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  1. Pulled the bike ('04 WR450F) out of the garage to fire it up & give it a "once over" this weekend. Bike had sat up on stand with battery tender connected & carb bowl drained for the last 4 or 5 months, everything was cleaned & lubed right after last ride. Took a few tries, but started in under a minute on the button & seemed to run just fine (up & down the alley at least). When I was done aggravating the neighbors (YZ pipe) I shut off the petcock & made one more pass up & down the alley to burn most of the fuel left in the carb. I will usually let it idle on the kickstand until it quits, & then re-start using the choke &/or hot start lever to burn the last of the fuel away so that it does not varnish up the carb internals. Went to pull back the hot start lever & it would not budge. I traced down the cable starting at the lever to check for kinks & could find no obvious issues. After unscrewing the zip-ty racing hot start cable nut from the carb body & closing the cable sleeve adjuster all the way down, I finally freed the cable end from the plunger by rooting around in the carb recess with a pick. There was a decent amount of white corrosion build-up around the top of the plunger, which was keeping it from moving upwards in the plunger bore. after much soaking with carb cleaner & fiddling with a pick I was able to free the plunger from the bore, but not before breaking off both of the extensions on top of it that grip the end of the cable. I've ordered a new plunger, seal, & spring (the cable seems to be fine) & hope the parts arrive soon. Has anyone ever had a similar experience? The only reason I can come up with for this happening would be if when I lubed the cable after the last ride I displaced some water that had gotten into the the cable sheath down into the carb. I guess from now on I'll disconnect the cable before lubing after a wash.
  2. Jackazz

    What did you do to your WR today?

    I posted a few pics here.
  3. Jackazz

    2004 WR450 Pics

    One of the posters in the What did you do to your WR today? thread asked about me posting some pics of my bike after installing my new blue side panels, so I figured I'd toss a couple in here for all to see.
  4. Jackazz

    Trail Tech speedo power source

    I've been running my vapor's power directly from the battery (OEM Yuasa) via the tiny little wire that came with the unit for 3 or 4 months now with no problems on my '04. I just put some spade connectors on the end to attach directly to the batt terminals. Been no problems with storing on the battery tender between rides either. IIRC your ebatt has a bit of a different setup as far a connections or terminals goes, but I'd think you could make it work.
  5. Jackazz

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Ordered a set of UFO blue side panels on ebay for $30 shipped. I'll finally get my all blue WR (already swapped the rear fender & headlight & shroud for YZ bits, & removed the OEM graphics from the rad shrouds).
  6. Jackazz

    Bike ONLY starts in Neutral

    He means that there should be enough free-play in the clutch lever after adjusting the cable that you can slide a nickel (5¢) between the clutch lever & clutch perch without the clutch starting to disengage.
  7. Jackazz

    Cam 2

    I have to agree with KJ, the only noticeable difference you'll see by running high octane race gas in a properly tuned thumper is the amount of money you spend.
  8. Jackazz

    Bike ONLY starts in Neutral

    You need to back the perch adjuster out, or unscrew it to tighten the cable & increase the amount the clutch disengages (assuming that there are no issues with the actual clutch).
  9. Jackazz

    Oil comes out of case saver hole

    I'm guessing your best bet is to see if anyone has pics of their 03'-06' cases split, so you can see what's inside.
  10. Jackazz

    Hole in case= not much oil left

    Are you sure your chain was adjusted properly? Even a crap chain shouldn't stretch that badly that quickly, unless it's too tight. As a guy who once figured out the reason his TL1000R race bike's rear suspension was impossible to tune because the rear suspension was partially a too-tight chain (which soon manifested as a leaking counter-shaft seal) I can vouch for the importance of a correctly adjusted drive chain.
  11. Jackazz

    2006 Swring Arm on 2004 WR450

    I'd recommend that you look into having the swing-arm anodized, rather than powder coated. If you get a scratch on an anodized swing-arm all you have is a scratch (which can be covered up with a black sharpie marker). If you get a scratch in a powder coated swing-arm, the powder coating can start to flake off in large chunks.
  12. Jackazz

    07 wr450 Warp9 spacer?

    Flatland Racing Odometer Spacer EDIT Sounds like you do need the YZ spacer, not the ODO eliminator. I just googled "Warp9" & realized that it's a brand of aftermarket wheels, not tires. I thought you were just trying to get rid of your odo drive unit. Good catch Tribalbc
  13. Jackazz

    04wr450f kickstart problem?

    With regards to having raw fuel coming out of your exhaust, I'd say either you are flooding the bike, or there is an issue with your carb allowing too much fuel into the cylinder. More on that in a moment. As far as getting one "solid" kick usually followed by a couple strokes without much resistance, it sounds to me like the auto-decompression feature on your exhaust cam is doing it's job properly. I'd recommend changing or at least cleaning your spark plug & make sure that all unburnt fuel is evacuated from the cylinder & exhaust. Try the following method next time you go to start the bike... 1. Turn fuel on. 2. If bike has had fuel off & float bowl drained or run dry twist throttle to full open & back closed two times to prime the carb. 3. Turn choke on. (sometimes during hot temps using the hot-start lever can help, even when the bike is cold) 4. Kick or use e-start without moving throttle.
  14. Jackazz

    Valve Shim Kit Recommendations?

    OK, so after more internet searching, it seems that the only shim kit out there is the Hot Cams one. The best price I found was on ebay for $73 shipped. My question is is the kit worth it, or do I just tear into the bike & order what I need. The biggest argument I have seen against the kit is that it's shims are in .05" increments, whereas individual Honda shims can be had in .025" increments. Opinions?
  15. I've got an '04 450 that I just recently gave a "once over" & took out after about 2 years of sitting. Bike runs as well as it ever did. I'd guess that I have less than 500 miles on it (can't be sure, as I ditched the stock odometer & some stole my endurance computer awhile back). I have never pulled the valve cover, & figured that I should check the valves sometime this summer. My question is this: Should I buy one of the shim kits available out there, or is it not worth it? I'm fairly confident that if I find the valves out of spec, or even close to the ends of the spec range that I'll be waiting on ordered parts, instead of a local shop having what I need (this has nearly always been my experience). If the kits are not an arm & a leg, I figure I'm better off going that direction, as I should (for the most part) always have what I need on hand. Any recommendations on where to get the best assortment or price on a shim kit? Thanks, Scott