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  1. lhgdale81

    YZ 250 Clutch Cover

    Are you serious? Wow!!!! I didn't spend a lot of money on it so I'm not that upset. Makes sense why I can't find the parts I need. LOL
  2. lhgdale81

    YZ 250 Clutch Cover

    Hello, I just picked up a 02 YZ 250 for a good deal. It needs a little TLC but not too bad. The stock clutch cover is cracked and needs replacing. I'm having a hard time finding the correct one. This cover has the clutch push arm coming out the top with gears at the end that connect to a rod with teeth in the center of the clutch pack. I see plenty of covers with no hole for the arm but can't seem to find the kind I need. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. lhgdale81

    Thinking of selling bike. What price?

    Thanks for the info. 4k is a good price. It's not a make it or break it deal to sell the bike and I do not want to give it away. I will see what happens on craigslist. I know if I sold it I would regret it. When I purchased the bike they were hard to find in my area. I lucked out and found this one just coming off the truck.
  4. Hello, I am seriously thinking of selling my 2014 250L. I love this bike but it is my second motorcycle and recent life changes (divorce) (new house) have changed things. I would appreciate help determining a price. FMF Mega Bomb, FMF Power Core, EJK programmer, Led turn signals front and rear, Led brake light and tag bracket, Luggage Rack, 950 miles, 1 service completed. No issues, perfect like new condition. Thanks
  5. lhgdale81

    Battery Issue

    Tro1086's trick worked. The bike is up and running again. I let it run for a while then hooked the tender back up to it. The green charged light came on in less than a minute. Thanks for all the help!
  6. lhgdale81

    Battery Issue

    Thanks, got it charging now. The tender is working this way.
  7. lhgdale81

    Battery Issue

    Thanks for all the info. I only have a battery tender now but I will borrow a charger. If I try the "tricking the battery method" Tro1086 talked about do I just connect the two + terminals together? Thanks again!
  8. lhgdale81

    Battery Issue

    Hello, It's been a while since I have posted. I have had my CRF 250L for about a year now and have been enjoying it with no issues. During the winter months it would sit for weeks at a time with no tender connected and fire right up when I went to crank it. Yesterday I rode it for a little and forgot to turn off the switch. The battery is completely dead with no info coming on the screen. I tried hooking a tender up to it but it will not switch the tender to charging mode. I moved the tender to my lawn mower and it switched immediately. I jumped it off and kept it revved for a few minutes hoping the battery would get some charge but the display screen just flashed and it died. Is my battery done? Thanks for the help!
  9. lhgdale81


    Thanks for the info. Once I hit 1000 I will check everything out. Is there a write up on checking the valves? If most others didn't need adjustment I'm not to worried about it. I was very easy on the bike during break in.
  10. lhgdale81


    Hello, I have a 2014 CRF 250L with 900 miles on it. I changed the oil and filter at 250 miles and was planning on the 1st (Dealer Service) at 1000 miles. I am short on funds now and would like to do the service myself. I was quoted 250-300 dollars by the dealer. Can anyone tell me exactly what is done at this service and is it even needed?? I do all the service on my other bike (Harley). Thanks for the info!
  11. lhgdale81

    crf250l Supermoto

    How much $ for this setup? I really like the look of it! I'm guessing the addition of the motard wheels and tires eliminates any off road riding?
  12. lhgdale81

    Where is everybody at?

    Mt. Olive, AL here.
  13. lhgdale81

    Ordering Header Monday!

    Thanks!! I'm looking forward to getting it put on.
  14. lhgdale81

    Ordering Header Monday!

    I ordered the megabomb yesterday and it will be delivered tomorrow. The install looks very simple. Is there a torque spec for the two header nuts at the front of the motor? Thanks
  15. lhgdale81

    Ordering Header Monday!

    Thanks for all the info! Looks are not important to me. I just want the pipe that will give me the most usable power. The powerbomb does look better though.