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  1. kev426

    05 525 smc crank case guard??

  2. kev426

    Skid plates

    http://www.enduroeng.com/onlinecatalog.asp Kevin
  3. kev426

    What is a 250 exc G/RFS

    I think the G stands for green sticker or California model.
  4. kev426

    Supermoto bike at Elsinore GP last weekend

    Tommy McComas Venice, CA ? Look HERE Kevin
  5. kev426

    First ride KTM 525 SMR Problems?? HELP!!!!!

    Check your plug wire or replace it. I have heard stories of bad plug wires causing the engine to cut out at upper rpms. Sucks you are having so many problems. I have hade my 525 smc for over a year problem free. Go over every bolt. Or you will leave some parts on the track. Shifter,kickstart,subframe bolts ect... Kevin
  6. kev426

    Grange this Sunday...Who is going?

    I would guess 70-80mph? Staight is 800ft. The rest of the track is pretty tight. I should be there on sunday Check HERE for more pics of the track. its there old website. The new websit can be found HERE Kevin
  7. kev426

    East Coast Wheels

    I hope you bought that man a beer or two. I also give ECW a big thumbs up. Kevin
  8. kev426

    Oil from Engine breather pipe

    It is normal. Do a search in the wr or yz forums and you will find lots of info on it Kevin
  9. kev426

    Racer-X ; X-Games Supermoto update

    I will be there Kevin
  10. kev426

    Dirt bike paint ball

    You forgot the cooler full of beer Kevin
  11. kev426

    Mr Hayden knows how to sssssssssssssssslide

    I think MotoGreg shot those pics. Click HERE for more Kevin
  12. I have one on my 03 sx. The only reason i got it was for the spark arrestor. I think that is what they are made for. It might be a little louder than stock if any. Kevin
  13. kev426

    helmet cams....what camcorder you use

    I also use the cannon zr series. Works great Kevin
  14. kev426

    Grange on Sunday?

    Is anybody going? Anybody want to go? I will be there on Sunday. Kevin
  15. kev426

    crf 450 Blue plastic

    Click HERE To see the pics of Teamscreams CRF Kevin