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  1. nomad66

    Power Bomb on 250X?

    FMF has 2 headers. They have a "torque" Power Bomb header for low-mid, and a "moto" for more on top, presumabley you may sacrifice low-mid with the Moto, which is why I opted for the torque header with the Factory4 muffler. https://www.fmfracing.com/products/catalog.aspx?CategoryID=44
  2. nomad66

    CRF250X - lower suspension or shave seat?

    I'm 5'5" and had a tough time with the seat height the first time I rode it. It was pretty slippery out, which didn't help. I installed the Kouba Link, and the bike is now manageable. I recommend installing one of these if you want to save some money and enjoy your bike more. From what I've read, there isn't much foam to shave on the seat, so you might not bother with that.
  3. nomad66

    fuel screw with no o-ring?

    How do you know you lost it? Really, like the the other post said, they can get stuck up in there. I changed to the White Brothes screw, never saw anything fall out, but nothing ever does come out now either. I do notice that there is some resisitance up to about 3 turns out, and then not so much beyond that. No fule leaks either. So, I am figuring mine are stuck in there as well. Otherwise, I would expect that I would not feel the resisitance on the screw when turing it in.
  4. nomad66

    Carb Question

    I just finished rejetting the carb, and after putting everything back, the bike is now peeing gas from the line running from the bottom of the float bowl. Doesn't matter if the bike is running, the gas dribbles out of this line. Any suggestions on what to look for? Thanks
  5. nomad66

    CFR 250 exhaust

    Did you make any jetting changes?
  6. nomad66

    IMS 4 gallon CRF250X Gas Tank?

    I have the IMS 4 gal, and it seems alright. I'll qualify that I have not ridden with it yet, since I just installed it. Fit is "OK" but not perfect. I have Unabiker rad guards, and had to trim them a good bit to fit inside the "shrouds" of the tank. One other thing, IMS's setup of the fuel lines have them joining in the center, then a single line that either must loop around or sit right on top of the engine. A little to close for comfort, so I bought extra line and moved the "T" further to the outide, just under and inside of the petcock. For anything around $200, I want my money's worth, and it did not seem to me that the Clarke tank gave me enough over stock (0.5 gal??). 4 gal is probably more than I need, but I can say I got something for my $$. Good luck with the tank, and the valves. All this valve shit is making me nervous, and I really hope I don't regret this bike. I bought Honda expecting reliablity! We'll see what happens...
  7. nomad66

    Desert Tanks for CRF250R

    I wanted more capacity for my money than Clarke offered. Stock on my X is 2.5, and the Clarke tank was 3.0. Not enough difference. I went for the IMS tank at 4.0. http://www.imsproducts.com/index2new.html Maybe a bit more than I need, but, again, for that price I want my money's worth. The tank seems fine, but a note to those with radiator guards (I have Unabiker), you will need to do some trimming to get the tank to fit around the radiator with the guards in place.
  8. nomad66

    Skid plate for 250X

    Flatlands is similar also. I bought one of those, and happy with it. http://flatlandracing.com/
  9. nomad66

    New crf 250/ What pipe?

    Obviously, lots of opinions. Try taking a look at this: http://www.dirtrider.com/features/141_0406_retraction/index.html According to this, FMF & CHM seem to offer top end without sacrificing low. DRD, which many talk about for low end, loses here. For my X, I ended up going with the FMF Titanium 4 (per FMF,is the same as in the Factory 4 system) and their 250R "torque" powerbomb header (in SS). Should be in next week, so I'll see what happens then. A "quiet" insert and spark arrestor are also available for these.
  10. nomad66


    anyone know CHM's website, if they have one? I have not been able to find it, if it exists.
  11. nomad66

    JD Jetting, CRF 250R v 250X

    I have an X, and not sure if I will change the cam to R. For now, considering only the airbox mod, and the FMF system. Wondering if the kit will matter if I make the cam change later. Thanks
  12. nomad66

    jetting with pipe and powerupkit

    I thought they were the same. What id different? I also had put the Big Gun can on my 230, but followed their recommended jetting. You will be pleased...
  13. Are the kits different for these 2? I have an X, and not sure if I will change the cam to R. For now, considering only the airbox mod, and the FMF system. Wondering if the kit will matter if I make the cam change later. Thanks
  14. nomad66

    crf250x - clarke tanks

    I also first bought the Clarke, thinking the IMS 4 gal might be too big. But, the Clarke tank at 3 gal is not much bigger than stock, so I ended up changing my mind and sent the Clarke tank back. Had to suck it up on the restocking fee mentioned previously. Just received my new IMS tank today, and looks fine. I don't think the size will a problem after all.