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  1. Well it is a new year, Lets get this thread rolling again !!
  2. I guess I am old .... That "music" sucked !
  3. Kid looks fast to me ! Nothing wrong with riding a 4 stroke like a 2 stroke if that's what works for ya !! And it looks like it is working for him .
  4. So let us know which tire you got and how it preformed ,so that info can be passed on !
  5. smileyman

    TCCRA Caddo Creek Practice Lap

    Now that looks like a fun track ! Man TCCRA is really starting to put some nice tracks together.
  6. smileyman

    TORN Sportsman Expert Helmet Cam

    Great video , Thanks for posting it . I miss TORN races
  7. smileyman

    Loretta Lynns School Boy 1

    Cool You got any more updates ?
  8. Old pic from 2010 on the back of my old Land Rover Discovery using my good ole mxultimate hauler.hitch mount hauler. "]http://[/url]
  9. smileyman

    50 passes in 15 minutes. 144sx.

    I was hesitant to watch this because of the title , but I noticed a lot of responses so I watched all of 1:40 min of it and thought to my self this guy is a SANDBAGGER !! After pausing the video and reading the replies it looks like I am not alone in my thinking. Dude if you were in my sportsman class in Texas you would have been run out of the pits , we do not take kindly to riding "down" . Yes you are fast but I did not see anyone else at that speed so I can not tell how "fast" you really are. Post up the video of you in a race that you are not "protesting " so we can see you pass all the other fast guys !! Just saying bro .......
  10. opinions are like aholes .... every one has one . I do not race like that and I do not teach my kid to race like that , but there are plenty of people that do .
  11. It looked to me that you were not FAST enough to pass him clean and HAD to do that to pass him ? If this is not the case then please feel free to correct me . I do not call that racing and think you would agree if some one did that to you. I am a firm believer in KARMA !!
  12. Zach , Good job on the fourth place after that get off at the start , way to battle back man . Your endurance looked good even with you being sick , you should have no problem getting a first place this season. Good luck and keep pushing man. . But I do have one question ,where was Tom ?
  13. smileyman

    First Place!

    Zack , Good job on the 1st ! Looks like it is warming up there ... I am still shivvering from watching your last race video . Keep upi the good work and keep the videos coming .
  14. smileyman

    Berm Track!

    Dude you are doing good . Seat time will bring better riding . Like some others have said carry more speed into the corner ,lay it over foot out and forward ( no touching the ground next to you ) then back on the gas ! See photo above in previous post. Great song by the way , The Ramones were one of my favorite bands in the 70's !!!