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  1. DFXXX

    Brrrraaat POP POP????

    2001 DRZ 400s, stock carb. Thanks
  2. DFXXX

    Brrrraaat POP POP????

    I went on vacation for three weeks, upon my return I decided to take my DRZ for a spin. Once I started it up my bike was sputtering and giving a little back-fire. I thought that this was just old gas in the carburetor and fuel lines. Throughout my ride the sputtering or back-fire continued. My second though was that the carburetor might need some flushing. I removed the carburetor and cleaned toughly with parts cleaner. I did not get to the jets, I just cleaned in the areas accessible with little taking apart. With everything back together, the sputtering and back-fire was till there. It’s a bummer because I never touched the bike in the first place, just went on vacation! Can anyone help?
  3. DFXXX

    carb work, can it be done?

    There's no room rotating it enough while the carb is in the bike. Besides, you will have a hell of a time unscrewing the float bowl screws...even under perfect conditions, they're a pain.
  4. DFXXX

    I'll be impressed if anyone knows this...

    Why do you think it wouldn't?
  5. I moved up to Wyoming from California a few months back. Spring has sprung and the snow is quickly melting. Time to ride...and rejet for the new altitude! DRZ S DJ Kit 3x3 Kientech adj. fuel screw Full SS Yosh Hotcam Intake Any idea on where to start?
  6. DFXXX

    Looking to ride Saddleback

    My brother and I were up there last Friday (1/13/06). Silverado Cyn to Lake Elsinore for lunch and back! What I nice ride, especially since its only about 20min. from Huntington Beach. Never even knew it was there! We saw about 4-5 other riders up there throughout the day.
  7. DFXXX

    installing gas tank -- clarke 3.9

    You may check to see if it is a vacuum problem by simply running the petcock in the "PRIME" position.
  8. DFXXX

    How much is my DRZ worth?

    I'd say $4500.
  9. DFXXX

    aftermarket shift levers.

    I run a 1" extended Baja Designs shift lever with my size 13 boots. Works great.
  10. DFXXX

    RTT Install on an S model.

    Wow! That's a serious piece of equipment!
  11. DFXXX

    Tone down a YZ450????

    You're just trying to find a way to get a hold of his FCR.
  12. Yeah, but he'll get away with it. We wouldn't.
  13. Got mine sometime early 2005. Never rode a bike on the street prior to that. The "circle of death" as I call it, is the only tricky part (rode my DRZS). I went into it too fast then had to coast around half the circle balancing the whole way. Didn't work out so well. N No "do overs" allowed, but she looked the other way and on the second try I got it perfect both cw and ccw. My brother has his motorcycle learners permit and I've been trying to push him to go and and take the driving portion of the test before his permit runs out. No reason for him to procrastinate.
  14. DFXXX

    Help with Steering Damper Choices

    The WER fender damper is your only easy choice if you run the bar risers. When I get around to purhasing a damper, it will be the WER because of this.