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  1. bbaa

    Yamaha Rhino 660 Jetting

    I have a little problem with my 660 Rhino. When I start her I need to leave the choke on for a while, several minutes, about 30 minutes, before i can shut it off. If I install a larger main jet will this cure my problem or do I need to replace the pilot jet to solve this problem? Or maybe drop the clip down a notch, raising the needle could help. Thanks
  2. js3324, I have a 05 RMZ 250 with about 3 hours on it, are if your interested I will sell it to you. e-mail me at jmekeel@hvc.rr.com.
  3. bbaa

    05 RM-Z250 Jetting

    I've noticed since the temperature has dropped to below 60 that my RM-Z 250 doesn't start to easy and it needs to warm up with the choke on for about 5 minutes. Which jet should I change to correct this?
  4. bbaa

    New bike questions?

    To bad you are in Ill. I'm selling my 05 RM-Z250 already. It is only a month old with about 2-3 hours of riding time.
  5. bbaa

    New bike questions?

    I'm told all the bikes are going for close to retail. Maybe a few hundred dollars off list.
  6. bbaa

    Lights for RMZ 250

    Has anybody installed lights on a RMZ 250?
  7. bbaa

    Electric Start

    Contact White Brothers, they may have an electric start. I know they have light kits that require a battery.
  8. bbaa

    should i buy an 05 rmz 250???

    My friend and I race every now and then at our local track here in New York in the 30 plus amature class (I'm 39). Last weekend my friend busted up his leg pretty good, in four places to be exact. After seeing this I decided that 32 years of riding is enough. Unfortunatly I made this decision 2 weeks after buying my 05 RMZ250. I've only ridden it in two races (the same day) and a few times in the woods where I live. Now she sits in the garage.
  9. bbaa

    should i buy an 05 rmz 250???

    Speezack, I have an 05 RM-Z250 I'm selling, if your interested e-mail me @ jmekeel@hvc.rr.com.
  10. bbaa


    Are the oil filters interchangeble between the two machines? My local Suzuki dealer is out and the filters are backordered for a few weeks. The Kawi dealer has a few in stock.
  11. bbaa

    2005 RMZ250

    Just picked up my 05 RMZ250 took it for a spin around the yard, this thing has great power. I do have a questions! The o4's came with the wiring for the lights, do the 05's have the same stator and wiring?
  12. bbaa

    04 Suzuki RMZ 250

    My local dealer has an 04 RMZ 250 sitting on the floor. I can buy it for $4,800.00, I was wondering if I should buy it or wait until the 05's come out? Are the changes worth waiting for? Is there a fix for the radiator overheating problem?
  13. bbaa

    Yamaha Golf Cart

    You have a good question Warrior. The YZF is fast enough I really don't need to put any more money into that. The fact is you can only get so much from a 250, if you want more sell it and buy the 450. The golf cart on the other hand is just another toy to modify. I guess you can say its a challenge. You try to take something that is designed to transport people around a golf course at a liesurly pace and turn it into a trail burner or hill climber, its all just fun. Have you ever seen monster garage, we do things just for the fun of it.
  14. bbaa

    Yamaha Golf Cart

    Thanks for the info wrooster. I'll research this information. Yea I knew this would create a little controversy. But when I complete one project I need to start another.
  15. bbaa

    Yamaha Golf Cart

    Yes that is true about the governor, but I wanted to extract more power from the motor. Being a Yamaha 4-stroke I thought maybe a little porting and possibly boring out the cylinder .25 or .50 over I could gain another 5hp.