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  1. racntchr

    What Does Your Race Number Mean?

    I run 19r for Dirt Track and 319 for WERA roadracing. 19 because my cousin, Keith Mashburn, was Nat'l #19 while riding for the Yamaha factory team in the early 70's. 19R - because I needed a letter after my # for dirttrack and R is for my last name, Rudy. 319 was originally my Speedway #. I needed a 3-digit # and 119 & 219 were already taken. So, 319 it was. Now that I'm racing WERA West, I again needed a 3-digit # and was lucky to get 319 again.
  2. racntchr

    Stolen Bikes

    Rod Lake, A long time supporter and sponsor to numerous racers had his San Jose warehouse broken into and had the following bikes stolen: 1963 Sonicweld A50, it is pictured on VFT.org at Dan Rouits museum. 1965 T100SC, Gold White tank, beautiful bike. 1967 T120TT, Stock 1965 T120c 1967 Bonneville Chopper, Black Tank with Red Von Dutch Pin Striping 1967 VanTech Honda 160 1970 Honda Minitrail, Blue with sl70 Clutch motor. 1971 gemini minibike 1970 Honda CL72 road racer, silver 2 Taco minibikes 4 Champion frames for 250,360 YZ 2 sets of Ceriani road race wheels front and rear, stamped "Bauman" Should you see any of these items for sale please go to www.flattrack.com and post any knowledge you have. or try emailing Racer98@aol.com.
  3. racntchr

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Here's mine ... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v373/racntchr/bb15.jpg (Sold it after I broke my leg..) Here's my mini... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v373/racntchr/DX-07A.jpg
  4. racntchr

    When did you start riding and on what?

    My first bike was a Taco mini bike. (Funny thing is, I'm actually wearing a TACO T-shirt as I'm typing this..) I tried racing it in 1970 in a peewee flattrack race at Trojan raceway, in South Gate, CA against a bunch of Honda Z-50's. I was 5. The results were predictable, but when the race was over I told my dad if I had a faster bike I could beat those kids. My cousin was a factory racer for Yamaha at the time (Keith Mashburn) and we bought his (thrashed) JT 60 mini enduro pit bike from him. Malcolm Smith built a downpipe for it and did some headwork on it and we made it into a really cool little flattracker. It was really competitive, that is until Honda came out with the XR 75. It seems like I've been chasing Honda's ever since. That's why today, at the age of 41, I have 2 Honda flattrackers (a 74 Champion XL 350, and a Ron Wood Framed CRF 250R -the only one of it's kind.) and an 85 XL350. But, to stay true to my early Yamaha roots, I also have a C&J TT500.
  5. racntchr

    Flywheel weight

    Has anyone tried adding flywheel weight to their 250F's? Results?
  6. Thinking of installing a Bed Buddy tie down bar in my Ram. What's your experiences been with this product?
  7. racntchr

    racegas in stock engine

    We've found that running Chevron Supreme pump gas gives us only 0.5hp difference on the dyno than U4....I sh1t you not. I didn't believe it either, but the #'s don't lie. A lot cheaper too.
  8. racntchr

    crf 150 for racing

    I've raced mine in the Mini-moto Max class in SuperMoto as well as in the Open Am class in flat-track (1/6th mile Short-track-Santa Maria fairgrounds). The bike's just awesome. I took 2nd in the Open Am B main at Sta Maria against a bunch of 450's. Engine-wise, you will need to pump some $$$'s into it to make it fast, but I've always liked fast 4-strokes over 2-strokes anyway.
  9. racntchr

    Super Mini Moto ?

    For tires, go to AARacing.com
  10. racntchr

    CRF150 pipe on XR-100?

    Go with the DMZ pipe. It's the best one for XR's, hands down.
  11. racntchr

    Thank You

    Submarine Races? Naahh, you can't 'back-in' a submarine. Scott, I appreciate the kind words. I'm still waiting until I am mobile enough to make it down to 2nd Street. I can already hear Darren at the A.I. saying, "So, you took the training wheels off again, didn't you?" I liked your line about stuffing the guy for 1st place. I guess I'll owe you a royalty-pitcher if I use it. Wow, I never thought I'd be able to count myself in the same company as Max Biaggi. Some bright side. Thanks again and Merry Christmas to all of you in the SuperMoto community. Brad Rudy
  12. racntchr

    Thank You

    Just wanted to thank all of you out at Grange last Sunday, who helped load up our van after I was injured. For the record, I had spiral fractures of the tib/fib on my right leg. I just caught my boot at the wrong angle going through the first right hander before the dirt. There's a line in 'On Any Sunday' that says "Motorcycle racers are good people." You guys certainly proved it. It's times like this that you know who your friends are. Also a word of thanks for all who have called to check on my condition. Brad Rudy
  13. racntchr

    What was your first bike

    My first mini bike was a Taco, I was 5. Tried racing it against a bunch of Z-50's and told my dad if I had a faster bike, I could beat those kids. My cousin was a factory racer for Yamaha at the time, so we bought his (thrashed)mini-enduro pit bike from him. We built it into a mini-flat-tracker. Malcolm Smith built the down-pipe and did the head work for it.
  14. racntchr

    New Track Name

    "Dos Mojados"
  15. racntchr

    the tt500 is so cool!

    Yes I do. I ran the Open Amatuer and Support 500 classes this season. Brad Rudy #19r