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  1. ReaperAZ

    one armed rider

    Got a guy I used to ride sportbikes with that has one arm. I must say that he very good as well. Way to keep it going boob426, at least you are still riding. Dano
  2. I can't get this damn sleeve off the can to re-pack my exhaust. I've pulled all the torx bolts, as well as removed the endcap and all it's hardware. This sucker just doesn't want to come apart. Any of you DR.D guys have any methods? TIA Dano
  3. ReaperAZ

    PHX SX pics

    I got a crap load of pics from PHX. I'll try and post some as well. Dano
  4. Well here some pics of my girlfriend Stephanie on my 05 CRF250R. She is wanting to race but just recently came back from a broken hand(from a crash no less). She has been riding as long as me, about 4 months now. Dano
  5. ReaperAZ

    XR100 faster than a crf250r!!!

    DAMN IT, why couldn't you have posted this 5 months ago? Now I gotta call up the AMA and tell them that the 125(250 four-stroke)class needs to be changed to the 100 class. Can you guys imagine how much faster a pro would be on an XR100 with a big ole piston in it. I'll give them a call this morning and see if they can change the rules before the next AMA round. Thanks for the heads up Thumper326, I'm going to my Honda dealer to trade in my 250 today. Dano
  6. ReaperAZ

    Bubba DOWN AND OUT :-(

    I was sitting in the seats in left field when he went down. That looked very painful. I didn't get to really see how hard he truely hit till they played the replay later in the evening. His poor arm was like a wet noodle. It's really too bad cause he was lookin really good in practice. Dano
  7. ReaperAZ

    what are some unusual misshaps...

    LMAO. I only laugh cause I have seen almost the exact thing you descirbed. The major difference here was this person hit the only car parked in the damn garage. Dano
  8. ReaperAZ

    Dr.D exhaust

    Just get it, you won't be disappointed in the gains. It's very strong across the board. If you use the search function you'll find a bunch of us on here who have the Dr. D and answer this question a lot. Dano
  9. You got any shots of BBoz(Ben Bostrom)? Dano
  10. ReaperAZ

    Alpinestars Tech 10's

    If I was fast/good enough to get sponsered I would try. Dano
  11. My local Cycle Gear just got their first three pairs of Tech 10's. My friend is the manager and gave me a call to let me know they had em in. I went down after work and tried em on. Wow, these things are sweet. I always thought the Tech 8's just weren't designed well for my feet, but the 10's are perfect. I just wish I has $420 to buy a set as my Oneal Hardware's are lacking in the support department now that they a broken in. I have bad ankles and the Tech 10's have a copious amount of ankle support. Check your local Cycle Gear's to see if they have some in. Dano
  12. ReaperAZ

    Interesting Nativity Scene

    Well who's Baby Jesus? Dano
  13. ReaperAZ

    got mud?

    Not up to par with some others here but hey I live in Southern AZ, doesn't get very muddy down here. Dano
  14. Looking into getting an enclosed trailer for my bike. I currently have one bike but will have a second soon. What's a good size and brand enclosed for two bikes as well as all the goodies that go with it. Something affordable would be great, most likely not more then $4000.00. TIA. Dano
  15. ReaperAZ

    Pic of BBR's Perimeter Frame- Klx110 (RC's)

    Well that is a sick ass KLX, wouldn't mind having one of them. Now if I could just win te lotto. Dano