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  1. MTmoto

    Northern Nevada early spring riding areas

    Thanks for the info Sporty! I've got cabin fever this spring with all the snow and am over skiing. Been cycling a lot for the moto but am itching to twist.. My family is in the Rocklin/Auburn area but never bring my moto cuz I've not thought that driving it down there would be worth it. Is there good riding in the Doyle zone? Lassen, Plumas NF's?
  2. Howdy folks- Anybody have any recommendations for riding in early spring in northern Nevada? I am particularly interested in the northeast corner of the state. Any info is appreciated, thanks!
  3. MTmoto

    Carbon Fiber Pipe Guard Recommendations

    I had a P3 until I went through a couple pipes due to them being bent. It was a pain to get the proper fit at the cylinder and it would splooge there which might also allow water to make it's way in. Another pipe got bent up into the bottom of one of my rads and it wore a bit of aluminum off the rad. It looked like a bit of rubbing there might wear into the rad and then I could have lost coolant. I ride in fairly remote zones and decided I'd rather just replace a dented pipe than a rad or be stranded. My .02, no more pipe guard for me, I'll deal with dents. Plus you get to try new expansions!!
  4. MTmoto

    Good at single track? Can you teach?

    Moto seat time and not internet seat time, you gotta push yourself in the real world, you know with gravity and all that sh!t! I went the cheap route and got a book with drills and whatnot. After 3 or so years and well over 40 hrs of drills, log(I should say stick) hopping and riding techy stuff over and over, I feel like I have improved and am able/willing to try harder stuff and go a bit further out there. Mostly it just takes time, patience and a willingness to push yourself. You get what you give. Have fun!!
  5. MTmoto

    Which trials tire?

    Anyone have any stats on tehse TTs regarding height, in terms of overall height? Which one is the tallest and which is the shortest?
  6. MTmoto

    '16 XC150

    How does a 150 lug at 7k<->12k of ele? I most commonly ride 4.2k->~8k but in my neighbor state we are usually between 7k & 12k and it is techy/steep enough that I would think if you had to ride on the pipe all the time, the trails would take a beating. Anyway, I'm curious about anybodies experience at alt with a 150 and how it handles the STMG(SlowTechMicroGnar).
  7. Do 2strokes even really need spark arrestors?
  8. MTmoto

    I suck at turning to the right!

    What the LSD and Motovita say, and the practice will pay hella in other riding techniques as well. It is all about practice, that is the magic pill, practice. Oh, just go out and practice without expectations. Often times what we 'think' might be a right way can't be understood without the doing, nawmean?
  9. MTmoto

    Correct Foot position?

    extra heavy spring Good idea, cheap mod to get some 'sensitivity' in the braking foot feel sounds good to me(why haven't I thought of that?!). Thanks!
  10. Anybody hit the silencer/muffler/SA after rides with a blowtorch? I do it after everyother ride and seems to work well, but am concerned about frying the packing. I do it just enough to burn off and clean the EE spark arrester screen. Anybody know how much torch time in the in the pipe is bad for the packing?
  11. MTmoto

    People say im a slow rider

    M1Garand(nice rifle BTW, I always wanted one but got a nickel plated Mini14 instead) hit another good point.. Riding with others that are GoodDirtBikers! I have the luck or luxury of riding with very good dirt bikers and have learned hella from them and still do. They all give me 'pointers' and I am fairly good and learning by watching. I still dump the shit outa the bike but isn't that part of it anyway? Oh, and nothing wrong with being slow man; you can enjoy the daisies and get a feel for 'the ride' as well as employing the basics n'shit.
  12. MTmoto

    SW MT riding buddy

    Hey Jon! Yes, under the new Bitterroot Travel Plan, there will be a lot of closed singletrack to motos, a lot! http://www.fs.usda.gov/project/?project=21183 Look at Alternative 1, it is the preffered action.
  13. MTmoto

    SW MT riding buddy

    I'm fairly familiar with the Sapphire/Root and love them and it looks like this could be the last summer to ride the good ones down there so I am up for that and of course the Pioneers, I know very little about them. I MTB'd the Pettengill zone about 15 yrs ago and remember it being good...
  14. MTmoto

    Do you struggle going downhills?

    MTB'd for 27 yrs. Moto the last 3. When I first started, I wasn't really getting how the 2 could compliment each other. I hadn't had a dirt bike before and I was totally consumed to just keep it rolling on the trails. With time and hella practice I feel like am able to ride the moto smoother with less effort and call upon some MTB skills. I am fairly balanced in my weaknesses. RockTech and DH I am about the same, thrashy hillclimbing is where I totally suck and don't like it anyway. I like techy trails, steep ups and steep downs. I do not sit for the DH. I finally got a 2-stroke last year and like the freewheeling more than the chunk/chop of engine breaking. I am learning more and more how to use the rear brake with less locking up and getting the feel of it being a brake pedal instead of a lever on the handlebar. I like the challenge. Never sit unless I am on a road DH. Oh, I got the book 'How to ride off-road motorcycles' by Gary LaPlante. I figure I put a good 40+ hrs of practice my first year of having a moto. I would read section like high side turns or something and go out for an hour practicing on my local trails, followed by an hour of free riding. I still do it. I learn something new every ride...