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  1. MNKeith

    Hare Scrambles/Enduro/MX Races?

    Well I'm not saying I'm going to be there but I'll see you Sun morning. I think.
  2. MNKeith

    Hare Scrambles/Enduro/MX Races?

    Has anyone seen any video of the singletrack at Trax North? Debating on making the one day haul on Sunday. Moto course looks fun.
  3. MNKeith

    General Mn chit-chat

    Sweet. I'll look for you guys. I'm picking up my forks from Sir Stavish tomorrow and hope to return to early season form. I was riding with no rebound on the spring side for longer than I should have realized. It makes for a good excuse at least.
  4. MNKeith

    General Mn chit-chat

    Thielman this wknd, I'll be there on Sunday rolling solo. Hit me up if you want to link up for a ride. http://www.goldeneaglesmc.org/trail_rides.htm
  5. MNKeith

    Hare Scrambles/Enduro/MX Races?

    I think enduros are "easier" than harescrambles but what do I know. I'll be working this wknd. Hopefully racing Akeley.
  6. MNKeith

    General Mn chit-chat

    Saw this on Strib this morning.
  7. MNKeith

    Hare Scrambles/Enduro/MX Races?

    Three years? Sheesh, thought you would have houred out after a year or two.
  8. MNKeith

    Hare Scrambles/Enduro/MX Races?

    Welp. Trollhaugen trails were awesome but kicked my ass. Had a bad day, made a lot of mistakes and crashed out right after lap 1 with a broken clutch perch. I think I dumped the bike once at Huntersville and lost count of how many times I picked the bike up on Sunday. Ugh. I had already sworn off Mora, but then there's this too: "So much rain — more than 7 inches — fell over Kanabec County in central Minnesota last Wednesday night that it raised the water line of Mora Lake about 4 feet and sent residents scrambling to sandbag properties." In laws will be here for the Brookston race so I can't make that. Dayton is a bit of a drive for what I have time for with kiddo duties. Was planning to work Nemadji. So...I guess I don't get a shot at redemption until Akeley...*if* I can make that. Maybe I'll just winterize the bike now.
  9. MNKeith

    General Mn chit-chat

    How far did you superman over the bars? Sheesh.
  10. Here's mine after a refresh.
  11. MNKeith

    General Mn chit-chat

    I was really happy with the TC after Cambridge. So naturally I decided to change everything. RK Tek head Regeared with Dirt Tricks sprockets P3 pipe guard (should have just bought a spare pipe) Maxxis Milville IIs (my faves) TM Designworks skid plate Polisport Plastics/Split Graphics And some other useless bling Got some radiator guards but don't think I'm going to put them on. They're really heavy and the stock shrouds aren't bad. Trying to keep weight down, guess I'll roll the dice. I'm itching to ride. :/
  12. MNKeith

    Nemadji closed June 18 2018

    There are some impressive photos here. https://www.mprnews.org/story/2018/06/17/flash-flooding-northeastern-minnesota-northwestern-wisconsin-carlton-county-superior Some of the trail bridges are sure to be needing help.
  13. MNKeith

    Air fork settings for enduro

    I run 8.5 (123psi) for technical stuff, 9.5 (137psi) for fast. Works perfect for me. 170lbs enduro/HS, forks have been revalved.
  14. MNKeith

    2017-2018 TC250 Premix

    ^Ditto. Find something that is quality and available, use that. 40:1 Golden Spectro in my TC. I subscribe to the theory that pre-mix oil should be at least partially mineral oil. That said, I used Amsoil 100% synth in my last bike with no probs.
  15. MNKeith

    Hare Scrambles/Enduro/MX Races?

    Thanks! I've been pretty lucky to get what I've had this season. Little guy at home is taking priority. Hoping to do Trollhaugen. Thanks for grabbing that! You got some even better hardware. You had a great race!