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  1. Iam going to guess, the way you ride, 400 miles. Let us know. Did you get the pig fixed yet?
  2. Xr Tate

    Almost sold the pig

    Been thinking kind of like you, been working on my dam Camaro all month, it's mostly done so it's time to ride. Just finding the time to trash the new tires I put on it in January is next, if I can't find the time, it's hard to just let it sit in the garage
  3. Xr Tate

    Kush Sprocket

    Your saying get a new rear back wheel with a kush drive in the hub, the best way to go?
  4. Xr Tate

    Kush Sprocket

    Good to know, thanks
  5. Xr Tate

    Kush Sprocket

    Where did you order it from? Are they back in stock?
  6. Xr Tate

    Getting ready for spring

    Those are the greatest wheels I have ever seen
  7. Xr Tate

    Getting ready for spring

    Kush drive or no?
  8. Xr Tate

    Trade and second thoughts

    I'am glad you kept your pig. If you want a smaller cc bike, get ya one, but I would keep the beast, as long as you have room
  9. Xr Tate

    Trade and second thoughts

    I hope you let him down easy, did you let him ride your bike before the deal that didn't happen? I'am sure that would of made him feel worse.
  10. Xr Tate

    Slight engine knock

    How many miles are on it? Check motor mounts, might be something simple, like a vibration some where, might be something major, crank bearing, change the oil and listen close to where it is coming from, all else fails, go till she blows, then rebuild it. Good luck:)
  11. Ben running xrr 15 on my L for about 3 months, so far, so good, sure don't want to split the case to replace the counter shaft for something stupid like striping the splines, bike has 5600 miles and is running great, Insurance all the way
  12. Xr Tate

    I have no idea about all this carb stuff.

    Leaking gas and all
  13. Xr Tate

    I have no idea about all this carb stuff.

    Boy, man, who cares, it's good for everyone to understand how a carb works
  14. I haven't checked my valves either, need to do that soon
  15. I have nothing against the KLR, but riding old red puts a smile on my face