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  1. Unfortunately it should fail an MOT in the UK,depends how friendly the tester is though!
  2. mynameis

    DRZ400 stripped cam cap bolt

    Actually its people like Noble,Eric Marquez and the hundreds of other people,known and unknown,on here that encourage people to post questions,no matter how silly or trivial they may seem.Ive posted more than once beginning with "not wishing to sound stupid but......" and always been grateful for any advice,even if was a stupid question.lol Without this forum i would not have learnt about the various fixes,tips and extras to make my bike better,hey my bike may still be running even if i had never found the forum but the peace of mind i get is priceless.Rant over.
  3. mynameis

    Slipping clutch??????

    Doh! Of course they do.Any washer or spacer would have to fit over the posts,which i dont think would be possible because of the lack of room inthe holes in the pressure plate.Never thought about that.lol
  4. mynameis

    Slipping clutch??????

    Just out of curiosity but as a cheap/quick fix is it possible to put a spacer or washers between the bolt head and pressure plate spring? Would this make the springs grip a littlle better in the short term or not a good idea.My clutch is fine i was just wondering.. Where i live its not always possibe to buy spare parts of the shelf so mail order is the way,we have Fowlers motorcycles who keep a lot of stock but any obscure items is non stock from them,having said that i just checked their website and clutch springs are currently in stock!
  5. mynameis

    Ethanol gas?

    Oh dear.Looks like all our bikes over here in the UK are going to break down soon.lol Very hard to find ethanol free fuel in my county,super unleaded is 5% ethanol as far as i know,ive ran regular pump fuel E10 or whatever it is in my bikes since ive been riding.Apart from carb icing in the winter i cant say ive had any real issues with it,im not saying there are no problems with ethanol fuel in bikes but why does it affect bikes and not modern cars? I know some of the classic car guys have issues with modern fuel rotting the o rings in some carbs and fuel systems,my `summer`bike is filled with super unleaded treated with lucas fuel stabiliser when it goes away for the winter months.Seems to start okay after the lay up.
  6. mynameis

    Hotcams question

  7. mynameis

    Hotcams question

    Thats great.The cam itself looks fine,no marks or scores as far as i can see,i assume its the cam caps and the head that wears and not the camshaft itself?
  8. mynameis

    Hotcams question

    Hi there.My original engine,39000miles, was removed from my bike due to a few problems and a low milage,2200miles,replacement one bought and fitted.The original engine had an inlet hotcam fitted,am i able to use the hotcam on my newer engine or will it have `worn` to match the originals cam journal and bridges?Or have i got it totally wrong? Cheers
  9. mynameis

    Oil leak query

    cheers mate
  10. mynameis

    Oil leak query

    *UPDATE* Started to weep again tonight,had a good look with the maglite to discover its seeping from the valve cover gasket half moon,the one nearest the cct.Running down the groove in the outside of the cylinder head and collecting around the head/barrel joint. Going to whip the tank and valve cover off at the weekend,clean the rubber gasket and see what happens,maybe got a tiny piece of dirt or something between the seal and the half moon cut out.Ive never used silicone or any sort of sealer when putting the cover back on,just a little grease on the half moons.Any tips? Cheers
  11. mynameis

    Oil leak query

    Thanks for the replies,much appreciated.Going to keep my eye on things for now. Cheers
  12. mynameis

    Oil leak query

    If i slacken off the head bolts ever so slightly to re-torque is it going to compromise the head gasket from sealing ,or is that a chance i take?Ive cleaned the engine off totally so now if the mystery oil appears again i should be able to trace it,going to check the mct isnt weeping as rib eye suggested.Also is it worth it in your opinion to just go ahead and replace the head and base gaskets or just a waste of time and money. On a separate note ive still got my old motor and im tempted to have a go at tearing it down and maybe doing a bottom end rebuild,now theres no rush to get it back together and on the road.Ive bookmarked loads of TT pages regarding teardowns and rebuilds but it frightens the shit out of me!! Cheers
  13. mynameis

    Oil leak query

    No.def engine oil,fork oil smells different.
  14. mynameis

    Oil leak query

    Thanks for the replies Noble - Will keep my eye on it for now,ive cleaned the engine so should be easier to spot it.To be honest its dark when i go to work and usually dark when i come home so i dont always notice lsmall eaks but theres been nothing left under the bike at work.Without going through a load of old posts what was the reason behind increasing the torque spec from the original? Rib Eye - I do have manual cct,one of the keintech ones from way back,and never gave it a thought it could leak .something to look at. Thanks again.
  15. mynameis

    Oil leak query

    Hi there.Back in July of this year i heard noises and a little vibration from my motor.Removing the clutch cover revealed a tooth missing from the primary gear and not one but two!teeth broken off from the counter balance gear,how or why i dont know.Anyway replaced both the gears with good used ones from ebay and managed to retrieve all three broken teeth,buttoned the engine and ran it but it didnt sound right and had a nasty knocking from the bottom end,i figured it was big end/crank bearings maybe. Long and short of it all i didnt have the time,bike is daily commute,or confidence to rebuild my motor myself with a new crank plus bearings etc so i managed to find a low milage,2200 miles,sm engine from a breaker.All clean and tidy with numbers untouched,did all loctite fixes and runs good,pulls good no issues so far. A few days ago i noticed clean engine oil around the cylinder head joint and also on the two nuts that secure the barrel to the cases,this was only in one place on the exhaust side of the cyclinder and not all around.If i was to remove the cam cover and check the torque of the head bolts if they were lower than the recommended 42ft lbs is it ok to torque them to the correct figure.or am i going to cause more issues?If they are over torqued can i slacken them off slightly and re-torque to the correct spec or do i run the risk of damaging the head gasket? Any other ideas where this mystery oil is likely to come from?Nothing anywhere else as far as i can see. Many thanks Andy