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  1. This was an enjoyable read even if the topic was somewhat depressing.lots of good post about parents supporting the kids ,mine definitely were not supportive bikes became the forbidden fruit,got my first one well into adulthood . I have stacks of photos from many trips, some to the hospital it’s a strange mix of feelings giving kids the power to enjoy themselves and grow their skills or hurt themselves I could never fully relax knowing that we got so far from our trucks or medical help. It turned out to be lots of worry for no reason.
  2. I have dreams of epic d/s adventures parts of the TAT and any thing BDR. And all of those all included guided tours of faraway lands but I get all geared up in my high viz gear and can’t make it past the Starbucks. But seriously I really hope to get around to it I do have this one friend that will guilt me and call me a pussy until I make real plans and 90% of the time it turns out great and I’m glad he did.
  3. Bump. This topic had my attention. I definitely agree with the person who said it’s a social activity with that being said the groups of people you luck into make or break the ride. I’ve always said you need to know 10 people who ride to be able to get two people to go riding at the drop of a hat. I’m also pondering the aspect of aging into the dual sport. Didn’t think it had anything to do with age. It appeals to my curious nature and my unending optimism. That last part is sarcasm
  4. We did try to get it to fire with starting fluid and nothing. I'm not sure how to gauge the oil I would change it with any amount of contamination I just hope its not a sign of a larger issue. something I found strange was if I held my hand over the exhaust it would pop almost back fire if that's any help.

    Pgh riding

    it's nice to see somebody else from gun town tailriding I'm sure I can help with some local spots although most of my time goes to the ds bike because of parking problems ya know they cant ticket your truck if it isn't there.
  6. Not my bike nor was I on the trip. but we have this little drz group so I feel his problems are mine too. Long story short, the bike runs perfect he gets it home and no start. it cranks fine,Its got spark,fuel and we checked valve clearance I did notice some milky oil I'm guessing that's always a bad sign I'm thinking stuck rings or base gasket but a quick search leads me to wonder about coil out put lets hope its something simple I think our next step is to purchase a compression tester or a leak down tester any help is always appreciated
  7. Motorcycles were definitely the forbidden fruit of my youth. My parents would not budge claiming I was far to clumsy and I would no doubt render my self a paraplegic. Please don’t judge them too harshly they were probably right.I didn’t get my first motorcycle until after military service I was 22 . Just a little behind the curve for someone who dreamed of going pro (not seriously)only because McGrath made it look so easy.
  8. Here in Western PA we have had a very mild start to winter and I’ve been putting off doing anything to the old DRZ in the hopes of getting one more ride or maybe I’m just lazy. Whatever the case is I’m starting to think about some future bike camping trips and I need to address an old issue. I’ve always been amazed how everyone is so eager to help with any questions I posed in the past and I’m always thankful for all the good info that I get here. Normally the old DRZ is bulletproof I put very little thought into it’s performance i’ve done the jet kit and a 3 x 3 mod other than that it’s mostly stock. I do my regular maintenance Air and oil filters and the bikes trouble free. On to the question hopefully there’s an easy answer after seven or 9 miles of very hard trail ,first and second gear only ,crawling over rocks the size of melons the bike would stall at an idol I thought this was an overheating issue But the engine fan would not kick on and no fluid puking out of the radiator it got me thinking about some type of temperature gage but bike did not seem hot The bike was also difficult to start after it died,starter got a work out that day. I decided to play it safe bypass the remaining trails and head back to the truck. the bike ran flawlessly and has yet to do it again where to begin ? The bikes and 03 and has 8000 miles on it I’m guessing I should start with some valve specs perhaps a timing issue? Maybe something as simple as bad Fuel. As always any ideas are greatly appreciated
  9. I don't think I can answer what's legal and what's not , just always went to places on word-of-mouth. some I've been going to for years and some of my favorite places are completely off-limits funny story ,I have a friend who bought a house near green mans tunnel so we always have a place to park. Like I said before every little town had a slate dump nobody cared if you road them. Houses got close and people started bitching now you have to know someone for safe parking or ride in on a dual sport but I'm allways willing to share.
  10. My mistake there's a little village called Independence right next to Avella
  11. It's good thinking,no one likes paying fines. Allegheny national Forest is a great place especially for younger riders. Majestic trails is even better but it's a long ride to get there. Those places are great for a long weekend camp out but most of the time I'm trying to get my rideing fix with just one day.
  12. I can remember when Avella used to be a lot of fun is there anything left out there
  13. Believe it or not I used to be able to ride from Bridgeville to Independence on a dirtbike and barely touch any road. A great combination of powerlines and torn up railroad tracks most towns had a slate pile to play on without the cops being called,sad to say I wouldn't recommend kids trying it today.
  14. Moon is not far from Wellsville Ohio that's one of my favorite places to go it's about a 40 minute drive for you and it's got everything from truck trails to single track. The parking has never been great there,not that you'll get towed but it can be rough for anything other than a four-wheel-drive.
  15. I know great places south and west of Pittsburgh. Not sure where your starting from.
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