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  1. Can I get some help on why recently my bike shuts off while I'm riding. Wouldn't start back up I cooled it down changed the oil and it took 30minutes to crank. Once it started back up it was smoking as if I was burning tires and refuses to stay crank. Now oil and light smoke spews from the breather hose coming off the case and oil and light smoke spews out the exhaust. I remove the oil stick to check my oil level and notice light smoke. It also has a ticking noise now and to me a loss of power... What could possibly be the problem? It's a 96 xr400r

  2. Mainjet2001

    Honda "B" Team 14x race report

    Hey Jonah........ You again did an awsome job in Baja. Just wish I would have gotten the chance to see you and say hi. By the way, your little success is not little. LeRoy
  3. Mainjet2001

    Honda "B" Team 14x race report

    BajaBoundMoto….. Congratulations on your killer effort and your posts. You and your team did exactly what Honda knew you could do. They didn’t take a chance. Also, 14X was only a broken bike away from the overall. You and your team rocked pal Again….nice job. Honda Pit Tootsie
  4. Mainjet2001

    NOT baja 1000... ever go just for fun??

    LOL....Your machoism is masking your common sense. These guys are giving you some good advice. In all honesty, you should listen. Your big negatives, hoped up bikes (higher compression?), they are all different, no chase vehicle, 1st time riding down there. But hey, you guys are tough, right?
  5. Mainjet2001

    B1.3K- Will it come down to "down time" ?

    You are very welcome bud.You guys sure made us proud.
  6. Mainjet2001

    B1.3K- Will it come down to "down time" ?

    Hit it on the nose, huh?
  7. Mainjet2001

    helo crash?

    Click on the top left picture. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=41f_1195189160
  8. Mainjet2001

    B1.3K- Will it come down to "down time" ?

    Looking at the finisher list, looks like we pitted all the class winners.Sure makes me feel proud. Would have liked to see ya gums.
  9. Mainjet2001

    B1.3K- Will it come down to "down time" ?

    Gums…me thinks you are exaggerating. Wilson is right.
  10. Mainjet2001

    B1.3K- Will it come down to "down time" ?

  11. Mainjet2001

    Gas in Valle De Trinidad?

  12. Mainjet2001

    Interesting Baja 1K Entry

    Well, I'm rootin for them, just hope they have good kidney belts. Is this what I should look for Corky? Check your PM's.
  13. Mainjet2001

    Interesting Baja 1K Entry

    I think they will do better (CL72) than most of you think. Hey Corky....talked to a guy today named Beasely. Said he used to ride with you and he kicked your hinny. He said to say hello. You going to be at El Arco?
  14. Mainjet2001

    Aluminum frames vs. Steel frames

    For those of you who think aluminum does not bend back and forth, I hope you don't watch the wing tips when you get on that next airplane.
  15. Mainjet2001

    Front Axle

    The Allen (female) size is 19mm. The nut size is 22 mm. On rare occasions the axel can get stuck in the forks and a 19 mm allen will loosen the axel without hitting it with a hammer. And yes it can be removed with a soft hammer.