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  1. minnesota

    There are some impressive photos here. Some of the trail bridges are sure to be needing help.
  2. I run 8.5 (123psi) for technical stuff, 9.5 (137psi) for fast. Works perfect for me. 170lbs enduro/HS, forks have been revalved.
  3. ^Ditto. Find something that is quality and available, use that. 40:1 Golden Spectro in my TC. I subscribe to the theory that pre-mix oil should be at least partially mineral oil. That said, I used Amsoil 100% synth in my last bike with no probs.
  4. Minnesota

    Thanks! I've been pretty lucky to get what I've had this season. Little guy at home is taking priority. Hoping to do Trollhaugen. Thanks for grabbing that! You got some even better hardware. You had a great race!
  5. Minnesota

    Every time you passed me, I knew I was about halfway done with the section. Worked out great. haha. That was such a fun race and perfect weather! My thighs were cooked from those whoops.
  6. minnesota

    Dang. And despite that it still feels like you have the woods to yourself. Bummed I wasn't able to make it out but hopefully this fall.
  7. minnesota

    '17 TC250
  8. minnesota

    Crosby Sprint Enduro is in September. I was wondering what was up with that Trax North thing...
  9. minnesota

    That just means you need to ride more sand! Cambridge is the only mx track with jumps I can clear and whoops I can ride (because it's all small, duh!). I do hope that more clubs run sprint enduros, I really enjoy the format.
  10. minnesota

    Damn that was fun. I'm in love with my Husky. It handles SO NICELY. I couldn't believe how much confidence I had after just one ride the week before the race. Thanks Norsemen crew! pic c/o Paul Otto
  11. Minnesota

    I dropped the Gasser to my nephew yesterday and we went for a rip around the pasture for an hour. First time I've been on a bike all year and first time I started the TC. The brakes and the suspension on this are just magical. I sure do prefer the sound of the Gasser, but I can't complain.
  12. minnesota

    Don't ride on non OHV land. Nemadji is great but it probably won't be good until June due to the snow this year. Keep an eye on this:
  13. Minnesota

    I found a pic of the bike he rides. These modern bikes are looking stranger and stranger.
  14. Minnesota

    Welcome back to two stroke-ville.
  15. Minnesota

    Do all the new models stay standing without a kickstand? How is that done? There's a strategically placed triangle.