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  1. Adamttt

    Please help 2001 drz 250

    A few days ago I bought a 2001 drz250 that ran great, or so I thought. a few days later the bike would not start due to a dead battery. I bought a new battery for it the bike and when I started it the bike was idling very high, but would not hold a consistent rpm. The bike also gets hot very fast now. I have no Idea what caused this. Also when I first started the bike up it was smoking horribly but that ended after a few minutes.
  2. I have been looking for a while for a new bikeand have narrowed it down to a Trail bike between 200 and 300cc`s. I'm a fourteen year old who's 5`8, 150 pounds and will be riding mostly tight rooky trails and some sandy/gravely trails with friends. I'm selling my crf150f and looking for a new bike. I have done a lot of research and still have no idea what to get i`m leaning toward an xr, or ttr, 250 but i`m also thinking of a kdx what do you guys think. I have a 1500 dollar budget.
  3. Adamttt

    Crf 150f oil in airbox please help

    I have rode for about 20 hours since I installed the new air filter and changed the oil. I just checked the air box and it is clean.
  4. Adamttt

    Crf 150f oil in airbox please help

    Alright thanks everybody I bought a new air filter and cleaned out the box, im gonna take it for a ride and see what happens
  5. I just bought a 2003 crf150f and forgot to check the air filter when buying it. I checked it 2 months after I bought it (yesterday) and there was a lot of oil in the air box. anybody know why this might be? I have dropped the bike a few times.