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  1. crf rider. Thanks for the heads up. I went there because it was only 5 minutes from my work. Nice people, good turn around and a good price. THanks for the heads up. I never even knew that shop was there even though I drive by it all the time. Tim, I would have gone with your advice but I tried calling ProPrep and I kept getting VM. I need this done before heading to mike sky rancho. Thanks again for tall the advice!
  2. Does anybody know of a good place to get your wheel trued in the Oceanside/Vista/Carlsbad/San Marcos area? I know there is the North County House of Motorcyles but they just opened that facility and I haven't heard any news about their work yet. I took the old wheel apart and laced up the new rim with the old hub but I just don't have the time or patience to true it right now since I'm leaving for Mikes Sky Rancho in a couple of days. Thanks for any advice and if you could give me an idea of how much you use this shop, and the quality of the work they do, then I would greatly appreciate it!!! :thumbsup:

    IRC XR650 Mount?

    We ran it on the front fender also for the Baja 250. No problems except for that it quit working when the 1st guy crashed 30 miles into the race. Both of our families were pretty worried when it was moving along just fine and then it stopped and never moved again. That kind of sucked.

    SCORE racer kidnapped

    95%+ of the kidnapping in mex are targetted people. Usually they are mexican and have family ties to some wealthy business. For the most part I wouldn't stress on going to Baja. Just follow the basic rules. 1) Don't drive at night 2) Don't wear bling or dress flashy 3) Don't drive your escalade down with 24 inch rims. 4) Smile, be respectful and be nice. It goes a long way!

    xr650r in the woods video

    Don't know if I would call that "woods riding" but it still looks like a fun place to ride. Maybe you could call it "Fire Road Woods Riding" lol j/k!

    Where to find 250 Results?

    Funny. Our IRC tracker quit working at RM 20. Scared the living sh*t out of all my family members because they were watching from home and thought we crashed and someone got hurt badly enough that we didn't continue with the race. Thanks for pissing away $600 of my friends and my money IRC. I could have used that money to rebuild the rear wheel since we blew out some spokes. One other thing. That cut fence cheat line was a huge advantage. I didn't take it but those soft sand huge whoops going all the way up the hill were brutal. That line on the other side of the fence was smooth as all hell and you could have been going 80 up the hill instead of 30 over the whoops. Not to mention my friend and I saw people waaaaaaaayyy off the course in certain sections. He had the first 122 miles and during those first 60 miles of whoops he saw people 300-400+ feet off the course flying by because there was no whoops on those lines. We were not in it to win our class by any means but it still sucks seeing all the people blatantly cheating. People need to have some integrity and play by the rules.

    Baje Rudy & $50

    Rudy is a man of many talents apparently:worthy:

    Baje Rudy & $50

    Rudy, Ran into a couple of your buddies down at the SF 250 at the finish line booby trap. I wish I could remember their names. They said they were neighbors of yours and that you helped set up one of their bikes. Both rode XR650R's and one had just recently broken his thumb when he was up in the states riding at plaster city. Had a huge white cast on his right hand. The other guys wife was pregnant. Anyway I was going to give them the $50 I owe you but after hanging with them for 30 minutes I realized how drunk they were and how fast that $50 was going to end up buying more beer. They said they went on the first riders and ranchers ride and they had the sticker on the back of their F150. I'll be at the next riders and ranchers ride and I'll get you your $50 then. Just make sure we stop by some "entertaining" so we can make sure the money is well spent! Anyway if you remember their names let me know. Good guys that couldn't stop laughing at/pimping eachother the whole time. BTW hope your ride in the truck went well. P.S. my bad on the title. Baje Rudy. Close enough

    301X Pictures or Videos?

    Hey everyone, The SF 250 was our first Score race and I'm wondering if anyone has any pics/vid of 301X? My wife is putting together a little documentary and any contributions would be gladly accepted! Thanks!

    262X 250 report

    Was 402X the guy who was wadded up when you started entering into Azufre? 403X and one other guy was there when I came around the corner and I stopped to help out. They gave me the info on him and I back tracked on the course to go get help. Got some people with a med kit and a Jeep and then rode back to the guy and gave him all the vicadin I had in my pocket. I hope he is doing o.k. I heard he broke his leg, some ribs, his collarbone and had possible internal bleeding.

    08 San Felipe 250... or whatever 250, drawing order (thus far)

    Anywhere on the first 60 miles of course. Whoops, whoops, whoops and more whoops. You'll get to see the TT/Class 1's suspensions really working. Try to find one of the straighter sections so you can see the trucks at higher speed. Dodge Zoo Road. Too many drunk idiots and unless you are standing on something you won't be able to see much.

    Please Read !!!!

    48083, 48089 & 48097. Keep it going!
  13. Baja Championships won on an L = 0 L's entered into the Dakar = 0 How many more times do we have to go over this?

    Who is good at XR650R suspension valving?

    Barnum does great work. He did my friends and mine about 2 months ago and we are loving it. http://www.xr650r.net/barnum.html Guy is a D37 champion and has raced many score races on a 650R. He does the work himself and is very helpful.

    Tall rider vs Short rider

    2 downsides to being tall (6'7 here) is when standing your arms are almost dead straight. You don't get the benefit of being able to have your elbows up thuswise it makes it harder to flick the bike side to side. When your wheel washes out it just pulls you down. Secondly you can't grip the tank with your knees. My knees are higher that the tank so all I can try to do is pinch my calves against it and you don't get much pressure that way. Going from sitting to standing wears you out quickly when you are tall. Being able to dab your feet is a plus though and picking up a 300 lb bike isn't hard. When it comes to being short the only disadvantages I can think of is not being able to dab your foot and being smaller heavier bikes would be a bit of a handful. Last thought. Kevin Windham is considered a big rider. 6'1 180 lbs. That's barely above the average height for a male. Most everyone else is 5'9, 5'7 etc..