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  1. Torqd

    good to go!

    If anyone is interested in this kind of setup I have a Baja Design street legal kit for the 230 I would sell... probably wouldn't take much more to put on 150... it has been on a shelf for a while and I dont need it any longer. Just thought I would put it out there for people interested in this thread.
  2. Torqd

    Where Can I Buy a 15T Front Sprocket?

    We have used the 15's on the last two street going 230s we built... get up to around 70 on the highway... still pretty tached out:-) You will neet to trim the swingarm rubber and the plastic gear cover... Good Luck!
  3. Torqd


    A stocker would do for most builds but I went with xr250 carb... I think I might still have an extra one somewhere....
  4. Torqd


    They work great... They are not stock though...one has a BBR 240 kit as well as custom head work, Mike Coe cam, lightened flywheel, big carb, pipe etc... The other has a bigger custom kit yet. They will yank your arms out of socket. I have worked with Mike Coe on many projects and he can tell you this is a killer setup. There are a few others around hear making silly HP as well and they too work with Mike. One thing to think about is all the little parts it takes to do the conversion... like cam chain, cam chain guides, tension guides, cyl studs, cyl, piston of choice, bigger carb, bracket mods, etc. Then while you are at it might as well get the big bore kit of Mikes and a cam... all or nothing for me:-) And I love it. I have pulled a few 150r's and I can tell you they don't like it;-)
  5. Torqd


    Toby... I just used the 150 brackets and redrilled them... I have a 150 based motor with 230 crank and top end on it... works fine... they really don't do a whole lot anyway... Good Luck
  6. Torqd

    Crf 230 vs crf 150r

    If you want a smaller faster bike get a cheap 150 and mod the motor. I have what I think is a great compromise. A 150 chassis with 150 motor, 230 bottom end, and a big bore on top of that. 240-252 depending what top end ou go with. It will yank your arms out of socket practically. You save a little weight over the 230 because of the smaller wheels and no electric start. I have dragged a few 150r's and I can pull them. You can get 25-30 hp from a motor like this. The plus to this setup is the cockpit size and monster torque compared to the 150r. I also opted for better suspension, works shock and 85 front end. The options are endless and it has been a fun project. Good Luck finding what you are looking for! P.S. Mike has helped me on several motor combos and they have all performed above and beyond my expectations!
  7. Torqd

    how to install light on CRF230F

    If you are in the market I have a complete Baja street legal kit I have one for sale... let me know! http://s257.photobucket.com/albums/hh231/torqd78/Baja%20Kit/
  8. Torqd

    Rear shock Busted! Anyone have one?

    I don't have the specifics... I am sure you could dig up the info on here... many have done it. Again this is for the kickstart 150's not electric start models or 230's
  9. Torqd

    Rear shock Busted! Anyone have one?

    I have a cr85 shock that would work if you just drill a new hole in the clevis.... there are several people who have done this on here... pm me if you are interested
  10. Torqd

    Ice riding the 150

    Cool I have a set of the Bridgestone TW40's studded up for my crf150/240... they are pretty much like the Actual Kenda Ice tires... it is a blast... keep havin Fun!
  11. Torqd

    Ice riding the 150

    Need to find a way to clean off the snow... Much better on clean ice!
  12. Torqd

    Street legal 230F

    If anyone is actually interested in doing a street legal 230 I have the complete setup for sale... I sold the bike and stripped all the parts off it... I have a Baja Kit, speedo, tires, street gearing, etc... pics are on Photobucket. http://s257.photobucket.com/albums/hh231/torqd78/Baja%20Kit/ PM me if interested
  13. Torqd

    Which Big Bore Kit Would You Get?

    CoeShow all the way! I have used his stuff and it has always performed. Woods riding to flattrack racing... never had any problems. Good Luck!
  14. Torqd

    using 2 master links?

    X-ring is a fancier newer version of an o-ring chain... here is a pic of the x-ring http://www.satoriseal.com/x-ring.jpg Dwight... I respect your position but I still think the guy will be fine... and for the record we don't change gearing on a whim either... it is with purpose... a race can be won or lost but a tooth or a 1/2 of wheelbase in flattrack... On another note...I really feel there is no respect for flattrackers from other riding circles... moto-x to woods seems fine... but man say something about flattrack and they think you are a redneck idiot... Good ole Rodney... I don't get no respect... :-)
  15. Torqd

    using 2 master links?

    WoW... I guess the Former Factory Rider, 7 time ISDT / ISDE Medalist, 8 time AMA Nat'l Enduro Class Champion is perfect and has a chain for every gear combination on his chase vehicle:-) LOL In Flattrack we might even change the chain length to change wheelbase for different situations. We use light weight race chains and we hardly ever have chain failures even at GNC race levels... 60+ hp thumpers and 100hp twins. I am pretty sure a little 150/230 will be just fine with whatever you want to put on it. For woods riding I do like a good x-ring chain... they are heavier but last much longer... the mud and clay with sand around hear really wear out a race style non o-ring chain. Good Luck and have fun riding!