike without one when I was racing". Not used to seeing road racers on this forum
  9. Well there ya go, it does run. I guess the weight in the crank is enough to get it through the exhaust stroke.
  10. Just a wild stab in the dark here, but could it be a Yamaha SR250? It's one of those lil' old road bikes that often gets cafe- or bobber-ized. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamaha_SR250 A lot of those pre-1989 bikes don't have a proper 17 character VIN, but they do have a serial number. My old Yamaha has a serial number that starts with the model and then a six-digit number, which is also stamped on the engine.
  11. I have Dragon NFXs moto goggles and I was wondering if I could fit the ski goggle lens to them to take skiing?
  12. Well I'm out of ideas then. What sort of bike is it? What sort of oil are you using?
  13. I don't think a single-cylinder 4T engine would keep running. The flywheel has energy transferred to it in the form of torque during the power stroke. The energy is thus stored as the rotational speed of the flywheel. The rotational speed of the flywheel is converted to torque on the mechanical load of the exhaust stroke. So what I'm saying is if there was no flywheel then what is going to make the engine turn through the exhaust stroke? In the case of an inline 6 cylinder 2T there is enough power strokes all the way through the cycle, same with some radial engines, but not a single cylinder engine.
  14. Do you use a pressure washer on your bike?
  15. The whole house? Lol. I only know of the Queenslander as a house.