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  1. I am experiencing a similar issue with my 2017 390 RR-S. Noticed nothing on my 3 hour and 15 hour oil changes, but on my 30 hour, the trans was milky. I did do a pretty deep water crossing between the 15 and 30 so I am hoping that was the cause. I'll keep up with the post and let you know how my next, soon to be now, trans change goes.
  2. Here are a few I've collected over the past few weeks since I picked up the dream machine.
  3. So I rode my new BETA 390 RR-S up to the local supercross track yesterday thinking of possibly giving it a shot. They have Wednesday practices. I wasn't looking to prep for racing or anything like that, jut wanted to have fun. I had no idea what to expect. The supposedly softer suspension had me worried that after a lap or two, I would find out that it was a dumb idea. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised! The BETA performed much better than I had expected. Especially in the motor department. The 390 is incredibility usable and still rips when you ask it to. Riding just for fun and not pushing it to hard, the suspension handled all the doubles I timed correctly. I could see where if I was on a motorcross track with some larger jumps, I wouldn't want to attempt them. Only because if I were to overshoot, which can happen on occasion, it would be a world of pain! I have to say I am very happy that I bought this bike. It has done everything I have hoped to use it for better than I have expected. There were certainly some other riders there who where surprised to be chasing a tail light.
  4. Think I will too. Looks like I wont be riding for a few days I guess. At least the wife will be happy.
  5. So I went to change my oil, drained it, replaced the filter and all, then realized that my amazon order of the manufacturer's recomended Motul 7100 4T 10W-40 hasen't shown up yet. My question is, is there an alternative that I can use in the mean time? Thanks in advance.
  6. Pennsylvania

    Hey everyone, Just picked a a BETA a couple of weekends ago and have been riding as much as I can. I live in the Bloomsburg area and have found some really great places to ride in the kingston area. I'm allways looking for new places to explore. Prefer trails the most but enjoy any riding. Let me know when any of you are riding and where and I'll try to meet up. If anybody wants to check out any of the many miles of trails around the kingston or Hazelton area, I be glad to show you.
  7. Somebody needs to pull the trigger so we can get this 10% off train rolling.
  8. I need a code if someone has one I could get, thanks.
  9. Thanks for the input! I have the kx450f and my buddy wants to trade for his rmz. We swaped and rode each others bikes during practice the other day, and the RMZ seemed to fit my small 5'6" 145 lbs. stature better.
  10. Okay, which should I go with? Price not a factor. Which has a better platform?
  11. Come on only $600 dollars in parts? New sprockets, chain, tires and rotor has got to be close to $300. If so I'm jealous. I'm working on a similar $800 dollar project and it will be cool to see your come together also.