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  1. Morris_man

    Valve Recall For Canada?

    I called my dealer and asked him to check for a recall on my '06 YZ250F. He said the computer showed no recall on my bike. I bought a yellow bike, vin # about 8000.
  2. Morris_man

    2006 crf450r valves question are they better?

    Before '06, there were a lot of threads about valves going out of tolerance prematurely. My '04 was one of these bikes. I now have an '06 and my valves have not moved in 6 months of hard riding. My '04 valves were finished in 3 months. I have been monitoring this web site for issues witrh '06 valve issues, and I don't believe I have seen one confirmed thread about premature valve wear for '06's.
  3. Morris_man

    Rear Linkage

    Check page 145 in the Honda '06 CRF450R manual. Are the parts you are talkng about shown here?
  4. Morris_man

    new bike

    Change your motor oil and tranny oil every 3 hours of riding. Use motor oil (10-W40) in motor and gear oil (80 wtd) in tranny. Clean air filter often. Piston and rings should last a year. Fork oil should be changed a couple times a year. Check valves for gap a few times a year. Lube swingarm, shock linkage, axles and steering head when you buy the bike and once a year thereafter.
  5. Morris_man

    Renthal chain?

    I run DID 520 ERT2. I am nervous about using X-ring or O-ring because they may rub on the engine case or on the frame. I get about a year out of my chain and sprockets. I lube the chain every ride day.
  6. Morris_man

    Do you guys upgrade every year?

    From all the reading I've done, EFI will not be ready for production until '08.
  7. Morris_man

    Any valve issues on '06?

    I have 5 months of good riding on my '06 CRF450R and no valve movement yet.
  8. Morris_man

    o-ring chain

    The O-ring and X-ring chains are wider than the stock chain. There is validity to these wider chains rubbing on the engine casing. Some people put a spacer between the engine and the front sprocket, but then the chain can rub on the inside of your frame. I have seen this.
  9. Morris_man

    06 Mods, opinions wanted

    Put on a skid plate to save your aluminum frame rails Install rad guards. Squeezing the bike with your legs can squish the rads. Tighten all spokes. I tighten each spoke a 1/4 turn at a time. I went around the front wheel 3 full circles (3/4 of a turn per spoke) and 2 full circles (1/2 turn per spoke) on the back wheel. Otherwise spokes get loose real fast. Swap the front tire, D742, for a D756. I found the front wheel washed out too easily. This fixed the problem. Change stock chain to DID 520ERT2. Your sprockets will last longer. Full graphics and seat cover to protect the plastic, increase your resale value, and help you look good. Oversize Galfer front brake rotor. This bike needs good brakes to give you the confidence to turn the throttle wide open. I changed the throttle cam to shorten the amount of twist to full. I don't want any excuses for not going fast. Lube the swingarm, steering head, shock linkage and wheel axles. Not enough grease applied at factory. I swapped stock fork springs from .046 to .049 so I could soften up the compression from 6 clicks out to 10 clicks out. I weigh 195. This keeps my front fork higher and softens up the small hits. An hour meter to help me monitor my oil changes. The one I bought also has a tach to help me adjust my fuel screw. Stock gearing. This bike rips right out of the box, for motocross riding. When I am able to turn the throttle wide open on every landing and out of every corner without pissing myself, then I will consider motor modes to increase horsepower. I would like to put on RG3 triple clamps with stock offset and protaper bars but I am having a hard time letting go of that much money. Almost forgot. HAVE FUN.
  10. Morris_man

    which valves to buy???

    If you put in SS valves, you need to put in stiffer springs because the SS valves are heavier and thus the SS valves will float with the stock springs. I put in the Kibblewhite valvesd and springs, and they worked perfect. I could not notice any change in power delivery, but the theory is that heavier valves will slow down the acceleration.
  11. Morris_man

    This thing is starting to tick me off!

    I had the same problem when I changed my intake valves on my 2004 CRF450R to the Kibblewhite SS valves and springs. I had reinstalled the timing chain off by one tooth. The mark on the cylinder head and on the cam, at top dead center, was between two teeth. I picked the wrong one the first time. It was very hard to kick over. I took it back apart, moved the chain one tooth and the bike ran and kickstarted great.
  12. Morris_man

    Question for those of you with valve issues?

    I have a 2004 CRF450R and a 2004 YZ250F. I bought both new in 2004. The motors are completely stock. I change the oil in both bikes about every 3 to 5 rides. I clean the air filter about every 3 to 5 rides. Both bikes get well ridden. The valves in the YZ250F have never moved since the day I bought it. The exhaust valves in the CRF450R have never needed to be reshimmed. The intake valves in the CRF450R went to zero tolerance within a few months. I reshimmed and the valves were out of tolerance 3 rides later. I now have Kibblewhite SS intake valves and springs. In summary, some CRF450R's have intake valve problems.
  13. Morris_man

    Hard to kick over

    I have a 2004 CRF450R. My intake valves went out of spec so I replaced them with the Kibblewhite SS. After I put the bike back together, it was very hard to move the kick starter. Sometimes I could stand with both feet on the kickstarter and it still wouldn't move. Once it was running it ran fine. I figured out what the problem was this weekend, the cam chain was off by one notch. When reinstalling the cam chain and trying to line up the cam mark with the cylinder head mark, while at top dead center, the cam mark came in half a link below the cylinder head mark or half a link above the mark. I had put on the cam chain to line up below the mark. This weekend I moved the cam by one link to line up above the mark and the bike kicks over the way it is supposed to. It also runs better. Just trying to pass on some helpful info for those of us that do our own maintenance.
  14. Morris_man

    Piece of [@#$%&*!] Honda 2004 450

    I would also bet that the valves are already back out of spec. I had the same problem with my '04 CRF450R. You need to install the Kibblewhite SS intake valves and springs. The exhaust valves are usually fine.
  15. Morris_man

    i officially hate...

    I had the same problem with my 2004 CRF450R. The front end was always sliding out in corners. First i fixed the sag and it improved alot but the front end still pushed. I am an average rider. I have recently learned that by getting on the gas in the beginning of the corner instead of at the end of the corner, the front tire grabs far better than when I coast through corners. The difference is dramatic. I think when you get on the throttle while in a corner, it pushes the front wheel into the ground. It seems the more gas I give it, the better the front wheel grabs in the corners. This was scary at first because I thought I was already at the limit of traction. Maybe you already know this, if not, give it a try.