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  1. I've had my 2017 for almost a year now and it is a totally awesome bike. In stock form with the throttle stop out, it is a great stealth bike, very quiet and very responsive still. With a pipe and a tuner it is a competition ready machine. The bike is a little heavy but like other Suzukis it is very easy to ride.
  2. Buy they RMX and never look back. That is a smokin deal. The RMX has a wide ratio gear box so it will do over 90 mph bone stock, perfect for gravel roads and wide open spaces, and it has plenty of torque for hillclimbing. I mostly ride trails and climb hills with mine and its freaking awesome. I paid well over 7k not including the aftermarket stuff I put on it so jump on that deal. It's a shame these bikes don't sell, they are wonderful machines
  3. thread too long, didn't read. "muh banana bike suzuki made +20hp with a pipe, a tuner and a screw missing. also I check values every 1200 miles"
  4. today was pretty warm, couldn't resist riding in November
  5. Geez glad you're OK, the bike looks like it went through a crusher. I've been using the same IRC Road Winner front tire on my DRZ which is hard enough to still look brand new after almost 5 years now, so it certainly wasn't the age of the tire, or how "hard" it is that made you crash, it's probably from the greasy film of the tire being supposedly new. Last time I got a new rear tire mounted at the shop they warned me to be VERY CAREFUL for at least the first 50 miles, and believe me, the fresh Continental Attack SM tire I got felt extremely slimy and weird until the schmoo wore off. I'm assuming it's some mold release compound or some kind of preservative that makes the tire unnecessarily dangerous when it's new. Your shop should have warned you about that regardless
  6. Looks like Suzuki announced most of the 2018s and the RMX is one of them. It looks to be identical to the 2017, with just a change in plastic and graphic colors. Personally I think it looks pretty cool. They also kept the black triple clamps and wheels. So if anyone was on the fence about getting one or waiting to see if they changed it to the new RM-Z platform in 2018, you might as well go get one lol.
  7. The suspension is exactly how it came from the factory, I haven't even tuned a single adjuster. I did have to get the forks rebuilt by the dealer because the seals started leaking with just under 300 miles on the bike, good thing they covered it under warranty . The suspension feels absolutely great all around. I'm about 150 lbs. and its about perfect for me for woods riding, if I was jumping the bike more I would stiffen it up some. The back tire tracks very well going over fast whoops and the front end stays pretty stable. Going through rock gardens or going over trees, the front tire does not deflect at all. The bike is extremely predictable, and you know what the front and back tires are doing at all times
  8. The tuner is underneath the front number plate on the right side, I can get to it and make adjustments with just removing one on the bolts for the number plate. The stock settings on the tuner were all around 3 or 4, and I was still getting decel pop pretty bad, so I put all the settings between 5 or 6. At the beginning of summer I had to richen it up slightly for the hot weather, so now all the settings are around 6, except for the accelerator pump which I like at 4. The bike has zero decel pop, and runs ice cold compared to stock. As for the RS-4, it was supposed to be for an RMZ450, so the mounting points all bolted up correctly, but the mid pipe was a 1/16 of an inch too small for the RMX header, so I rented a tubing expander from an auto parts store and used an impact gun to stretch out the mid pipe. Stainless steel doesn't really like to be stretched like that, but it still worked out just fine. The inside of the number plate had to be trimmed slightly to clear the exhaust, but the tell you that in the instructions
  9. I got the tuner and pipe on the bike, and holy crap it feels like a totally different bike. I've been having too much fun on the bike to post about it lol. The settings that came on the tuner were still too lean for my liking, so I made it slightly more rich all the way through. Bike now has no decel pop, actually it really doesn't pop at all, like ever. It runs way more cool as well. Power is insane obviously, just as fast if not more fast than any 450 I've ever ridden. It makes my modded DRZ feel like a kids bike. I have the quiet insert in the RS-4, so it makes a ton of back pressure and has unrealistic amount of engine braking, but that also means its just as hard to start as it is stock, which isn't a big deal. Now my fork seals are already bad with less than 300 miles on the bike, wonder if the warranty covers it...
  10. Order a tuner as well. Went for a ride this weekend and put the rest of the first 100 miles on its. Going to do an oil change and check the valves. The bike is absolutely great in stock form. It feels like the perfect cross between a motocross bike and and DRZ400.
  11. Well thanks for saving me the hassle lol. I guess I'll wait for the JD tuner as well and throw the stock exhaust on in the mean time
  12. I recently put the yoshimura RS4 on my bike, which I had to make fit, and I finally had a chance to give the bike a test ride. So I know realize the cherry bomb does not do anything because of the ecu lacking the maps. The bike still ran funny and very lean. I still have the airbox snorkel out also. It ran equally as bad with it in and the restrictor out of the stock exhaust. I'm just going to run the bike with the snorkel out and the stock exhaust with the restrictor in. I still don't see the JD tuner available yet, and I'm not paying $300 + for a power commander. Yoshimura has the PIM2 EMS that might fit the 2017? It's not that expensive and it will do what I need it to do. I'm going to give them a call tomorrow.
  13. That is not what my power up unit looks like. I will make the second mad work. If I have to put a different harness and ECM, I will, or the power commander, or both. Just ordered a yosh RS4 for the bike.
  14. I got my Yoshimura "Power Up Unit" in from Australia, and put it on the bike. I followed the included instructions, that told me to remove the restrictive end piece AND the spark arrestor out of the exhaust, and remove the air box snorkel. I plugged the unit in, put the bike back together, and started it up. It seemed like it started easier. I Iet it idle outside for a few minutes and you could see the header glow a little bit (it was dark out). I've seen the header glow very bright while riding it bone stock. After the bike warmed up, I took it down the road and gave it some throttle. It seemed to run a little less lean than stock. It was still popping but it also did when it was stock. The bike was crazy fast. The gutted exhaust is way too loud, and is too free flowing. I'm pretty sure the yosh power up unit did something. I haven't ran the bike in this configuration without the power up unit in, and I'm afraid too. The bike seemed to have run better, but who knows, maybe it did nothing at all?
  15. Where I live in the states finding a place to get the bike dyno tuned would be close to impossible. I'm definitely going to the more rich map plug for the rmz a try. The yosh cherry bomb I ordered from Australia, which is the only place I could find one.