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  1. scuba821

    CRF 250R bog, carb adjustments

    what you just did is called no timing delay on the acc. pump. do you understand why it has no bog now? also i would run a 60 leak jet.
  2. scuba821

    Crank bearing possible problem

    im pretty sure he understood that the cases had to be split. personally i wouldnt press a crank bearing out with the cases cold. have seen them crack in the past. if you heat the cases up either to take it out or to put it in, is alot safer. also i would put some 640 locktite around the left crank bearing( stator side). after time they will spin in the cases. if you do use the 640, you want to put a thing line. then wipe it about off. if you put too much, it will barely turn. makes it a really tight fit,and wont let the bearing spin in the case over time.
  3. scuba821

    Crank bearing possible problem

    you have to get the cases really hot. so when you spit on it,it will fall off not boil.
  4. scuba821

    any problems with the new 09s

    make sure you guys are running 1100cc of oil. do not go by what the book tells you.
  5. scuba821

    kx250f 06 wont kick start but will bump start

    a 62 pilot? are you sure that is right?????????? should be more like 42. put a 42 in there and try that 1st.
  6. scuba821

    Water Pump Oil Seal Leak

    water pump seals go on kawi's. all you have to do is pull the side cover off. pull the water pump off and replace the 2 seals. really easy to do. make sure you pay attention when you pull the seals out. they go in a certain way.
  7. scuba821

    water in oil

    i would at least take the head and cylinder off and see how much is in the bottom of the crank in between the cases
  8. scuba821

    Crank bearing possible problem

    a heat gun wont get them hot enough. try a torch. or a hot plate.
  9. scuba821

    07 250

    go up on the pilot. try that 1st. could have an air leak some where also.
  10. scuba821

    water in oil

    if it was under that much water. there is probable alo f water still in the motor. really need to split it to get it all out.
  11. scuba821

    Crank bearing possible problem

    yes the bearing needs to sit flush. did you heat the cases up and then put the bearing in? if not you need to do that. they are almost like a 2- stroke as in a press fit.
  12. scuba821

    07 250

    is it cold? its only when you let the throttle off? might need to go up on the pilot. souds lean on the bottom.
  13. scuba821

    07 pro circuit linkage on an 09

    i believe they are different.you can try and mount it. it will help the bike alot. it helps make the back track alot better. best way is meassure the links where they bolt to the frame and swingarm and see if they are different.
  14. scuba821

    kx250f 06 wont kick start but will bump start

    clean the carb. pilot jet could be plugged or leak jet.
  15. scuba821

    08-09 plastics!!!

    the shrouds wont work.