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  1. tt81621

    Denver Supercross

    Bronco season ticket holders were invited to purchase their seats yesterday. We got ours!!! Broncos said all season ticket holder emails were to go out yesterday...
  2. tt81621

    Klotz SuperTechniplate

    I have run Klotz ST, 40 -1, the blue label though in the last 2 bikes I have had, 2014 and 2017 XC 250. At least one new piston in each bike (100 hrs), more for piece of mind than it needed them. Absolutely no build up on the piston or on the PV. AS a matter of fact I didn't even bother really cleaning up the PV on the 2017 this time. Little drip sown the silencer after each ride but that the way I like it.
  3. The creek section and following 200 yards of boulders is not fun. We do everything we can to avoid that section... Keep in mind you must be plated to ride Richmond Ridge and Express Creek. Pitkin County is now enforcing "street legal" on all county roads. There are signs at the top of Taylor Pass now. Gotta love Pikin County.
  4. tt81621

    AER 48 Revalve - Kreft vs FC vs RG3

    K-tech spring kit, mid valve and revalve. Works amazing
  5. tt81621

    AER 48 Revalve - Kreft vs FC vs RG3

    Have you sent the forks off yet? I did a spring conversion kit that works as well as anything I have ever ridden for a fraction of that price. Local (western slope) tuner did all of the work. It is amazing. Happy to give you the info if you are interested..
  6. tt81621

    Taylor Park area snow melt 2017

    Hi Darly and Billy!!! Let's ride. Saturday. High country. PM me Tony
  7. tt81621

    Rip the Rockies Event / Tour - legit?

    I too know some of the riders on the event. I am also a 16 year vet of the Colo 500 and very close with the founder of that event. TP is my home and we ride it consistently. Absolutely conflicted!!! I am sure the DA guys, at least the guys I ride with, took care of the trails and did their best to be good stewards of our sport. However, the Colorado 500 is THE charity dirt bike ride and has been playing by the rules for 41 years. The permits required are not easy to come by even for a group like ours that is dedicated to giving back and taking care of the trails. TP as well as all of our trails are being used more and more by all outdoor enthusiasts. Anytime you pay for an event, have support vehicles, medics, and trail leaders, it sounds like a commercial venture. Should have been FS permitted. I have voiced this to the DA guys. We were hoping the DA guys would just join us, the 500, since they did EXACTLY the same ride in the same towns. As a matter of fact a few of the DA guys were and are Colo 500 guys leading their group across the same routes we take two weeks before the 500. I am not bashing anyone but why not take advantage of what is already in place? Disappointing that such a similar ride took place without having to be permitted. If it was a charity ride then who did the funds go to? Did the funds raised stay in the towns they visited or support the communities they ride in as the 500 does? "Rip the Rockies" Couldn't be a worse name for a "charity" ride or a "friendly" ride in our back yard. This is not Baja. We have well organized groups that are very well funded trying to close OUR trails. Although the name may appeal to the Monster Energy crowd (no offense) an unpermitted organized ride such as this does nothing to HELP us keep access to our trails. Do it legal guys!!! And please change the name.!!!
  8. tt81621

    My 2001 KX 250 build

    Ha. No worries buddy, After a few rides tweaking it, got it spot on. 65 miles of high country today and it absolutely ripped. It is a different kind of power, No more hit. No drama. It just pulls. All the way through the rev range. It doesn't feel like you are making power but you are. A ton of if it, Did all the gnarly hill climbs today including Doubletop. No issues. Most were in 2nd and 3rd. The low speed technical rocky sections were a dream today, The bike just chugged through it. All good!!
  9. tt81621

    My 2001 KX 250 build

    No worries. If you don't mind leave the bike in the garage while you are gone. Please just ignore the scrapes and scratches and the bent pipe. Might have a flat spot on the rim or two. Nothing to be worried about.
  10. tt81621

    My 2001 KX 250 build

    SMV , That bike sure looks pretty . Sitting in the garage!!!!! Let's flog that thing around Debeque this weekend. Should be good and muddy. We can test the new parts on it. Keep Bob in business... You make it too pretty it may end up "missing" for a day or two!
  11. tt81621

    Taylor Park Riding Setup

    Good choice. Bring rain gear!!!!
  12. tt81621

    Taylor Park Riding Setup

    We run anything and everything here. Trials tires, knobbies, hybrids..... I am running a Sedona on the rear of my 250xc this year. Ran a bstone 404 last year on the KX 250. Run a Pirelli mt-43 on the back of the KTM 200. Don't sweat the rear that much as there is no perfect tire for Taylor. They will all work ok if it is dry. All are marginal if it is wet. Had guys in our group equally stuck last week with trails tires, knobbies, hybrids, tubliss, tire balls.... All depends on conditions more than tire choice. Quite a few guys have laced up an IRC VE33 the past few weeks and love it.
  13. tt81621

    KTM 250 xc lights

    Just installed this kit on my '14 250 xc. https://shop.enduroeng.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=30-714 Plug and play. Fairly easy install, about an hour, including bleeding the rear brake. I also purchased a new rear fender for a 2014 XCW to make the install even easier. No blinkers though. Don't need them in Colorado. Yet.
  14. tt81621

    My 2001 KX 250 build

    The 200 did blow up with the lectron . The carb didn't have anything to do with the damage. It may have been running a touch lean as the plug was light brown. Would have preferred to be a touch richer on the power jet. The bottom end let go. I assume I didn't get an air filer completely set. The lectron was pretty good on the 200. If it was a 38 it would be on the new 250. I MISS the KX. The new KTM is nice but nothing ran like the kx,
  15. tt81621

    My 2001 KX 250 build

    I blew up the 200 on the Colo 500. It finally happened. The little bike hated the highway at 70mph. The 14-50 was fine in the high country. May drop down to 13 50 next year. If I did 5 moh again I would run at least 13-50. No 4cs on my 14. The previous owner swapped them for 2013 CC. Couldn't be happier with the set up. Love the linkage. That trail was really cool. It wasn't too bad getting to it, 3 miles or so. Then 8 MOH. Then back 11 miles to the truck. Took 3.5 hours with plenty of stops. You absolutely need to be a trials rider or in very good shape. There are some specatular obstacles to get through on that one. The trail was relentless for 8 miles. Fun though. Hopefully Bob will start the 200 rebuild in the coming weeks.