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  1. Nigrut

    Life left in this sprocket? (pic in post)

    With a good chain the sprocket wheels will barely wear. Sprocket wear is caused when the chain reaches its service limit. This is because a good chain pulls equally on every sprocket (=tooth) but a worn chain pulls only on the last sprocket. (Or, for the front sprocket wheel, the first sprocket). This, in its turn, is caused by wear elongating the chain and it will allow the last pulling link to roll up on the sprocket while still pulling on it. This will cause a slope on each sprocket. For the front sprocket wheel it’s the first link that rolls onto the sprocket wheel that’s affected. You can also express it like this. Bad sprocket wheels won’t wear a chain. But a bad chain will wear the sprocket wheels. Those sprocket wheels look ok to me. The measure for the chain service limit is indicated in the shop manual.
  2. Reading up on the slipper clutch you can see that it allows slippage as you’re decelerating but not as you’re accelerating. This means that you can go into a curve with less worry of rear wheel hop or clatter or the engine overrevving as you shift down. It can also prevent a catastrophic rear wheel lock, should the engine seize. It is especially useful when you drive on hard surfaces.
  3. I don’t have a recluse and I’ve never driven with one but I believe that the rekluse or a slip clutch is only for shifting down not for shifting up, correct me if I’m wrong. - I can virtually guarantee you that if you drive 10000 miles without using the clutch versus you drive 10000 miles using the clutch, you will see more wear in the gear change mechanism in the first case. And there will be more filings in the oil. In races this may be immaterial but not for other uses. - About the timing of releasing clutch and releasing gear lever, these two movements are not tied together mechanically. The shift job is done once you have selected gear and there is no need to hold the lever longer than that and no need to try and coordinate the hand movement and the foot movement. Once you have selected gear you can also release the clutch, so I would say these two releases are conveniently done at about the same time. The reason for Kawasaki’s claim may be that they want to make sure that the new gear gets selected before the clutch is released. Therefore, if you do an affirmative foot movement, you’re normally sure that you’re in the new gear, especially if you’re moving forward at some speed. And if, for example, you take off in first gear you know already by the jerk of the bike that you’re in gear and clearly you should then release the gear lever before you release the clutch.
  4. Nigrut

    1985 xr250r crank bearings

    Can only speak for the DRZ and its stator swims in oil. Oil is probably required to keep the stator at a controlled temperature. For instance, when I replaced the left cover because of a crack in it, I had first to empty all motor oil.
  5. My muffler is ugly because it’s big. If I could get a shorter one, I might change it but I’m afraid the bike will be loud and obnoxious. It’s the DRZ. On my DR 200 SE I’m ok with the muffler size and that little bike is cool. It gave me 73 mpg the last time I filled. I generally accept the solutions that the Suzuki engineers chose for my bikes.
  6. Nigrut

    Moped question

    Moped means motor-velociped. It’s supposed to be in between pedal bike and motorcycle. It’s usually required to have pedals like a bicycle and an engine not bigger than 50 cc. A 250 cc motorcycle can not be a moped.
  7. Nigrut

    DRZ-400s opinion on price for noob?

    Also, the passenger strap is missing, which it was on mine too.
  8. Nigrut

    DRZ-400s opinion on price for noob?

    I see that a tank shroud bolt is after market, right front blinker unit is drooping and the tool bag seems to be missing. The tool bag is mounted on the back mudguard and contains useful tools, above all a special wrench for the spark plug. My DRZ - a 2002 bought in 2012 - had a leaky fuel valve meaning the vacuum membrane in it had a hole so fuel was priming the carb. It was fully drivable but relied on the float valve in the carb (like in the old days) so I changed the fuel valve, which is easy. The bars and the headlight unit were deformed but it was easily fixed. If it runs well and the engine doesn’t rattle, I would go for it. I paid 3.2k and it had 1.2k miles if I remember correctly. I too was thinking of the DR 650 but the DRZ is lighter and liquid cooled which won me over. I never drove a DR 650. I’ve changed the front sprocket wheel from 15 to 16 since then. Be safe.
  9. Nigrut

    is the KTM690r what I am looking for?

    My son’s 690 began to rattle in the engine after a year or two so he got an Africa Twin instead. About riding far on the DRZ S, swap the front sprocket wheel from 15 to 16 and you’re done.
  10. Nigrut

    Yamaha forgot to install this bolt?

    At one point the engine is designed. At a later point the engine is assembled. If the assembly department is not agreeing with the design department these things happen. For instance, every time you can forgo an operation at assembly, you save so many yen.
  11. The purpose of this spring is to lessen the impact at the end of travel of the shock. With it gone the risk increases of further damage to the shock absorber.
  12. Nigrut

    Need some quick DR200 Oil-Change help

    The owner’s manual and the shop manual show you which bolt to unscrew to drain oil. It’s the one to the left and it’s a little lower. The one to the right is not referenced in the manuals, as far as I see. There is only one oil filling hole and it’s on the right side. The filling plug does not need tools for turning. The oil filter should be replaced on occasion and the oil filter lid is on the right side of the engine, mounted with three screws.
  13. Nigrut

    2001 DR200SE turn signal problems

    If the blinkers are on solid that would indicate a faulty blinker relay. I recommend buying the shop manual for the DR200SE which I did and found indispensable. I’ve had to work on the carburetor and couldn’t have done it without the shop manual. Also when I did valve clearance adjustment.
  14. Nigrut

    2001 DR200SE turn signal problems

    If the blinkers are on solid it would indicate a faulty blinker relay. I recommend buying the shop manual for the DR200SE which I did. I think it’s about $60 and I find it indispensable. I’ve had to work on the carburetor for instance and couldn’t have done it without the shop manual. The same with valve clearance adjustment.
  15. Nigrut

    My first bike, 2017 DR200S

    Congratulations on your find! I got the DR200SE 2006 in 2011 and it’s cool. I’ve put around 6000 miles on it. This is what it looks like now, since I put luggage on it, built a higher seat, and put higher bars on it. As it’s over 150 cc I can go on the freeway in a pinch. No issues that I can remember other than having to clean out the idling jet when I bought it, as it wouldn’t idle.