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  1. offworlder

    Can you kick start you Beta 4 stroke?

    My 2012 wouldnt budge, until I got the auto-decompression fix.
  2. offworlder

    Finding Neutral

  3. offworlder

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Put the stock tank back on, and took her for a rip without all the tools, tubes, etc... So much lighter ! Vrooooom !
  4. offworlder

    Littlest Beta

    Hey Rob - congrats on getting hitched to the right woman, and glad to hear your enjoying the Beta ! PS: love the shirt in the background - hilarious !
  5. offworlder

    Ironman sprockets

    Ironman/Dirt Tricks are awesome ! Lighter than Supersprox/dual compound, and stronger (read: last longer).
  6. With a tip of the hat to a similar thread on the ADV forum, what did you do to yer beloved Beta today ? I spooned on a fresh MT43 (yum !) and attempted to bump up to a 50 tooth in the rear. I was disappointed to discover the chain was not long enough to accommodate the 50 tooth - and had to revert to the heavily worn stock 48 tooth sprocket. As my chain still has plenty o' life in it, I'll order me up a IronMan 48 tooth, and bump to the 50 when the chain needs replacin' .
  7. offworlder

    Anyone have a spare seat?

    Not meaning to do a thread hijack, but I'm looking for a softer option (for dual-sport duty as well) - would appreciate recommendations... Thanks.
  8. offworlder


    Just did 1000km weekend with Giant Loop Coyote with Mohavi strapped atop, and ZigZag handle bar bag. Had all my camping gear in there:
  9. offworlder

    What, no Hot Start?

    Got the part through Canadian Distributor - who got it direct from the factory (Italy). AB states they are covering the parts and one hour of labour (in the states), still trying to determine what's covered here in Canada...
  10. offworlder

    What, no Hot Start?

    If you can actually kickstart the bike without breaking your leg or holding down the electric start, its got the fix. As stated, I can now start the bike in gear - which was NEVER the case prior to the repair.
  11. offworlder

    Valve cover/frame clearance ?

    Valve cover (is supposed to) spin out on the left side counter clockwise, all cabling was pulled out of the way, etc... We had the cover completely loose but simply couldnt remove it, as it would get stopped by the frame, and (underneath the valve cover) get caught on the rear cam tower. My theory is that the gusset thats welded to the frame (under the tank) where the upper engine frame mounts secure was an afterthought of sorts (as it didnt exist prior to some 2012s) and when added makes the valve cover removal impossible on some bikes (that lack the extra 2-3mm of clearance- whether by engine mount position, weld depth, etc...)
  12. offworlder

    What, no Hot Start?

    OK kids, after a nightmare experience trying to remove the head covers (see this thread: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1039806-valve-coverframe-clearance/), finally got the auto-decompression cam installed. And..... the bike can now be kickstarted, and started in gear !!! Its truly miraculous ! Here's the details re the factory's failure: Notice the old cam pin (removed), when in the same position as new pin (installed), is reversed !
  13. offworlder

    Valve cover/frame clearance ?

    Myself and the (senior) mechanics looked at it for over an hour - and tried every possible means, couldnt be done. We had no choice but to pull the engine. If someone can "enlighten" me, I'm all ears.
  14. offworlder

    Just got the beta 450 suspension done.....

    Stock fork springs are .48, we used one .44 and one .48, for and end result of .46. I'm under 200lbs fully loaded (tools, gear, etc..)
  15. offworlder


    The Giant Loop "Mohavi" is awesome. Reasonable capacity (see list below), weight is well distributed, and they're well secured, near waterproof, and tough: http://www.giantloopmoto.com/collections/giant-loop-gear-collection/products/mojavitm-saddlebag Here's what I can fit (and carry regularly) in my Mohavi: - full tool kit: http://cruztools.com/products/kitsmetric.html (Roadtech M3) - tire changing gear: 3 tire irons, gauge, spark plug wrench, hand pump, leatherman - front and rear tube - spare gloves - 1L Nalgene - 2 L fuel bottle: http://www.touratech-usa.com/Store/PN-070-0580/Touratech-2-Liter-Spare-Fuel-Canister - Jersey - lunch ! - room to spare !