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  1. Scralatchtica824

    YZ125 Trail Bike Conversion

    So a dealer by me has a killer dealer on a brand new 2018 YZ125 motocross bike and I'm getting some ideas in my head to make a super light/nimble/fun to ride trail bike. The damn thing is just barely over 200lbs!!! I know this bike isn't going to win any races and may have trouble on rough/slow/enduro stuff but I don't do that type of riding. Here are my thoughts.. New 2018 YZ125 bike to start Shock/Fork complete revalve for woods/trails Basic Rekluse auto-clutch Lectron carb Larger fuel tank Bigger rear sprocket Bark busters/skid/pipe guard Expansion chamber to tune power down low if that's even a possibility I'm not sure At81's front and rear with heavy duty tubes What are your thoughts, has anyone done this with success?
  2. Scralatchtica824

    Race sag effected by heat

    I've measured sag with bike ice cold and then ridden around the block for 5 minutes on my wr250f and because the exhaust passes right by the rear shock/reservoir it's noticeably warmer and the bike also sits 3-4mm lower when warm. I can only assume this is because it has less stiction when measuring and moves ever-so slightly lower in it's travel.
  3. Scralatchtica824

    PDS vs Linkage

    They say pds is better in the slow stuff but have you seen a lot of the top hard enduro riders still use ktm/husky linkage bikes. Look at graham jarvis arguably the king of slow technical dirtbike riding and he is on a 300 husky with linkage and his rear suspension is so active!
  4. Scralatchtica824

    WR250F -17 hole burned to breather tube by header pipe

    Could you post pictures of the damage I’m not sure what breather you are referring to! Were you using the stock skid plate, no skid plate or an aftermarket unit?
  5. Scralatchtica824

    Competition ECU

    Install competition kit, ditch stock muffler and open up the air box by removing the baffle and you will have yourself a very potent 250F that will have torque down low and rev to the moon!
  6. So craziest thing just happened. I’m in the garage installing a skid plate on my 2018 WR250F and I had to tap the bracket to fit properly with a hammer. Every time I tap the headlight would turn on for a split second! Only on the bracket would make it turn on no where else on the frame. Bike was off obviously... bizarre!
  7. Scralatchtica824

    Front end play ended up being brake rotor

    Good point, I didn't think about that.
  8. Scralatchtica824

    2018 WR250F Forks Sticky

    Ended up being the brake rotor! It has a slight rotational play.
  9. Had a little play in the front end of my 2018 WR250F since it was new and I finally figured out what was causing it! When the front brake is held tight and the forks are compressed you can feel a slight click from the brake rotor rivets. I had originally thought this was from the fork stiction during its travel but it’s not. There appears to be about 1mm total play rotational is this normal? The bike feels fine while riding and apply the front brake.
  10. Scralatchtica824

    Stock FE250 tackles 5 miles of hell Moab

    Pics or it didn't happen.
  11. Scralatchtica824

    250FX Delivers Big Time

    What year was your WR250F? The pre 2014 models were more like a dual-sport bike than a full fledge dirtbike. I was riding my 2018 wr250f on a harescramble type track yesterday and could easily keep up with 125 2stroke and 250 4 stroke motocross bikes. I can't wait until I get the suspension redone on my wr to be more stiff and stay up in the travel but at the end of the day the new WR and FX are essentially the same bike just different suspension valving/headlight/tail-light. The engine/transmission/frame/suspension geometry is almost identical.
  12. Scralatchtica824

    2017 YZ250F blackish smoke on cold start rev

    My 18 WR250F does that on cold starts. It runs extra rich idling until it’s warm and has a lot of carbon/raw fuel in the exhaust. As soon as I blip the throttle it emits one good airy black puff and she’s ready to rip.
  13. Pro tip: Put your bike on a stand after cleaning and degreasing the chain. Start that bad boy up, put it into high gear, give it some throttle and watch as every last single drop of water flys off your chain. You will never get any rust on the chain as it is COMPLETELY dry at this point and ripe for some lubin'! Warning: DO NOT LET THE REAR WHEEL COME CLOSE TO TOUCHING THE GROUND!
  14. Scralatchtica824

    Yamaha KYB Off-road rocky/rooty/sandy/whooped out singletrack

    Spoke with Drew last night, he's a very nice guy he really seems like he knows what he's talking about. May go with WER over factory connection at this point but still open to other rebuilder options.
  15. Scralatchtica824

    Yamaha KYB Off-road rocky/rooty/sandy/whooped out singletrack

    6'1" & 180LBSin my birthday suit. I ride with a good amount of gear/armor and water I'm probably 200-205 while riding.