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  1. Glad to help. My repair manual is right here handy if you have anymore info needs
  2. 230 manual says 20 ft/lbs I buy my manuals from Tradebit, most of them download for $9
  3. That's amazing. Especially not knowing how many the previous owner had on it. Motor must be a good one..... LOL and you must ride alot
  4. LOL, I feel like I could go cross a log or 2 right now. I'm a cheap date. 1/2 pill and I feel good. Last one though, I have to drive tomorrow. Going to be a long night.
  5. Dang, I was hurting so bad last night, i was pondering giving up the sport. Thinking that disc golf might fulfill my need of a challenge, LOL, but better now. Back to daydreaming I'm riding in the TKO
  6. Looking forward to more. I love hills like that. Not to race, just to play on.
  7. Looking forward to those videos. Mario Roman has been filming recently. Hopefully he will post up soon. How about you. Did you race in it?
  8. A case splitter will be needed. They are not that bad expensive. Be advised that doing your own work is fun, great learning experience, etc, but will cost you the expense of some speciality tools. If you like tools like me, then great. A plastic wedge made for falling trees in the direction you want them to fall works great for the lagging side of the case. Most hookups of the splitter will have a side that acts as though it's lagging behind, almost to the point it could begin to bind. The wedge bumped ever so lightly will keep it moving proportional. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VBV6ZQA?psc=1
  9. i don't know how to upload or edit. My son my eventually make a video with it. As i sit here, middle of the night, having had to get up because i was in so much pain, I wonder if I will ever be able to cross a log again. For the fun of it.
  10. I watched the video of my crash. I saw what it was I was looking for. When I approached the log, I meant to glance the log at the 3/4 mark on it's climb as I pulled it up. I don't like to hit the log once the wheel starts back downward. However this timing is more critical. Not being warmed up or having got in a timing groove, I just missed the log causing the rear wheel to hit the log rather than climb the log, suspension not partly loaded, but fully unsprung, ready to buck with all it's might. And here is what I was looking for. Rather than give into the coming crash, allowing my arms to collapse which would have pushed me head first over the bars where I would have been face to face with the front wheel, ugly but much safer than what I did. Watching the video I see what I did. I resisted the crash, Arms held stiff and I basically did a full hand stand off my bars, with the speed generated from the suspension buck. I completely rotated in air landing on my rear as if I were half way up to a sit up. Handstand is not a good description because it sounds slow. This was fast, in an instant. My back broke no where near my impact point but broke under the force. If I would have landed flat, I would have been fine. I say this so others would consider how they fall. They say drunks don't get hurt in car crashes. I need to learn how to fall. I went back trying to find a recent thread.... about this but was unable to find it
  11. What earns the true name "enduro"? When I think of Enduro, I think of endurance. Some videos I see require endurance because they look physically demanding. Others, look like a harescramble slowed down by the trail being tighter. Maybe it's the lack of terrain of someone wishing to create an Enduro race. Or maybe extreme enduro, that which requires more endurance than a harescramble came later confusing the use of enduro. I don't know, I'm asking, and i am aware that hare scrambles require endurance. Maybe someone who races both can shed some light on how much endurance level is needed for both harescramble and enduro, or if there is a difference. Of course, pushing a bike up a hill makes a big difference, so do we assume this in enduro?
  12. LOL, I have been pondering what effect filling the wheels with water might have on hill climbing. I expect negative effects across the board, but hill climbing.... I expect it would be awesome
  13. It would seem to be a common goal to get the bike as light as possible. I suppose power would be enhanced. I can tell the difference in power between a knobby and a trials tire on my pet bike and the weight is not that much different, but different. I suppose, lighter, relative to it's weight now would lift easier. I suppose a lighter front end would come up easier. And I suppose all these things would work exponentially. I can see how it would benefit... relative to the bike in it's stock form. However, I would like to hear more opinion, to ponder over, as to less weight being an advantage. It very well could be my present skill level, but I currently have a bike that weights 202lbs, and the "Flickability" word that I have always heard associated with light bikes does not seem to apply. It would seem that the word flickability would only be applicable if both tires were off the ground. Otherwise, it's "steer ability". I would like to hear opinions of this from those more advanced than me and get opinions on whether light weight plays a role in handling. My 230 felt "planted", which I consider a good thing. I can see the advantage of lighter weight in a trials like setting. But for normal trail riding and enduro with the exception of pushing the bike to help get up a hill, I wonder if it has a handling value???? I hope to stir some good conversation, LOL, because I am stuck at home, injured, can't ride, bored, tired of only eating and sleeping.... I don't have a gear for this
  14. Thanks, glad your here. Can you verify or dispute my one source that said the AJP did not have the same low end torque as the 230. ?