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  1. Minnesota

    Anyone want a stand for a street bike? Free in S. Mpls. Come get it this week or it gets tossed.
  2. Minnesota

    So Robert & I went up to CC Andrews last wknd. It was my first time there, short but fun & fast trails. Lots of stumps. I found one with my left foot on the dreaded "hey let's take one more lap." Offset left/right stumps, focused a bit too much on not hitting the right side and caught the left stump between my foot and peg. Compound fracture of the big toe and the one next to it burst (doc's words, not mine) at the sides from the impact. It tickled. 4-6 weeks they say. Hoping for some late Nov & Dec riding yet.
  3. Minnesota

    That looks like a blast. Are you using an aux mic?
  4. I think I saw you on 35 headed back home. You looked like you were concentrating very hard on the drive home. I had another race cursed by a transfer section. After exiting the NE loop, I went around a few of the big mud ruts on the quad trail. Well I missed the little bypass on one of them and didn't really think much of it, picked a line and went. I picked wrong. Fender deep, hit something under water, lost balance and the bike & I were completely submerged immediately. Took me about 30 minutes to get the bike started again after a drain and tow. You could say that *puts on sunglasses* day.
  5. Placing 2nd in Vet B for your first Enduro is not "a long long way to go". haha. Well done! I think you may have next to me at the beginning of the last test, there was someone with a flat front (and two more with flat rears right there too). Yeah I think it was the second transfer section, that one killed me. I slowed down...hit some rocks on a mild uphill, lost balance, tipped and got my right leg pinned under the bike facing downhill. Felt really stupid. So then I was all "I need to up the pace a little bit so I don't make those stupid mistakes..." And then right after that, came around a corner and got javelined by a log that was kicked into the trail, throwing me over the bars. Stupid transfer section. Sucked all the life out of me. Fun, dusty race.
  6. Minnesota

    Jarvis' run at Romaniacs Prologue is batshit insanity.
  7. Huh. Guess I won't see you then.
  8. I was pretty similar to you. Started riding off road in my mid 30s. Have been racing casually for the past few years now. Only you know your skill level and competitiveness. You might want to try the Sportsman class to start with (aka the "just for fun" class), otherwise likely Vet C. You'll get a million different pieces of advice on where to start. If you're there early enough to have a good choice, I usually judge it based on the weather (is it going to be muddy, dusty, etc) and the course (how easily can I pass/get passed). My first few races I usually started around the late 20-30something rows. The later you show up to register, the less choice you have on where you get to start. Sometimes taking the decision out of your hands makes for a good learning experience. You'll have 3, maybe four people on your row. Each row starts at every minute, so there will be people a minute ahead/behind you, two minutes, etc, etc. That said, there's usually not that much traffic in the woods for an enduro and you'll spend a fair amount of time on your own. There will be multiple stages (aka "tests"). Your goal is to be done with each test in the allotted time and get to the next one in order to start on time. You can be late up to a certain point of houring out, then your day is done. So long as you don't have any catastrophic crashes or gnarly weather conditions, that probably won't happen. I think Akeley was my second enduro I ever did and I didn't hour out. Don't worry too much about time and all that, just focus on riding consistently and don't go 10/10ths right off the start or you'll probably crash - literally and physically. Hydrate well in the days leading up to it. Have a hydropack on for the race. There will be a gas stop halfway to refill, have your gas can and a small cooler to throw on the gas trailer with gatorade, protein bar/food and a fresh pair of gloves. Above all...ask the organizers and other riders questions. They will be more than happy to help.
  9. It's like any of the other events. You read all the rules/info and you start second guessing but if you show up to race, it's very intuitive.
  10. 1 minute superclip. It goes in order of 3/1/2 tests but I did them in 2/1/3. Vid worked a little nicer that way.
  11. I had a blast. Sprint Enduro suits my riding style perfectly and I got to bother my wife between every run. Wasn't very pleased that my laps for Test 2 were mysteriously not counted. Would have finished in 2nd place according to my elapsed time on video. Not too shabby. Didn't stick around long enough to protest or whatever. My biggest complaint was the mileage was a bit light for C, though my shoulders may still be saying otherwise today. Gotta get back on those weights. I'll post some video later this week. photo c/o Paul Otto
  12. Minnesota

    I'm always amazed at how full the campground is yet how quiet the trails are. It's a great place to ride.
  13. mn

    This sounds familiar. *watches Jarvis video* Yeah. i can do this. I just need to be faster, stay forward, more aggressive! *gets on bike* putt putt putt...tipover.
  14. Minnesota

    That looks like a great loop. Have some nice berms and a little "elevation" here and there. Got out yesterday for a bit, trails are in great shape for the time of year. Somehow I'm more sore today after riding 20 miles than I was riding 5x that in Arkansas. And I didn't even crash!
  15. I hope you didn't drive up there to take that photo.