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  1. stupidmoto

    2010 RMX450

    if you get a full system an RMZ header will bolt right up to an RMX head no problem. but if you decide to get just a slip-on for an RMZ it may not fit the stock RMX header, or at least mine didn't on my 17. I have also read about some aftermarket RMZ slip-ons not fitting on RMZ headers, so your mileage may vary. If you get a full system it will bolt right up
  2. stupidmoto

    new owner - questions questions questions

    not sure about the chain or if a 15t sprocket will fit. Yes the speedometer can be recalibrated for different size wheels. Not sure what other wheels fit. Yes the Power Up unit is the same as the Cherry Bomb. Not sure how quiet RMZ exhaust is.
  3. stupidmoto

    RMX450Z Mods ( Info )

    I think it will *fit* but there is no place to put the battery and nowhere to house all the electronic do-dads. But if your doing a full RMZ engine swap like that it really wouldn't matter then. You would also need and RMZ airbox and left side panel
  4. stupidmoto

    another oil change issue- starter won't work now

    here you go. the top and middle gear have a washer on either side. the bottom little gear just has a large spacer. the gears should be able to be turned by hand
  5. stupidmoto

    another oil change issue- starter won't work now

    You're allowed to have two RMX450Z's? jk but you definitely have something backwards. I'm pretty sure this is the right diagram, hope it helps. I'm due to check my strainers so when I pull mine apart i'll get some pictures and video
  6. stupidmoto

    Blue smoke.

    That is totally normal. Since the bikes are designed to run lean this consequently makes them crazy run hot so the ring gaps need to be a little larger, so the will burn oil when you start them up cold. After about a minute of warming up the smoke should go away. Also when you start the bike don't rev it at all until its been idling for a few minuets to prevent it from burning excess oil
  7. stupidmoto

    rmx450z 2017 new bike need help

    What ever you do, DON'T REMOVE THE AIR FILTER CAGE MESH, my DRZ caught on fire because of this, it would probably only give you an extra .03 HP anyway. If you plan on keeping it stock, remove the throttle stop and that's it. The bike is still great in stock form. If you do want to mod it, do a slip-on exhaust, the JD Jetting tuner, and remove the snorkel in the air box, and you have a whole new bike. The suspension is pretty soft, so if your a big guy or you plan on really sending it, you might want to get it re-sprung.
  8. I can't stand KTM's. They feel like barrels with handlebars when you sit on them, and I just can't justify spending thousands of dollars extra on a bike for less reliability and a few less pounds. I've seen too many KTM's leaking oil or blown up altogether to every considering owning one.
  9. stupidmoto

    RMX450Z Mods ( Info )

    I wouldn't bother with the throttle body swap either. If the RMZ's is larger,which it probably is, that just means that the intake boot to the motor and the airbox boot won't fit. Even if you got it to fit somehow, it won't do you any good since it has to pull air through the very restrictive RMX airbox and filter, which is also not interchangeable with the RMZ so you would have to make swiss cheese of the airbox and loose the flame arrestor on the air cleaner cage. Actually, pretty much everything attached to the subframe except the exhaust and seat is not interchangeable between the RMX and RMZ (including the subfame itself). The wiring harness is also completely different between the two because all the do-dads on the RMX like the electric start, lights speedometer and so on. It sounds to me like you should just go buy an RMZ if you really want an extra 6 horsepower and less torque lol
  10. stupidmoto

    RMX450Z Mods ( Info )

    I wouldn't bother trying to swap RMZ parts, because there is a lot of parts that won't fit. The cylinder head in one. The RMZ has the timing chain tensioner on the cylinder, the RMX has it on the cylinder head to make room for the electric start. So the cylinders/heads are NOT interchangeable. The easiest way to make more power is the JD Jetting Tuner, and a slip-on exhaust, you don't have to swap the headpipe if you don't want too, it won't make much of a difference. If you want to get really fancy you can get the stock head ported and polished, which will still keep the RMX reliability, but if you don't care about that than throw some fat cams and a high compression piston on the motor.
  11. stupidmoto

    Rmx450z break in period.

    I run Amsoil 10W-40 Full Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil and Hiflo oil filters
  12. stupidmoto

    Rmx450z break in period.

    Nope, that is the quick easy way lol, a lot of Suzuki bikes are like that. I let mine run for 3-5 to warm up, let it cool for 2 then have the bike on level ground and upright, NOT on the kickstand, then there is a check bolt on the clutch cover you take out, and if oil runs out slowly you're good. I check mine every other ride, and after checking it a few times I usually add a splash of oil just to be safe. Replace the crush washer on check bolt and the oil drain plug every now and again too
  13. stupidmoto

    Rmx450z break in period.

    What I did was rode it like I stole it with the throttle stop in for a little bit, took out the throttle stop, and that was it. Do the first oil change at 100 miles like the manual says. Make sure you keep the air filter almost sparkling clean too, these bikes need all the air they can get, and always keep an eye on the oil level
  14. stupidmoto

    New bike

    I came from an 02 RM250 and had zero regrets. The 450's smooth linear power and "tractor" like torque is very refreshing coming off the 2 stroke, and I don't miss mixing gas either lol. I never really see anyone mention this but the RMX sips gas as well. It runs so lean that it barely uses any fuel so the small tank really isn't an issue (for me at least), oh and the fuel light is handy too. The bike absolutely loves high speed dirt roads with the gearing it has. Bone stock with the throttle stop out the bike will do 90 mph. Its still very responsive in tight single-track. In your case, you will notice a HUGE difference in handling coming off of a KDX. The RMX is significantly heavier, but you'll be too busy smiling and popping wheelies to care lol. The weight doesn't bother me at all compared to my RM. I think you will be super happy with a new RMX.
  15. stupidmoto

    RMX450Z snorkel removal?

    I tried every configuration possible. Without a tuner the best way to run it is with the throttle stop out, snorkel in, and baffle in. Its runs the coolest and makes the best power to reliability compromise lol. With just the snorkel out it runs more lean and you get a bunch of airbox noise, and with the baffle out its just abnormally loud and lean-pops like crazy. Even with both the snorkel and baffle in, it still runs hot enough to boil over, ask me how I know this.