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  1. Hi Hans. Sorry to hijack this thread, but I'm heading to your neck of the woods. Where can I ride ? PM me, please ?
  2. https://www.dirtrider.com/2016-husqvarna-701-enduro-review
  3. Thanks for the discussion. I just can't seem to get hyped up about a 500 pound adventure bike. Not sure if I really understand the attraction of adventure riding ? My friend keeps talking about exploring gravel roads. I love singletrack. What draws you to adventure riding ?
  4. Tradeoffs. Better than a KLR650 ! How bad would it be on the highway ? 60 HP. So what kind of off road can you do with a bike like that ? Gravel jeep trails ? Can you climb a hill ? It looks like I could put road knobbies on just about any bike and do gravel jeep trails ? Maybe what I really want is a pickup truck with a dirt bike in the back. Better yet, a diesel pickup truck pulling a toyhauler with dirt bikes in it. I have those things already.
  5. How about a KTM 690 Duke with some off road hardware ? 330 pounds, dry. https://adventuremotorcycle.com/bikes/project-2016-ktm-690-adventure-duke
  6. I can't figure out why manufacturers can't make a good (sub) 300 pound DS bike. The best one I can see is the XR650R, but it doesn't have electric start. I think a 600cc V twin in a dirt bike like chassis would be an excellent start, but nobody seems to make anything like that. These videos also have me thinking. I'm a Yamaha guy... what bike would I start with ?
  7. OK. Sure would be nice if these WRs had a 6 speed transmission ! Because 1st gear will suck for off road with that tall gearing. Would have to do a mid ride service. Tradeoffs. Having said that, highway cruising is a pretty easy load for a WR. Having said that, the oil capacity is so small, it needs to be changed often. I wonder if one could add an oil cooler to these bikes ? That is the thing about adventure riding. There will be long stretches of highway/freeway. A windscreen would help. How bad will it be ?
  8. My buddy is trying to get me out adventure riding. Wants to do a 1,000 mile trip. 50% pavement, the rest gravel roads and quadtrails/single track. He doesn't have a bike yet. I keep looking at adventure bikes and finding 500 pound behemoths, many of which are way under powered. So... a WR450F is 45ish HP, pretty reliable and light weight for an adventure bike. (272 pounds with fuel.) What if... - faster gearing, maybe 14/36 ? What do the motards run ? - bigger fuel tank - dual sport "knobbies" - custom rear seat rack, for panniers and a bag - windscreen of some sort Would it work ? Well ? How much weight would it add ? 20 pounds ?
  9. A YZ20FX feels like a trials bike compared to a YZ450FX. But, if the trail isn't too tight the YZ450FX kicks the YZ250FX's butt.
  10. Airtime foot pegs are much, much better than stock and remove 1/2 pound. $50 on eBay. I remove the kick start lever. Removing the kick start mechanism removes more. Lithium battery removes 3 pounds. I remove the plastic chain guard on the countershaft because it is prone to pack with mud. I remove the kick stand and replace the left peg mount with a stock YZ part. Where I ride the trail is mostly too uneven to use a kick stand and trees are everywhere anyway. I replace the front brake cable bracket where it attaches to the fork guards and replace it with zip ties. I don't think the YZ450FX is a pig. It isn't docile like a 300cc 2 stroke, but is very stable, planted and fast. Point and shoot.
  11. The KTM linkage hangs way lower under the skid plate/swing arm and further back too. Dunno why. Is the shock longer or mounted lower ? The KTM linkage guards are expensive too. I rode with a guy on a KTM without one and he was getting hung up on logs a lot.
  12. It isn't strong enough, period. I'm 2 for 2 wrecking them. But the stock Yamaha WR skid plate held up OK on my 2012 WR450F. The GYTR is a good plate. I now run them on both my FXs. It for sure saved the flywheel cover on my 250FX. I think the Enduro Engineering plate is the nicest, but I have no first hand experience with them. Unlike KTMs, Yamahas don't need linkage protection. I've gone over countless rocks and logs and never had an issue.
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