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  1. Wait-A-While

    The woes of selling / buying a dirt bike

    If they wanted that they've mistaken us for the house across the road. My neighbor has had to point them in the right direction a couple of times. The house with all the dirt bikes coming and going at all hours.
  2. Wait-A-While

    The woes of selling / buying a dirt bike

    Yep, they really make you second-guess yourself at times. I just remind myself that selling is like dating, there's a lot of toads to kiss before you find a prince.
  3. Wait-A-While

    The woes of selling / buying a dirt bike

    I've vowed to deal on ebay, avoid gumtree, and lodge a return request on every piece of crap like that. An ignition without a key should be described as "works but has no key", not "good working condition". Same with the bottles, if the pic has a bottle with a lid I'd be demanding they send me a lid or accept a return. I normally just ignore those. I don't waste time on someone who's just fishing. They might as well send a text saying "I don't care what you're selling I just want something for nothing".
  4. Wait-A-While

    Years to avoid -Cr250

    Haha! You sucked me in too
  5. So does that mean there would be a higher intake velocity through each carb, and that would work better with a flat slide design?
  6. Not sure where to put a question like this. It's about carb technology. I have an old bike, a 1986 Yamaha TZR250, which is a 2T parallel twin. It has 2 Mikuni TM28SS flat slide carbs on it. What I'm curious to know is why they aren't the VM type round slide carbs. I thought round slide carbs were better for 2-stroke performance? Does the design of these flat slide carbs fit a particular purpose or are they an antiquated idea? I know it's a road bike that wasn't even available in North America but I thought there might be quite a few people on TT that know a bit about stuff like Banshees and snowmobiles to know a bit about new and old 2T twins.
  7. Wait-A-While

    The Epic Motorcycle Meme Thread!

    When you got a deal on a bike you just can't pass up
  8. Wait-A-While

    Brand New KLX450 advice

    It is totally helpful. Yep, I want a quiet bike because my bike is registered, so I will ride it out most times. I also don't want to sound like the drug dealers riding stolen motocross 450s with Pro-Circuit mufflers all over my neighbourhood. People are fed up with being woken up at midnight by them so I don't want to be mistaken for one. I have a powerbomb header to try on my WR250F when I finally get it going. I'll see how that goes. It's basically just a little resonator so I'm told it should cut noise well and cause minimal power loss at peak and a bit more torque at lower revs. Thanks for the info about the different headers, I'll have to actually check which muffler I have that came with the bike. I doubt it was actually ever fitted, because the jetting is all stock, I would think the bike would've had huge problems if it was actually run like that. I see what you mean about the snorkel at the top of the airbox now. Yep, after what I've read I think a battery tender is in my future too
  9. Wait-A-While

    Brand New KLX450 advice

    I checked out their website after some searching http://cycleworks.co.nz/ lovely pics but no details on the exhausts. Is it a baffled muffler? Or do you have packing? One thing I really love about Staintune mufflers is that they are baffled, so they are maintenance free, quiet and powerful. They're a bit expensive but worth it. I'm looking at the one he made for you and it looks kind of like that.
  10. Wait-A-While

    The woes of selling / buying a dirt bike

    More paypal scams: For small ticket items they arrange to buy it, then they send the seller an email that looks exactly like it's from paypal notification of the payment. Their gamble is that the seller will see the email and then send the item. By the time the seller logs into paypal and sees that the transaction is non-existent it's too late, the item is in the mail. In the past there were a lot of sellers scammed by buyers using a hijacked paypal account. So the seller was really paid, with funds backed by some other victim's credit card. Haven't heard of it lately, probably because they overhauled the security, but I think it could still be done by someone like a kid with access to a relative's devices.
  11. Wait-A-While

    The woes of selling / buying a dirt bike

    I like ebay for buying and selling all that sort of stuff. The problem I have as a buyer is when I buy something that is not what they said it was. I've bought three things recently from 'professional' wreckers via ebay that were dismal. A CDI advertised as 2002. I received a 2001. And I'm like Yeah, I know it will work, but if I wanted 01 ignition and wiring arrangement I would have bought an 01. I bought a bumper bracket for a Caprice. They sent me one for a Commodore. Doesn't fit. Another time I bought a used blower for an air con. They put no padding in the satchel and the fan was smashed, rendering it useless. Either I'm just unlucky or a lot of sellers have this 'near enough is good enough' attitude and aren't getting the sort of feedback scores that reflect that.
  12. Wait-A-While

    The woes of selling / buying a dirt bike

    I think the usefulness of Facebook marketplace depends on where you live. I replied to an ad for a piece of furniture once, and the advertiser had been living somewhere in Switzerland previously. So I kept getting items of furniture located in Switzerland coming up in my sidebar. They were all really nice! Eventually the local items took over as I looked at more furniture and it went back to looking like stuff that was picked out of a dump. It's funny how some people are super paranoid about Facebook and other people totally use as their personal diary.
  13. Wait-A-While

    Brand New KLX450 advice

    Wow that's plenty of info, thanks for that! I took it for a first proper ride yesterday. As I rode it developed a hanging idle that was just getting worse and worse. So that R&D fuel screw is first thing on the list.
  14. Wait-A-While

    Brand New KLX450 advice

    Would you mind telling us what your altitude and temp were at? Also, I'm really curious about the exhaust system. Can you tell us what brands they are, or are they bespoke items? Good job sorting it out, your bike looks awesome!!