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  1. You might have found the DRZ forum and it's FAQ by now, but I can give you a short rundown. You can test the stator leads while the bike is running, you're looking for 70-90 volts AC depending on RPM. Don't run the bike with the R/R output disconnected. I had a problem with the 2-prong connector that sits on the output side of the R/R. The bike wouldn't charge because of corrosion in this plug.
  2. ohtobias

    Question about re-lacing spokes to a rear wheel

    It's going to be at least $500 for me to have this done by a shop here in Norway, so I'm going to stick with it.
  3. ohtobias

    Determining cam/timing chain wear

    Bike ticks, but it runs normal. I've ridden quite a bit since I had it open this summer. I think I need to start riding with ear plugs again.
  4. ohtobias

    Question about re-lacing spokes to a rear wheel

    I took all the spokes out again and put the long ones in the holecircle towards the center of the hub, and short ones in the outer holecircle. I turned all the nipples in so that they'll just cover the threads, and the result is that the wheel dishes very far towards the rotor side - the side of the rim was about at the inside of the brake disc. But the short spokes are all hard (I couldn't even cover all the threads on some of them), while the long spokes are flopping around in the rim. There's probably a good 4mm of slop still in the long spokes. It just doesn't seem to me like this can be the correct method at all, even though it would probably work if I trued the while as it is now. I also found these post by Eddie Sisneros
  5. ohtobias

    Question about re-lacing spokes to a rear wheel

    Is your rim not centered in the swingarm, or do you mean to say it shouldnt be? AFAIK the swingarm is symmetrical around the centerline of the bike.
  6. ohtobias

    Question about re-lacing spokes to a rear wheel

    No, I mean if the rim sits in the center of the swingarm is what I want to measure.
  7. ohtobias

    Question about re-lacing spokes to a rear wheel

    My rear wheel was in such a bad state before I took it off I didn't bother measuring. I'll put it on the swingarm after it's true and see if it sits in the middle and the chain clears the wheel. Maybe someone on the forum could measure theirs for me so I have some numbers to go off of. Also, shouldnt it be the other way? The wheel should sit towards the sprocket IMO, since the hub is extended about 10mm on the sprocket side for clearance. So the short spokes go on the sprocket side and the long ones on the rotor. I have a feeling this weekend project is going to take a couple of weeks...
  8. ohtobias

    Question about re-lacing spokes to a rear wheel

    I appreciate all you guys posting this info, but I'd like to know where you got it so we can get to the bottom of this once and for all. Sheldon Brown says about building bicycle rear wheels:
  9. ohtobias

    Question about re-lacing spokes to a rear wheel

    It's basically the same on almost all dirt bike wheels it seems. Did you get your method from the wheel manufacturer or did you get there by your own reasoning? I've put all the spokes in but I haven't tightened it up yet. All the short ones on the drive side so it should dish itself almost, seems reasonable to me. I'll post when I've got it trued.
  10. ohtobias

    RR Outputting 0.7 V

    More than likely you had some corrosion somewhere in a connector or something like that.
  11. ohtobias

    Question about re-lacing spokes to a rear wheel

    It's interesting because there are a lot of threads on TT about specifically this, but no one has a clear answer. Excel has no info about this on their website, and every wheel lacing video on the internet gallantly skips across the whole problem by saying "we're doing the frontwheel so we don't have to worry about different spoke lengths". It's actually getting a bit ridiculous. There must be _one_ way to assemble this wheel correctly and someone must know how. I actually did check for different lengths while disassembling it, but all the ones I checked ( like 3-4 spokes right when i started taking them off) was the same length - so I'm leaning towards short spokes on the drive side and long spokes on the disc side.
  12. ohtobias

    Question about re-lacing spokes to a rear wheel

    Would you happen to know which positions are the correct ones? I've been seeing short on the outside, long on the inside - but also all the short on one side of the wheel and all the long on the other.
  13. ohtobias

    Rebuilding a wheel

    If you remember, could you post the offset you used? I'm in the same boat now.
  14. ohtobias

    Tire Pressure for Rear Pilot Power 150/60

    I run my rear wheel at 2.2 bar/32 psi.
  15. Yes I mean are they the hand operated type? Or do you have a bench setup with stops and angles and everything? It's a shame you can't make them any faster so it's worth your while. Maybe you know a machinist who could help you with a welding jig so you don't have to use your own bike.